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Hetalia English voice actors at Otakon? <33Category: (general)
Friday, 16 July 2010
09:08:22 PM (GMT)
YES, YOU HEARD ME. I can't hardly wait. I am sad form one of my friend's not going, but.. I guess I can't wait either. xD In Otakon, Scott Freeman(England), Christopher Bevins(Japan), Todd Haberkorn(Italy), Clarine Harp(China), Jerry Jewell(Russia), Vic Mignogna(Greece), Patrick Seitz(Germany), and J. Michael Tatum(France) Will be at Otakon. I am so glad I'm going TWO days. There is about two more weeks for Otakon. I will try to post pictures and maybe even videos! You can comment on this.

Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   210828  
ohmygodd!! i am so fricken happy for you!  your so lucky tho!!! haha,
you should get their autographs for me ol' buddy ol' pal ;D
just be all , " can you make it out for my penpal friend
hahaha :3
well anywho... hope you have a fantastic time! :D
foreverchacha says:   26 July 2010   478293  
I still don't understand why Vic is voicing Greece. ._.;; I wonder if
he's ever actually read or watched the series.

It sounds amazing! Gawd, I can remember when nobody knew about
Hetalia...now it's so popular! I'm so happy one of my favorite series
is finally getting the attention it deserves~! :3

Are you cosplaying as anything?
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   26 July 2010   919612  
I wonder if I could, but it could be busy. One of my friends, she said
one of her friends, which lives in Florida was going to video tape the
Hetalia panel for her, but it was lots of people. I hope I will be the
early, but there's a photoshoot.. I don't know if I should go there or
just stay at the panel. Dx

Me too, I have no clue why he voiced him. xD; 
I totally agree~ I think the dub will be epic and fine. Can't wait to
get it on DVD <3

Yes, I'm going for two days, which cosplaying two different
characters. I'm being Italy on Saturday and Canada on Sunday. =w= 
Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   162454  
tehee its fine x3
l wouldn't doubt it, that show is quite popular. :3
awh darn, are they both at the same time? ifso, then that really sucks
dude D;
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   26 July 2010   227277  
Alright. xD
Ah.. They will have autographs at 5 pm, but.. They are going to talk
when the photoshoot would start. I can see some of it, if I go to the
photoshoot. It's like.. It starts 1:00-2:30 for one of the things, but
after that is more and ends at 4 pm. The photoshoot starts 3:00 to
4:00 pm. OTL. What do you think I should do? 
Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   183074  
herm, thats a toughie.
ask your friends to videtape it while your at the photoshoot and stuff
then try and catch the ending before its over, l suppose. extra
batteries are always good. 
hm, i hope that helped at least a little.<x3
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   26 July 2010   215586  
I know it is. Dx
I think couple of my friends are going to stay to watch it, but not
sure if they would video tape it. Another thing is, one of my friends,
who told me about the photoshoot, said she thinks there's another one
on Sunday.. Not sure though. 
Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   596045  
dosn't this thing have a website? ifso, they SHOULD have everything
on there ...
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   26 July 2010   406710  
The photoshoot isn't really Otakon, I think it's just some random
Hetalia cosplayers making it, not sure though.. I wish the time wasn't
the same, I would have gone to both if that was the case. 
Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   294856  
hmm, im really not sure at all ^^'
i would probably just go to the panel...
gawd i hate making decisions like that DX
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   26 July 2010   224082  
That what I was thinking, but I told my friend I would go.. OTL. Dx
I hate it too. 
Biihtei says:   26 July 2010   215997  
everything should be at diffrent times D;
hah, like before you leave you should fill out one of those '
suggestion sheets' and write in all capitals
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   960279  
I know, I wish it was. I would have gone to both of them if that would
be true. Dx
Lol we should have those. Would be much easier.
You're welcome. xD 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   430412  
haha, well as long as you have fun, right? x3
phftt, i cannot wait when im older so i can go to cons . tch. father
dosn't think it's 'safe' to go without an adult, ohjesz 2 more years,
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   162783  
Yeah, I know I still will have lots of fun. xD Only 4-5 more days~
I am going with friends, but my parents are still going to be there..
But at least I can hang with friends without them being there all the
I hope you can go to one soon. :D 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   379221  
haha totaly :P
oh i do too. i'd probably have the crappiest cosplay ever but i'd have
a blast! lt'd be the bee's knees'!!!!-Whatever that means XD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   556081  
Yep. xD
I know how that feels, I hope you can go soon to one. ^^ 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   966928  
well knowing me, if i did, trust me. l'd never shut up about it XD
hmm, i think that may be the reason people call me annoying, l can
talk about 1 thing for hours xD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   362413  
xD It's okay.
I sometimes do that too. 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   702239  
haha, its not that we talk too loud, everybody else is just too quiet
XD phftt heheh. i really can't wait for school XD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   221056  
xD I'm kinda quite and shy in real life, but I will try to open lots
at the con.
Why can't you wait for school? o: 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   403252  
im only shy towards people i don't  know  xD

