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A Psychotic End..Category: Organization 13
Sunday, 5 September 2010
10:37:06 AM (GMT)
Xaveria sat down on one of the couches in the Grey Room. She was waiting for Saix's
order for her to go and fight Sora. There were less people in the Organization now.
Most of them had faded away. But this didn't frighten Xaveria one bit. In fact, she
was looking forward to meeting Sora. She had been sent to fight him before, but he
had never seen her in the state she was in now. Psycho.
Saix walked over to Xaveria and stared down at her. He nodded slowly. Xaveria knew
fine well what this meant. Her smile grew large and psychotic. Her shark teeth large
and glinting. She sat up and opened a portal, and walked through it, still smiling to

She walked through the portal and out onto what looked like a beach of some sort. She
noticed the girl dressed in pink. Kairi. She walked slowly up behind Kairi and
grabbed her arm, and practically threw her into a another Dark Portal.

She walked through the portal and out into what looked like a forest. The moon
shining bright and her smile growing bigger by the minute. Kairi fell through the
portal and fell onto the ground by Xaveria's feet.
"What are you doing? Where did you take me?" Kairi asked Xaveria.
"You ask to many questions. I suggest you shut your mouth, or you'll find that this
may be the last time you speak!" Xaveria growled angrily at Kiari.
Kairi gasped in fear, she stood up a little, trying to find an opportunity to run
Xaveria noticed Sora running into view, along with his 'minions' the Duck and the
Goof. She looked to her side at Kairi, and grabbed her arm. She brought Kairi infront
of herself and brought one arm across Kairi's throat.

Sora skidded to a hault, and summoned his keyblade.
"What are you doing? Let Kairi go!" Sora shouted at Xaveria.
Xaveria raised one eyebrow at him. She brought her free hand out to her side, and
summoned her Giant Blade. It formed from a blaze of fire in her hands. Xaveria
quickly brought her blade infront of Kairi, and placed it infront of her throat.
"One more step and.. it's 'Bye Bye Kairi!'" Xaveria said creepily, her voice sounding
hoarse and at the same time insane.
Kairi struggled to get out from Xaveria's grip. She started to cry.
"S..Sora.." she stuttered in fear.
Sora made a face of disbelief.
"You wouldn't dare do that!" Sora scoffed, as he took one step forward.
Xaveria's one visible eye grew large, and her cat pupil reduced in size. She smiled
more. Quickly, she slit Kairi's throat with her blade, and let Kairi go.
Kairi fell to the ground, coughing and spluttering. The blood trailed out from her
throat and onto the muddy ground.

Sora rushed forward and knelt down on his knee's next to Kairi.
Xaveria stayed standing and looked down at Sora and Kairi. She began laughing, and
that laugh changed into a psycho laugh.
Sora glared up at Xaveria.
"Who are you?!?" He shouted at her, trying hard not to cry.
"Me?!? My name is Xaveria. I'm rank 15 in the Organization, my title is 'The Fiery
Psycho'... and... I JUST KILLED KAIRI!!!" She screamed at the top of her
voice, which sounded creepy since her voice box was damaged from her Father punching
her hard in the throat when she was a somebody.
Sora picked up his keyblade and stood up. He was much smaller than her, even though
she was age 16. Her height was very strange (6ft 7)
He launched himself at her, missing her as she jumped high up and came flying back
down, launching fire at Sora. She swung her blade at him a few times, laughing like a

Her blade swiped across Sora's stomach. He fell to the ground in pain. Xaveria
smirked. She looked down at the blood on her blade. The blood dripped off of it onto
the ground. There was blood all over her hands. She looked down at Sora, and then at
Kairi. Her psychotic smile slowly faded. It turned into a frown. She had killed
Kairi, and possibly nearly killed Sora. Almost all of the Organization were dead.
Dexion was killed. Her only friend. If she killed Sora, and the Organization were
able to get their own hearts again, she wouldn't have a friend, yet again. Hardly any
of the Organization would have a friend. The world would be a lonely place for all of
She started to breath quickly. Suddenly she brought her blade up to the side of her
Sora looked at Xaveria in confusion.
"Wait... what are you doing?!?" Sora asked Xaveria.
The wind started to increase. It blew her long side fringe away from her hidden eye,
revealing it to be a pale blue colour, and no pupil. She blinked a few times, her
broken eye (the one that was covered up by her fringe) didn't blink, the eyelid
stayed open.
I'm sorry Xemnas. I've weakened him, but it looks like you'll have to send someone
else to kill him. Afterall, There's no need for me to have a heart... Xaveria
Also, he would be alive whilst his girlfriend lay dead on the ground. That was
payback for killing all the other members of he Organization.
A red blood tear dripped down from her red eye (not broken eye). She thought about
Demyx and then Shexia. And then both of them together.
She smiled again, an insane smile, as the blood tear dripped down from her eye.
"...if no one loves me... no one misses me..." Xaveria uttered in her hoarse voice.
And with that, she lunged her blade into the side of her head. She done this several
times. The blood spilling from her head, dripping onto her hands and staining her
hair. She tugged her blade out of her head, the blood flying from the blade onto near
by tree's and onto Sora's face. Blood dripped down the stabbed side of her head, onto
her cheek. Blood tears rolling from her red eye. And blood pouring from the side of
her head and onto her broken eye.
One last time, she smiled manicly, showing her sharp shark teeth. Her cat pupil
rolled to the top of her eye, and she fell onto the ground. Blood pouring out of her
Her red eye was closed. Although she was dead, her broken eye was still open, the
eyelid not shutting. This was simply because it had been this way ever since her
Somebody's father had sliced her eyeball, making it broken.

Sora crawled up to Xaveria, and carefully placed her long side fringe over her broken
eye. He looked over at the dead Kairi, and then the dead Xaveria.
Her smile still wide and psychotic.

Xaveria lived as a psycho, and died as a psycho.
"If no one loves me... no one misses me..."
Last edited: 5 December 2010

‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   5 September 2010   892074  
 Really sad - and really good at the same time! (Good as in
quality of the writing. ^^)
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   5 September 2010   112462  
aww thankyou ^^ Whilst I was typing it out, I was like "GOD I SUCK AT
‹knight of ren› says:   6 September 2010   659189  

Aww, I found it upsetting D:
‹☢CAUTION!!☢› says:   6 September 2010   903548  
Yup, she go 'byebye'.
But yeah, she's a psycho. Kills herself cause she got no fwiends 
I had fun writing it though. XD 
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says :   6 September 2010   249099  


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