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Monday, 9 August 2010
12:55:27 PM (GMT)
it's a dark Sunday night before school starts for the year. It's getting to be the
time where everyone starts keeping windows closed and blinds drawn for the night
cold, but not my neighbor. her small tight figure slides into her room as im getting
out of the shower and walk into my room naked. drying my hair in front of the window
thinking no one is looking i drop the towel and look across the alleyway to see her
staring at my cock still hard from when i jacked off in the shower, thinking about
fucking her. i wrap the towel around my waist and wave slightly. i see her face pout
as she rubs her hand up her chest gripping her left tit wishing her clothes were off
and i could see what she was really grabbing i get even harder and she smiles

I lean over the railing of my window watching her as she starts to strip off her
shirt and lifting her skirt showing me her ass in a frilly pink thong. my towel drops
from my cock pushing on it and my rock hard dick is exposed and she licks her lips at
the sight. I look down the driveway and see no car in hers. my parents had gone for
the weekend and wouldn't be back till late tonight. i wave her over and she nods
sliding her shirt back on.

i see her slip out of her room and i await the knock at my door. i slide down the
stairs as fast as i can to answer and see her for the first time outside her window
pane. her flawless curves, running through her body her nipples hard and visible
through her shirt braless to amp up my erection. " your taller than i thought " she
says as she walks in the door closing it behind her locking it aswell. " your even
better looking than i thought" i stammer as she walks into the kitchen. " oh thank
you " she replies as shes looking through my cupboards. " are you looking for
something?" i ask as she squeeks " nope i found it and turns around holding a bottle
of chocolate fudge i like on my ice cream. " oh " i say slightly confused as to why
my neighbors looking for chocolate syrup. 

she opens the lid and drips some on her lips letting if fall to her chest. " oops "
she says with a wink. " can you help me clean this off" she whispers. i reach for a
paper towel and she takes my hand " with your tongue Mr. ". not even thinking i lick
the syrup of her lips and her chest  as she moans. she pulls back and asks if she
could see my bathroom. i lead her up and turn as i open the door. her shirt somewhere
down the flight of stairs and her skirt at her feet. she stands in just her pink
thong. chocolate sauce all down her body in a straight line to her panties. " im
kinda messy with this" she laughs as i instinctively lick all up  her body leaving
not a drip beyond my tongue. " thanks ok i enjoy cleaning it up i say as i walk into
the bathroom. " this is it." i say looking at her as she leans in and kisses me hard
on the lips.

our tongues ravel around eachother as she wraps a leg around me i pick her up by the
thigh and sit her on the counter my towel dropping again my hard cock placed on her
panties. she grinds on me moaning loud as i do. " baby take them off " she says as
she lifts her ass up and lets me slide off her thong dropping it somewhere behind me.
" baby fuck me " she moans as my dick is right on her hole. i slide myself in her
pussy tight and wet creating a wonderful sensation. " oh god" she moans as her hips
start to grind her tits bouncing freely as i occassionally kiss or bite her nipples
she grinds faster and harder her legs wrapped around my back she arches and screams "
im gonna cum baby fuck " she pants hard as i feel the warm wet drizzle down my cock
her moans and pants colliding in her mouth,

 " oooh god" she moans softly as i pull out she pushes me back towards the wall. her
mouth sliding down the shaft of my cock deep throating me like ive never felt before.
" oh baby " i moan as her hands grip my balls and her throat rubs on the head of my
cock. she looks up at me while her head bobs and her pussy rubs on the floor. she
pulls me out of her and asks for me to turn the shower on.

my parents had redone the shower just weeks ago and had expanded the area enough to
comfortably sit down as i turn it on she crawls in laying on the ground rubbing her
hot pussy with the shower head letting me watch and jack off my wildest dreams coming
true she pants as she cums again pressing the massage head tight to her clit. " mmmm
fuck " she moans as she rubs it on her pussy.

"get in here" she demands more horny than any girl ive ever seen she sits me down and
straddles me. " you want me to ride your hard cock like a cowgirl?" she asks as rubs
her pussy on the tip of my dick. " mm yeah i would " i reply not sure what she meant.
she lifts herself up and turns around her ass facing me as i watch my cock slowly
enter her as she lowers her pussy onto me. her hips start to gyrate, her ass starts
to bounce as she rides me hard i spank and grip her ass " oo fuck baby " she screams
" pound my sweet pussy " as i start to pump into her. the water cascading down her
body soaking us both she screams as she cums again her pussy tightens and i start to
feel my self building up. " baby im gonna cum" i say thinking she'd get off and blow
me into her mouth. " dont fucking stop" she says as she turns back to face me
slamming her pussy onto my cock as i cum i feel her pussy fill as my hot load shoots
into her she shakes and pants and the new sensation of cumming bareback sends me into
overdrive as she doesnt slow her pussy the sensation shoots through me shaking me and
shooting my cum out hard and hot into her pussy.

she grinds on me my dick all inside her my hot cum dripiing out the sides of her
pussy. " wow" she moans as she lays ontop of me " i should have introduced myself to
you weeks ago" she laughs as we exit the shower drying ourselves off her getting my
cum out of her pussy. " im on the pill you dont need to worry about getting me
pregnant next time " she says with a smile as she slides her clothes back on walking
down the stairs. i show her out of the house and rush to my room to see her enter. i
see a figure and in she walks naked and lays in her bed massaging her pussy until she
cums falling asleep atlast. as i watched and now go back to sleep;.

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