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Wolfetta's HistoryCategory: Ode to Wolfy
Tuesday, 6 July 2010
02:16:12 AM (GMT)
Let's see.  .  .so you know my name,my age,and such random bits on my profile.
Here's an ode to my past life before I was a Shinigami.


A lovely stone structure stood on the mountainside,overlooking the sea.
Its stone walls were high and had little vegetation growing on them,and the only
entrance through it were hard,wooden doors.
Past those barriers were a Japanese garden.There was a fish pond with a small,turning
wheel in it,next to a house.
A rose bed lay somewhere near.There was also a bed of sand with bamboo stalks in a
The land within the stone walls was wide and was beautiful.It was also were a lonely
orphan resided.
She was rarely visited by children,for she lived far away from the town,which was at
the foot of the mountain.
She often played with the animals in the forest,from stray animals to even the
mountain's bears and wild animals.
Often they came to her with an injury,and she'd take the poor critters in the big
wooden house within the stone walls and nurse them.
However,the only one of the animals that resided with her,was a wolf.
It had dark black and snow-white fur and icy blue eyes,contrasting the darkness of
its black markings.
The child cherished the wolf's company and played with it if she didn't venture into
the forest.

What she knew about her family,was that she had an older brother who had passed away
years before she came into the world.
Her mother,ancient,had died shortly after giving birth to the young girl.
Her father,also old and weak,had told her this and taught her many things before he
was killed.
The young girl lived on and did not really miss the company of family or such,for she
didn't know their love or care.
She was born special.She could see the dead.But her house was a peaceful one and no
entity haunted her abode.

So then the years passed,and it was her 13th spring.
She woke up in the middle of the night,waking up to see a shadowy figure with a
sword-or trident-in his hand,about to strike.
She just stared into his amber eyes which reflected the moonlight from the window,and
saw despair.
And the hand fell to his side,the weapon falling to the ground.He wept softly.
"Sir,why do you weep?"
The man did not answer.The girl led him to the table and made him a pot of tea.
He looked extremely odd,with face paint,yellow things in place of his ears,and an odd
looking hat on his head.
He wore something purple around his neck and wore a white jacket of some sort on a
black hakama underneath,and had a sheath in the crotch area for the sword.

He looked unhappy.When she asked him why he wept for the second time,he told her just
how much she looked like his little sister.
He told her about himself and the organization he was in.He was a Shinigami.A very
different one,to be exact.One of his nature wouldn't give so much information to a
mere human child with no specialty but high spiritual force.
The girl listened intently and petted the wolf at her side,which was behaving so
well,despite that it could sense an unseen force-well,to normal humans,at least.
She then told her own story.
After that,the man-the Shinigami-told her that she could be part of that world he
told her about.All she needed to do was to go to sleep first.
She did.And here after,she never woke up again.The wolf had died with her as well.And
the man left with a bloody sword in his sheath.

Months later,a new Captain was announced in Sereitei.It was the newcomer,Wolfetta
Kurotsuchi,little sister of Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
His little sister was now with him.It was a happy life,even though they argued and
even if he kept getting hit by his little sister.
And the best part for him was the she would never come to remember and know how she
got the Soul Society.

Unsatisfying story?
Pardon me.My brother did not accurately explain how I became a Shinigami and
such.And,well,if you didn't like it,why did you even continue reading it?

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