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Soul Eater Ending Review. (Spoiler Warning)Category: Random Thoughts
Tuesday, 22 June 2010
04:57:37 PM (GMT)
Free Journal skin, you say? Hellz ya.
I couldn't pass this one up. 
I've been taking the driving portion of Drivers Ed recently. I'm doing fine. Except,
on the first day, we stopped at a gas station and all got out. Unfortunatly, it's one
of those new cars that auto-locks when you don't want it too. Apparently I locked the
keys in the car. Got an F, of course. Good thing the instructor had an extra pair of
keys. Sigh... I felt so incredibly stupid. 
I try to say "we all do it" but it doesn't help T_T.

Other note... 
I found a nice site to host pictures like here, but slightly different. It's called
Magajin. I've gotten some nice ratings  Yay. 

Another note...
I watched the end of Soul Eater. I have to say... it was dissapointing. (spoiler
alerts ahead) 
1st issue: No body kissed. DAMNIT SOUL, WHY DIDN'T YOU KISS MAKA? I don't like Maka,
but seriously! They came close, though. Sigh... 
2nd issue: Nobody becomes a Death Scythe. Wasn't that the main plot of the story?
Where did it go? Sigh.
3rd issue: Maka turns out to be a weapon. Wtf? Of course I had a hunch because her
father is one, but seriously. She KINDA hurts Asura by it, but it doesn't last. She
ends up destroying him with "courage in a fist". What the hell? No. Just no.
4th issue: Not a full resolution. Maka, Soul, Kid, Liz, Patty, Black Star and Tsubaki
are in one area a little ways from Shinigami, Stein, Excalibur(yes, Excalibur),
Chrona, and a few other characters at the end. But they never meet back up. I would
have liked to see Kid realize that his father is alive (Shinigami kinda died a couple
episodes back, but somehow came back. It was actually cute. He sits up, gives the
peace sign, and says "I'M BACK " ), and I would have liked for Chrona to hug Maka or
something sentimental like that. But no. It ended there. 
HOWEVER. Asura goes apeshit insane. I like that for some reason. Plus in the first
half, he looks like a hot zombie. Not joking. It was interesting. 

...I THINK that's all. 
HAPPY NOTE HOPEFULLY: I heard that the manga of Soul Eater is still going; So maybe
we will see a second season (like a Soul Eater Kai or something) in the future. That
would be pleasant; help me get over this ending. It didn't even feel like an ending.

Last note...
I downloaded (for FWEE) another art program called Paint Tool SAI. It's like
OpenCanvas, but slightly different, and I like it better somehow. It's hard to
explain. I'm gonna be messing with it for a while. Tee hee. 

I think that's all. Yay? 
P.S. I made the mistake of listening to Hikari by Utada Hikaru again. Now I'm stuck
on it. I have no clue why I like it. It's just as addictive as Unmei no Wa by Eiko
Shimamiya (who is and always will be my favvy artist~)

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