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Thursday, 22 April 2010
03:19:54 PM (GMT)
Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you. 

1) Your name? Lucy
A sexy, attractive female who is intelligent and understanding. A fun filled
character with endless amusement. Usually found in the UK with dazzling eyes and a
smile to die for, a cuddly person who means the world to anyone (unless

2) Your age? Fourteen
A code word to alert someone that something embarassing is hanging from his/her
nose or on his/her mouth.

3) One of your friends: Imogen
Rare beautiful species of the girl genus. Imogens are are usually seen in groups
of other girls, but never in packs of more than 17. Imogens are often refrerred to as
both fabulous and fuckable, and whilst the male species makes advances, due to her
shy, introverted and honest nature, often the Imogen turns him down. This results in
Imogens given a bad reputation amognst not only the male genus, but within the girl
genus too. Many girls are jealous of Imogens - due to her lovely nature and great
ability at hugging.

4) What should you be doing? Cosplay
It is a word that has it's root in costume play. It is both a noun and a verb.
Cosplay can mean the actual costume, as well as the action of wearing it. Contrary to
popular belief, many cosplayers (well over 98%) do not believe they are the
characters they are "cosplaying" as. Cosplays are typically worn to anime

5) Favorite color? Orange
The colour which vain assholes turn after a session in the tanning salon; Often
confused with Hepatitis.

6) Birthplace: York
A town in Pennsylvania. It was the capital of the United States for one day, and
the Articles of Confederation were written there. (But the Congressman had a horrible
time staying there as they wrote it...) In the present time, York can be summed up
with the words, "laziness", "obesity", "boring", and "yard sales".

(^ Uh, York in Britain, FYI. YEAH, THE ORIGINAL ONE.)

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