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Tuesday, 18 January 2011
03:51:00 PM (GMT)
There is a girl named Kira, she & all of her senior friends are going on their
senior trip. There's also a boy named Jordan & he's secretly liked Kira since the
fifth grade. He loved the way Kira's soft lips smiled at him when he walked by, and
he practically melted when she touched him. Her beautiful face and her 36D breasts
made her that much more attractive to Jordan. Jordan was the oldest senior in his
class, and Kira was the youngest. Jordan knew that Kira had liked him, but he didn't
know the right time to tell her that he liked her too. This trip, Jordan knew, would
be his chance. So, when Jordan and his classmates decided to go down for a walk on
the pier he thought he would tell her then. They all got to the pier and Jordan
casually laughed and looked around for Kira, and he finally saw her. She was wearing
a white tank top that was long but tight, and cut off shorts that were so short that
if she bent down he was sure he would be able to see her pussy. He considered that a
challenge to himself. Jordan and his friend Dani went to grab some ice-cream & they
happened to see Kira and her friend Ashley getting some ice-cream too. Jordan
laughed to himself, then pretended to engage in a conversation with Dani and
''accidentally'' bumped his back into Kira's. She spilt her vanilla ice-cream right
on her left tit and let the cup of remaining ice-cream fall to the ground. When she
turned around to realize who had run into her she immediately smiled at Jordan. She
then turned around and bent slowly down to pick up the ice cream cup she'd dropped,
and Jordan was filled with delight. Kira's cut off shorts were tightly seperating
the lips of Kira's pussy, he could tell this felt nice to Kira because she let out
nearly silent moans, and took her sweet time scraping every last drop of icecream
off of the pavement. Then as Jordan stared at the sweet pussy of the girl he loved,
and was surprised when he saw Kira's sweet cum juices start to slowly ooze out from
between her shorts and the left lip of her pussy. He felt himself getting a boner,
but he couldn't bring himself to look away from her. Kira, probably feeling her own
juices, quickly stood up. She then walked to the boy at the counter and asked him if
he could wet a few napkins to clean herself up. He quickly did and handed her the
napkins, she took them with a smile and began to clean the ice cream off of her left
nipple, which was now hard due to the cold ice cream. When she cleaned her tank top
off her left nipple was clearly seen through it. Jordan laughed a little and pulled
Kira aside to talk to her. He told her how beautiful she was and how he really loved
her. He saw tears starting to well up in her eyes as he spoke. ''So? what do you
think?'' Jordan said. ''What do i think? I think I love you Jordan Daley.'' Kira
giggled.''tonight we skip the bonfire, and we have a little fun of our own. meet me
at my room, i have a porch leading to the beach.'' Jordan's mind raced as he tried
to make himself believe that what she just said was not a dream. Once he came to
terms with everything, he prepared for that night. All of Jordan's friends said he
was a baby for staying home sick from the bonfire. But Jordan knew that he would be
having so much more fun that night. When everyone had left he put on the best shirt
he brought with him, & some cologne, then he walked down the beach to the porch of
Kira's room. Kira opened the door wearing nothing but her bikini. ''a little cold to
swim, don't you think, love?'' Kira laughed with a sexy tingle in her laugh this
time. She said, ''never too cold for a swim, darling'' and she walked right past him
and into the chilly water. Jordan, being prepared, wore swim trunks under his
clothes, knowing how Kira liked to play games with him. Once he had only his swim
trunks on he ran down to the water and immediately to Kira. Despite the cold and
Kira's body shaking wildly in the freezing water, he grabbed Kira, wrapped her in
his arms and passionately kissed her. The warmth of his chest transfered to her cold
hard breasts, and Kira's shaking settled a little. Their tongues intertwined, and
warmer Kira got the harder she kissed him, and pressed her small, cold body up
against his muscular body. They finally took a breath at the same time, and Kira
said,''You're right it is a little cold for a swim.'' her teeth chattered, but no
sooner had she said this that Jordan scooped her up in his strong arms and placed
her on the sand, which was still warm from the day's blazing sun. He quickly ran
into Kira's room and got two towels laying on a chair beside the door. When he got
back outside he wrapped Kira tightly in the towel. When he was finished he found
Kira's gorgeous blue eyes staring at him. ''You're amazing you know that?'' Kira
said this and really meant it. Jordan just smiled, and said ''Really? I haven't
started yet.'' they both laughed a little, and Kira tossed off the towel and untied
her bikini from between her breasts. Her big tits just sat there, hard and perky.
