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Sunday, 4 July 2010
10:49:51 PM (GMT)
and I'm not talking about the movie either XD
altho i do feel like the child from it... because i was just minding my own
bushiness.. playing Final Fantasy 13 . when all of a sudden. My aunt comes in my room
from no where!!! 
"Your here alone?" -aunty-
"..hm? huh? oh...eah..I guess..." * i look away from screan because she decides to
stand in front of the screan all casual-like that HUGE friggin tv wasn't even there
(can i help  you much???? XD)
anyawys... we went downstairs because her and I didn't want her nasty smoking
nicotine to get all over my nice white walls :D
so we're talking-and she 's all "where's your dad???"
"not here"
"well i can see that! Where is he?"
*shrugs*"OHWAIT! he went to-.............crystals? ......
Canan'a?.Caa-?...Shhhananay?-no..ahh-hm... my cousins...."  * i sorta forgot her name
=w=' *
"which ones?"
"she was at the family reunion yesterday-"
*dose huge over dramatic shrug with a look*"well i didn't go!"
"oh yeahhh"
"hm....well she was taller than me-well , everones taller than me- she was
about-er-say 13?-ishh? and she was pretty big if ya now wat i mean-" *stretches out
"SHYer-SHYAN! thats the girl!" ( i have NO idea how to spell her name XD )
*aunty starts talking to herself*
inside my head-I wonder if we have any kool-aid left-so help me god if any one
drank one GLASS of my grape juice im gonna!--
I just then realize auntys scary boyfriend came in.
they talk about meh home...i tell them about our horrible neighbors..they
laugh....they love the house... they "want it",.... and then they tell me how easily
it was to get in because everything was unlocked and open XD
so they leave
i shut only the front door and lock it-
and go back up stairs and resume playing my game :D
apperently i've been home alone for the past.-wut now? 3 or so hours?!?! haha
wow..and i didn't even know :P
of course father asked if i was coming -i said no obviously-to hot to go-and i no
like my cousin(s)-shes rude and annoying-...
but i've been playing this game since like noon anyways so it dosn't matter
AHH! the things you can accomplish when you don't have a life :3
oh, and there was still kool-aid and i got a glass, and no need to worry.
my grape juice is still!
A-ok :3
untill i drink it all!
hahaha! nomnomnomnomnom >:3


i've always wanted to do this XD

write your NEXT diary entry about a time YOU got left home alone-and the mystical
magical things that happened to you and what you did.

&& if you tell me about it i will surely read it and most likely comment it xD
well this is bye fo'real now >D

‹•TheUltimateHipster;Poland•› says:   7 July 2010   330975  
OHPFFT. I accept your tag. :D 
*goes to write diary*
Biihtei says :   7 July 2010   314290  
@  azuresky1231 :
mwuwahahaa yeash >:D
now go forth my minion! XD 


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