maybe! :D 
0h, because im a nerd/geek BD 
phfft i love learning.     >W<  
and plus l havn't seen my friends all summer so yeah xD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   241782  
Same, I'm like that too. xD

I used to love learning, but not that much anymore.
Oh true. o: 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   436992  
l think everybody is like that when they start off, well. mostly
anywas xD   
haha, well, if i wasn't such a procrasinator!!! and didn't forget
things the day after l learned them. xD 
yeah, its kinda hard to get in contact with them. D;
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   717488  
Agreed, I will be like that a little at con, I'm sure of it. xD
I forget things too. Really hate when that happens though. DI
Same, but you could try using facebook or something like that? :o 
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   319015  
haha, i need to like, carry around sticky notes or sumthin XD
noone really gets on the comp. during summer, they have real lifes so
yeah D;
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   27 July 2010   460960  
xD Nice.
Aww, that sucks. They should go on the computer time to time though.
Biihtei says:   27 July 2010   221162  
hah, maybe xD l guess l can't blame them tho, i mean, if i lived in
town i'd probably somewhere every few days xD summer is like going
into solitude for me XD
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   28 July 2010   259832  
That's cool, I don't think there's not that many places I could go
where I live.
Biihtei says:   28 July 2010   187750  
l live out in the country =3=
why my father keeps wanting to live out in the country is beyond me.
ehh, must be an old people thing xD
 i wanna live in the city , personaly. but one without thugs and
gunshots everynight, been there done that... wasn't fun... o_o'
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   28 July 2010   122230  
o_o I don't really live out in the country.. But it's a small
town/city is where I live. xD Maybe.
I know, me too. o: 
Biihtei says:   28 July 2010   335880  
hah, my town is really small too XD 
phffttt i live in between 2 small towns XD 
this one couple i remember fought over a dog till 2 in the mourningg
ehheh, it was a school night too e_e'
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   29 July 2010   418658  
xD Small towns are okay, but not all the time..
Two? o.o
Why were you fighting over a dog? owo 
Biihtei says:   29 July 2010   679751  
hah, yeah sometimes, because you know everybody etc etc xP i dunno,
my brain is mush right now. xD
yes xD well, it wasn't me, but l think like the guys gf or wife was
leaving him and he seemed to really care about that dog xD i was just
sorta zombified like "really? *sighh*....."
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says:   5 August 2010   165380  
I'm back from the con. 8D;
I didn't go see the premier though, I was busy looking for my friend
and she was there the whole time. ><; I'm kinda mad I didn't go to see
if she was there, but I had a feeling she was.. I was with my parents
though, couldn't really found the other two.. Which sucked. Another,
later on, I did find her and did got the autographs. xD;
I might upload some pictures I took of my self, but I look totally
Biihtei says:   10 August 2010   871115  
awesome dude :D
awh shucks, i hate when that happes D;
moments when i wish i had a cell phone XD
well, at least you gotto get autograhs and hangout and stuff x)
imsueyyu  don't look that bad :]
EpicFiveMetersofAwesome says :   10 August 2010   648009  
I guess it is. xD
I know, it did suck. I don't really have a cell, and I had to use my
moms. I thought my parents did say, that I will have my moms cell
after the con, but that was a little lie.. She has it and went to have
a three day vacation. DI I have to be in the house with my idiot
brother for today till Thursday evening. I hope it will go fast,
really fast..
True, I am happy I got the autographs from Vic and the Hetalia cast.
If I didn't, the con would suck even more..


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