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Orginization horror storys - Xena the disturbing food eater...Category: (general)
Wednesday, 1 December 2010
03:04:28 PM (GMT)
Hey there ^^ I'm thinking of starting up a series of horror storys with orginization
characters in it so if you want me to write one with spesific crap just message me
enjoy the first crap story ^^
warning it's disgusting and gory...

It was found that Xena the 17th member of the orginization had a hidden talent. She
could eat disgusting things and like it. Want more. Members would gather around to
watch her eat the disgusting combinations that where thrown infornt of the small 12
year old and she would gulp it down. Xena was growing hungrier and hungrier she
wanted more. You would think that the girl would gain weight? You thaught wrong. The
girl stayed boney and tiney. Soon the castle always had a vile oder about it.

Dinner time~

The girl picked her head up, her long blue hair fluttering with her movement. She
smiled in a sick twisted matter and began to gorge down the salad. She downed the
greens, slipping each leaf down her throat like it was nothing. The members made no
expression to her table manners, being as they were used to this type of thing. 
Xiannon and Shexia walked out the room. The doors fluttered shut but Xena paid no
mind to their usual leave after a while. She had already finished the salad and moved
onto her next appetizer, the octopus and the fried calamari...both not fried or
cooked, really.

She stabbed her fork into the long octopus arm and had her long tongue sticking out
at the side of her mouth. She brought the squirming, dripping with slime arm to her
mouth, taking the tip in first and stuffing the whole thing in, swallowing it easily
as if it were a pill. It all jammed down her throat and entered her stomach, yet not
quite filling her. She would need to eat all of the food in front of her to fill
herself. And if that wasn't enough, she'd chew on the plates. And if that wasn't
enough, she'd eat the utensils. And if that wasn't enough, she'd have to get

"I have to make sure to finish everything~" she mumbled to herself as she had felt
more food go down her pipes.

Xena woke up in the morning and looked at the list of food the others had chosen for

Today's Breakfast
~Vegetable Juice with 16 types of weeds~
~Corn flakes filled with Iron~
~Consomme Soup filled with poison mushrooms~
~Chef's special salad~
~Servant's special Brioche~
~An array of out of season fruits~
~A coffee that will keep you awake forever (low caffeine)~

Today's Lunch
~Fried and raw onion salad, with extra onions~
~Carpaccio with a pink octupus, Queen Style~
~Eggplant grill...without the eggplant~
~Random bread made by the maid~
~Chef's Special: French Fry Ice Cream~

Xena sighed. "how boring..."

Soon she was half way though her breakfast. Some of the members watched the girl wolf
down the first plate, widening their eyes. Xena paid no mind. Taste was her only
sense now, and nothing else mattered. She felt a spicy twinge onto her tongue, to
which she licked her lips and curled her lips into a smile. "A perfect spice…I must
ask what this is later." she mumbled to herself as she began to lift plates to her
mouth and just pour everything down her throat, the bandage like-choker around her
neck expanding along with her flesh and pipes as she downed it all.
"Wasn't that poison she told them to add to it...?" Shexia asked Xiannon. Xiannon
looked shocked. "and they did it?!?!" Xiannon turned. "this is disgusting your
watching her like she's a wild animal! I'm leaving!" And Xiannon did just that. She
turned and left for her room. Zexion soon followed after. Xena paid no mind. She just

That night as Xena was just about to sleep she decided she was hungry. And just as
that thaught passed her mind there was a knock at the door. "You may enter" She said
her voice still high but sounding ever so dark. The door opened. It was Saix. "Xena
there has been many requests to the superior for you to stop eating in such ways as
it may affect your health" Xena sighed. Idiots. Her stomoch growled sounding just as
angry as she was. How could they? She was Xena. The Xena. "Every one who
betrays me will pay a heavy price..." She said under her breath.

Xiannon heard a scream. She lept out her bed. She was sure it was from Xena's room.
She walked along the corridor and to the door which was wide open. The white walls of
Xena's room where covered in blood and on the floor was Xena chewing on Saix's arm.
She swallowed the hunk of flesh and smiled.

Some members escaped some decided to hide in the castle. But of cource they where
found and eaten. Soon Xena was alone in the blood covered castle. There was nothing
left. No one there. She was alone. She still continued to try to find the worlds most
gruesome food. She looked at her own right hand. She smiled. "Theres still something
I haven't eaten..." 

Xena's last gruesome meal. The ingredients where,yes, her self. The body that has
devoured every food. no one will ever know the taste of it...

based off of "Evil Food Eater Conchita"
Last edited: 1 December 2010

‹knight of ren› says:   1 December 2010   466698  
I saw that first line and was like 'BANKA CONCHITA!'

But this is awsome :D
‹.::SHINee♥Locket::.› says:   1 December 2010   639827  
Dx god... Scarred for life... That's horrible but awesome at the same
time hun xx
‹~J Breezy~› says:   1 December 2010   708492  
Nice. I made a story, but not as good as this.
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   1 December 2010   975859  
 This is epic!
‹OpalM-W› says :   2 December 2010   722966  
Thanks guys! I had fun writing it :D
Hopefully my brain will once again go into a disturbed state so I may
write more disgusting crap! 


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