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Monday, 1 November 2010
05:07:08 PM (GMT)
 I just wanted to share with you guys about something or two.
Im sure you have noticed all the accounts on here that ask for 'cyber sex' and all,
and I dont know if you noticed it like I have, but these people are YOUNG. Also, they
are nasty as hell.
Now, whatever. Who cares about them. But what really gets me is how insanely stupid
and nasty and cruel they are. Also, they are just so willing to get someone to talk
to that they would go to random accounts, people they dont even know, and ASK for
what they cant get in person.
If your me, your like "<8U !!!" and "Y _ Y;"
I mean, yeah, in RPG's it's not really any better, but at least we dont get all dirty
and into extreme detail! (+ no pictures are involved, thank the Lord.)
But I could be wrong. Some RPG's get really intimate so, Im only talking about the
clubs Im in currently. :B

Another thing I want to discuss is this online relationships.
Okay sure, you may have a friend from school or nearby that introduces a friend to
you. You guys talk over I.M. all the time and find out stuff about each other then,
later, you find out you go to the same school! You meet up, things happen, and BAM.
You got yourself a partner. Thats actually okay with me.
What's not okay is when you meet someone like, lets say, HERE and find out they live
in California and you live in Maine. Now, that is literally ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE
COUNTRY. That's not healthy. It just results in problems and I've seen this too many
times before.
Okay, some of you right now are tempted to cuss me out about your internet
girl/boyfriend and I understand. Your so caught up in what you think is love that you
dont see that this is a) dangerous and b) really idiotic.
If I just offended you somehow, then thats a problem. sorry.
Now, why is this bad? Because the person you 'love' is most likely isnt who they say
they are (including age and gender).
Another thing is, what if the other person finds someone in their school that they
are attracted to? 
"Sorry, I cant date you because I am dating someone I dont know in a different state
that I met online." is something they would probably not want to admit.
SO what they are going to do is date the other person and lie to you until eventually
they break up with you. But what happens is this: you get depressed. threaten to kill
yourself. and then you guys get back together because the other one fears you will
actually do it and blahhh blahhh blahhh your lonely and shit.
This is why online dating is REALLY dumb. so dont do it. okay?

yeah. thanks for reading my rant. dont leave hateful comments because I really am not
in the mood for them.


‹TonTon› says:   1 November 2010   460126  

*thinks is exception to second-to-last thing you said cause hearing
someones dad yell at them to hurry up and cook the fishsticks would be
hard to fake*
‹whtevr› says:   2 November 2010   775857  
lul. fishsticks? c: 
‹TonTon› says :   2 November 2010   196406  


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