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Hannah is so happy because.........Category: my love life
Saturday, 30 October 2010
11:27:54 AM (GMT)
she got to dance with Jonathan last night! It was at our jr. high dance. At every dance, we play this game called snowball, and everyone has to play. We all get in a big circle around the dance floor, and the DJ choose 4 couples to go out on the floor. They can be combos of: 7th grade girl and 7th grade boy 8th grade girl and 8th grade boy 7th grade girl and 8th grade boy 7th grade boy and 8th grade girl Then the DJ plays a love song, and the couples dance. When the DJ yells out "snowball!" they have to find another partner. (A lot of times girls will dance with girls. xD) So, I really wanted to dance with Jonathan. But I was too shy, and I was afraid that me dancing with him would make him think I still like him. So when i was dancing with my friend Casey, I told her, "When he calls snowball can you just kind of push me towards him, and be like 'Uh, Hannah and Jonathan.'" But then his back was turned, or he already had another partner, or he walked away. But FINALLY, I saw him looking for a partner, and I couldn't put it off any longer. So I just went up to him, and we danced. The best part? Well, last year when we were chosen as a first couple, we didn't talk or look at each other at all. That was because he knew I liked him. (Also, I was SUPER nervous.) But this year, he started the conversation up right away! And I wasn't that nervous because I'm pretty comfortable around him. (Although my legs did feel a bit wobly after we danced.) Also, since the DJ didn't have a microphone, it was hard to hear him call out snowball. After I danced with Jonathan, I barely heard the DJ say snowball. And I don't know if Jonathan heard him or not, but we kept dancing! It was amazing. :D ---------------------------------------------------- So, another thing is, Jonathan and his girlfriend Cicily were at the party that was after the dance. And I have to say, they look really cute together. Even though there was a bonfire, it was still really cold. So Jonathan wrapped his arms around her to keep her warm. Also, she was sitting on his lap, again with his arms around her. And later, I saw them hugging, and his hands went dooooown.....like to her butt. xD But then they came right back up again. I know it should bother me to see them together, but I'm happy for him, you know? And it does make me a tiny bit mad when i see how he always has to be with Cicily, always has to be talking with her. But I know that if I was dating with him, I'd probably want that, too.

‹Kairos› says:   30 October 2010   219968  
awww  hannah im proud...you didnt move on exactly but you accepted
the fact. <3
‹RushingStars★› says:   30 October 2010   963228  
Lol yep. Thanks! 
‹Kairos› says:   30 October 2010   144031  
lol randumness but you neddddddddddddddddd (<-----total fail :D)  a
‹RushingStars★› says:   31 October 2010   371519  
I know!
I had one, but I deleted it so my mom wouldn't find out. (I'm not
supposed to have one.) 
‹Kairos› says:   31 October 2010   500660  
ha im not suppose to have one too but than again...i am a rebel xD 
‹☮SmileyPeanut☮› says:   1 November 2010   832457  
I'm not supposed to have a myspace, and yet I have one. I made A
facebook once, but I never go on it.
Anywho,it's nice that you're not rivals with Cicily or anything.
‹Ikiru♥› whispers :   3 November 2010   914374  
I use to not able to have a myspace, or a facebook. Oh and guess what
happened to me. I danced with Corey at least 3 times. Random little
sevie. Haha.(: 
& Dont get me wrong he's all right, but i dont like him like that so
don't start thinking. Kay?(;


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