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My birthday~ (August 27) /Rant/Category: Rant
Saturday, 28 August 2010
01:28:37 AM (GMT)
My birthday was fine, I do think it's better then the couple old ones. At least I had a friend over, which I'm so happy I did. We had fun. <3 We also even cosplayed for my birthday. Hetalia style~ I wish there were more people, but it was only one person.. I'm still happy I had someone come over though. At first, it was great in a way.. Although, when I was talking to my friend, which is a girl too, my door did open some. It was my brother, just being a idiot like he is. My brother did say later on, that my door wasn't fully closed, but I know it was almost and it had no crack or anything. It was okay after that, but when we went at the Chinese restaurant or maybe it was when we went home.. My brother was asking one of my other friend, which is also friends with my friend that went to my house. He was just saying how old he was and began talking about Otakon and such. HE WAS BLAMING MY FRIEND, HER NAME IS MARY.. BUT HE WAS ALL, "It was Mary's fault, she should have called us or tell us." Want to know something? Mary couldn't really call me and maybe even the others, her mom took her phone away and didn't give it back. That was also couple days close to Otakon or maybe the day before! Her mom is mean I guess from doing that, I know.. There are other things, although it is more personal.. About Mary's life and ect. Nothing tooo bad, but yeah.. So my mom did blame it on her and then he said it on me. The thing is that, on Saturday, I didn't go to any panels, on the Hetalia autographs.. That's mostly it. I was looking for Mary, which in the beginning I didn't know about the phone problem.. I still don't blame her, we also had a darn fire drill at Otakon, no lie. I guess my brother is saying it's my 'fault' Beacuse I took his time or so from him going to a panel. I think it's my mom's and the fire drill's fault. In the dealers room, I did see Mary twice, but the last time, I couldn't stay with her. My mom wanted me to eat and she was all, "You need to eat" So she made me, kinda. When we were eating though, my mom said Mary would still be there, in the dealers room. Sadly, she wasn't. I had a feeling she was in the hetalia premier panel, but I couldn't have gone.. I knew it would be packed and or I think I was too late too. We didn't really plan that well either, I know next time it will be way better about meeting at a place. So my brother was just talking about that in the car when we went back home, while my friend was still there. I do think my brother is a huge idiot many times and should just shut up sometimes too. Sorry if I sounded mean. DI My brother also should stop being noisy and even mind his on business. He doesn't though, I hate that about him. There are many other things that happened on my birthday, I might say it later. What do you think though. Do you think my brother should annoy me like that? Act a little more Mature? Stop bring up the past and or blame my friends? He did tell me why I'm protecting Mary or what do you say it.. When someone blames a person but another person fights back? Act his age? And ect, what other things do you think he should do? Sorry for this diary, really wanted to write it out, and was kinda mad while I was writing. I feel way better now that I did. xD

Biihtei says:   28 August 2010   137703  
happy be-lated birthday :D
hmm,.. for the most part i mean-thats what growing up's all about
right? being moremature and stuff?
well,.. idunno-i still act like a little kid sometimes and i tend to
talk about the past a lot i noticed Lawls ohwell (:
some people you just can't change... i suppose..
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says :   2 September 2010   547127  
Aww, thanks. -really late to post back, fail-
True I guess. I wish I was still a kid at times. D:
Same. xD
I know.. But my brother needs to mature a little more, he's 23 for god
sakes. ;w; 


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