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The Skeleton BoysCategory: (general)
Monday, 27 December 2010
10:19:53 PM (GMT)
They were tall. They were skinny. They were mean. They were sweet. They were
pranksters, tricksters, flirts, rebels. They were the Skeleton Boys.

The Skeleton Boys were a small group of boys who went around town playing pranks on
people, giving them impossible, un-solvable riddles, and flirting with any girl they
liked. If you didn't get to know them, you would think they were bad news. But
really, they could all be very sweet and kind. None of them were purposely mean.

They consisted of seven boys, the members changing every few years. You couldn't be
younger than fourteen, and you couldn't be older than seventeen. The ones I knew were
Mark (fourteen), Daryl (fifteen), Patrick (fifteen), Alex (fifteen), Danny (sixteen),
Joshua (sixteen), and their leader Damien (seventeen). It was during the summer when
my friends and I became involved them; our first and last time.


It was still early in the day, when you feel hot but not too hot for it to be
unbearable. My two best friends and I were just sitting in the shade, sipping
vanilla, strawberry, and marshmallow milkshakes outside the ice-cream store. At
sixteen, we were all allowed to roam around the town without having to tell our
mothers exactly where we were. We wisely spent this time spending our money on sugary
items we weren't allowed to have.

A little while later, were heard friendly shouting and laughing down the street. One
by one, the Skeleton Boys showed up. My friends and I quickly smoothed our clothes,
fluffed our hair, and checked our makeup in the mirrors we pulled from our purses.
Even though the Boys would never talk to us, it didn't hurt to look good.

When I saw they were approaching us, I ran my fingers through my hair and put on what
I hoped was a sexy smile. I wanted to catch the eye of one of the older ones. To my
surprise, they all stopped by our table with devious smiles on their faces.

"Hey girls," said Damien in a smooth voice. "It's pretty hot today, huh?" The
Boys laughed quietly, and one gave a low whistle. I glanced at my friends and we
shared knowing smiles. He slid into the only empty seat at the table, next to Mandy.
She smiled flirtatiously and he grinned and snapped his fingers at the rest of the
boys. As if he had just given them an order, the remaining six boys surrounded me and
my other friend Ruby. 

The Boys started making small talk, trying to drink our milk shakes and trying get us
to sit in their laps. After a couple of minutes, Damien stood up and said, "Why don't
we go somewhere more comfortable, girls." It wasn't a question. My heart fluttered
and skipped a beat as Mandy, the most confident, said, "Alright, lead the way!" I
started to become nervous, as even though us girls wanted a littler summer romance, I
wasn't sure it should be with the Skeleton Boys. After, I had heard rumors about
them.  And they weren't good rumors.

"So where are we goin'?" asked Ruby. Damien laughed as if it were a stupid question.
"You'll find out when we get there, baby," he said teasingly. 

Now it was my turn to talk. "Dude, tell us where we're going or we're not gonna go at
all." My eyes widened when I realized I had just called him "Dude". Now they're
gonna leave," I thought.

"Ooh, so you're going to play hard to get? Why don't we make a bet, Babe. Your
choice. You win, we'll tell you. We win, you follow us, no questions. Deal?" I looked
uncertainly at Mandy and Ruby. Ruby looked scared, but Mandy, as always, was

"Fine. We bet that Lexi here," she nodded at me, "can beat any of you boys in a race.
To the post office and back. Whoever is fastest wins."

A sly smile crept onto Damien's face. An uneasy feeling filled my stomach as Damien
said smoothly, "How about my fastest runner Mark here against your friend Lexi.
Whichever one gets to this table first, wins the race. Do agree to my rules?" Mandy
grinned. "You bet!"

Damien pushed the youngest boy, Mark, at me. He looked nervous. I glared at Mandy
even though she had chosen a good bet. I was on the cross country team at school, and
was the fastest out of everybody, even the seniors. This boy, with his stick-like
legs, looked liked he'd never ran a day in his life. Still, why me?

I got in a good starting position, while Mark stood as if he were getting ready to
fight. "On your mark, get set, GO!" Damien called. I took off. My legs were pounding
against the ground, and I made sure to take big steps. I kept my head low and never
took my eyes off the post office building. I head Mandy and Ruby calling my name, but
I didn't hear Mark running behind me. I must be winning! I made it to the building
and turned around without slipping even a little. 

I knew something was wrong as soon as I turned around. Far away, I could see my
friends jumping up and down, but not in a cheering way. They were yelling at me to
come back! The Boys were all huddled together, Mark in the very front. Confused, I
jogged back, wondering what was wrong. Maybe he hadn't said "Go"? 

As I got closer, I saw the Boys grinning and Mandy and Ruby looking confused as
well-and mad. "What happened?" I asked, only slightly out of breath.

"Mark won!" Damien said triumphantly as he held up Mark's arm. The Boys whooped and

"But he didn't even run!" exclaimed Mandy. 

"Well, Lexi didn't fallow the directions," Damien answered calmly, talking as if I
were a little kid. 

"But she ran t-" He interrupted her. "No, the rules were that whoever gets to the
table first wins. And you agreed to those rules. I never said anything about actually
running anywhere, and I never agreed to your rules!" This proclamation started
another round of cheering and clapping. "But-that's not-but-" We all simply stood and
fumed over being tricked like that. Damien was right; according to his rules that we
agreed to, Mark won. But it still wasn't fair.

"So ladies, shall we?" Damien suddenly turned into Prince Charming, eyes sparkling,
his arm open as if to lead the way. But this time, us girls were thinking the same

"No thanks, but we're just gonna stay here," I said, smiling. Damien froze, his arm
still in the air, like he still expected us to follow him. The rest of the Boys just
looked at each other, uncertainty written all over their faces. It was clear they had
never been turned down by a girl before.

Mandy, Ruby, and I stood next to each, and Mandy put her arms around us. "Come on,
let's just hang for a little while!" Damien said, almost pleading. 

Mandy shook her head, "Nope."


"I think you should go now."

Suddenly, Damien was right next to us, staring into Mandy's eyes. "Come one, Baby!"
He said nothing more, as if his eyes were supposed to convince her. Luckily, Mandy
was immune. She silently shook her head, giving no explanation as to why we wouldn't
go with them.

"Fine! But you're gonna regret this, ya know!" Damien and the rest stormed off,
constantly turning around to glare at us, as if they were trying to intimidate us. 

That wasn't the last we saw of the Skeleton Boys, but whenever we happened to run
into each other, Mandy was sure to smile and give them a cheerful "What's up?" which
always seemed to make them angry. And we stopped trying to make sure we looked good
whenever they came around; after all, why should we try to impress boys who still act
like they're in grade school, trying to win over girls by tricking them? 

The answer? We shouldn't.
Last edited: 30 December 2010

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