Jordan smirked a little and then stuck his tongue in Kira's mouth, violently making
out with her, her breasts being pressed up against his chest. He took a breath and
started to kiss down Kira's neck, stopping for a while in each spot he kissed and
biting a little. Kira's moans and back arching encouraged Jordan to move down
further until he reached her tit. He licked around her nipple teasing her a little,
then he sucked her tit in his mouth, thoroughly enjoying the taste of saltwater on
her breast. Kira let out a loud moan, and Jordan bit down a little on her nipple.
Kira's back arched for five seconds as he tried to keep his mouth on her tit. He
took that as a sign of pleasure and bit down a little harder on her other nipple.
This time Kira's pussy came wildly crashing up against Jordan's dick. He felt
himself get hard and just then Kira pushed him into the sand, so her pussy was
directly sitting on his dick. She was obviously incredibly turned on, and she
started to rub her hot, wet pussy all over his pelvis, and then all over his
stomach. Jordan could no longer handle the fact that she was still wearing bathing
suit bottoms and he untied both of the ties at Kira's hips, and pulled her bottoms
off in one swift motion. Kira's pussy was getting even more wet, as she rubbed her
pussy faster all over Jordan's chest. Suddenly Jordan grabbed Kira's hips and
thrusted her towards his face.He started to eat her out. licking every crevice of
her soaking wet pussy, tasting salt water, and the strong sweet taste of Kira's cum.
Kira was moaning very loudly by this time, and she wanted more. So she pulled down
Jordan's trunks and started rubbing his dick faster and faster. Her soft hands and
smooth motions made it feel that much better to Jordan. The tide was coming in, and
as Kira's back was to the water the cold water splashed roughly up onto Kira's
pussy, and she found herself screaming in pleasure. She then jumped up on Jordan's
cock, and slowly placed it right outside the lips of her pussy. She slowly lowered
her soft pussy over his dick, and as Jordan's dick seperated the lips of her pussy
her body started to shake. She lowered herself all the way onto his dick, taking all
12 inches of his dick into her tight hairless pussy. She started pumping her small
body on Jordan's hard dick, with the splashing waves on their bodies. She pumped
herself up and down, moaning'' Jordan, yeah baby, OH Jordan, YEAH, don't let it stop
baby! don't let it stop! oh! baby! yeaaaahhhh!'' just then she started to orgasm and
her body started to shake, but Jordan wasn't going to miss this for anything, he
stopped her, making her scream even more ''No jordan! don't stop! come on baby! fuck
me hard! please! i need you inside me! make me cum! '' He flipped her over quickly
he was on top, and he slammed all 12 inches of his rock hard thick cock into her
pussy, and he started to slam it harder and harder into her pussy.After four of
these hard pumps he felt her pussy contracting around his cock , and he felt Kira's
orgasm screaming to come out of her pussy. All of her cum surrounded his dick, and
he felt Kira's back thrust upward, and she screamed in pain and pleasure as blood
and cum both came flowing out of Kira. This was the best night of their lives.

‹Katrazyna_Kozlov› says:   18 January 2011   694931  
Omg, im getting wet reading this. Holy shit that is sexyyy Rachel (;
RachelGrey1216 says:   18 January 2011   513964  
Omg i know i love it (;
jnraki says :   15 June 2013   900883  
this has got me rock hard \\;0000\\\\\

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