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Saturday, 17 April 2010
04:41:57 PM (GMT)
Are you interested in more than one person at the moment? .14 of a person. What are you going to be doing later? Tappin' yuh mom. The last kind of lotion you used, what does it smell like? Uh. Curel. Ultra sensitive fragrance free. FFF fuck m skin. Do you like flavored water? obbyyes. Last night, did you talk to anyone until you fell asleep? Myself. What's in your pockets? Phone. What's the biggest upcoming event for you? My birthday? School ending? Have you hung out with any guys recently? You're mum is a man. Are you single, taken, or on the prowl? fff. fuck people. i'm single. Do you use febreeze on your furniture? fuckyess. but i put perfume on my bed. (n) What's the longest you've went without eating? uh, 4 days? fasting religion wAt. Can you go a whole day without drinking any pop or eating any sweets? no sir e bob. Are you going to see any of your family today? i don't feel like coming out of my room. Do you like your school? Hate it. Bunch of batfucking gh3tto fuckers. rms fail. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike? like 7. FFF late learner. What's the best thing about summer? sleeping. awake all night, sleeping all day. excersise. sleeping. mall. sleeping. owatsleeping. Have you ever met anyone that DIDN'T let you down? No. Have you ever felt completely lost? yah d00d. but fuqq dos m00ds cuz im 2 kool 4 dat sh!t. Who do you talk to first when you're upset? Myself. Would you rather someone just listen to you, or try to give you advice? neither. gtfo. tell me to suck it up and grow a pair. Do you know anyone who has the same birthday as you? fff. no. What's your relationship with your number one? ohthese myspace surveys fail. What was your last dream about? something about watching t.v with a black guy. Do you ever have nightmares? ^ what's scarier than that? OLOL. no i'm just joshin' kids. get off my dick. Any certain thing that scares you when you think about it? creepy textures. Can you remember how old you were when your appearance started to matter? like 11. Spring break or Fall break? SPRING FTW. Are you fighting/arguing with anyone? nah. Your biggest fear is..? not accomplishing anything. What's on the t.v. you're watching? credits. Are you worried about anything? nah. What SHOULD you be doing? at the swim meet. writing. Have you sneezed today? uh. no. i think. Do you think that love can conquer anything? OLOL NO. Have you ever stolen anything from a store? I used to open the tictacs & eat them when I was 6. How frequently do you pee at night? 88493898248243784238439 times & a half. Are you embarrassed of any of your family members? yeah. Watch the news regularly? ololno. When have you felt, that your life was at it's best? the summer of '08? i just didn't realize it. Do your parents care about you cussing? uh. i'm not too sure. Who is your favorite person in the world? Shin. OLOL. How many times have you cried in a person's arms? none. like i say, fuck people. Has karma had it's way of showing you that it's real? not really. What happened to your last pair of sunglasses? i lost them. sadly. Who do you spend most of your time with? myself? Any sexual stuff happen in the past two months? HAHA. oh the stories. Is your phone right next to you, or at least close by? pocket full of sunshine. What windows are open on your computer right now? Surprisingly, only google chrome. but I have like 8 tabs open. FF Anything you would like to say to someone? Barack Obama is a sexy man. Is your phone a touch screen? Motorola Clique, yo'. it is. Who is the last person to call you? uhh, Tim? What was the last movie you watched? Lilo & Stitch. What are you doing tomorrow? your mom. What would you do if your parent's walked in on you having sex? my life. oh my gawd. my life. overoverover. Do any of your friends dislike each other? yah. Who knows your biggest secret? no one. Are you starting to realize anything? nope. Have you ever thought about giving up on someone, but couldn't? in the process. Do you follow rules or break them? idgaf what i do. Could you go a day without eating? yeah. Do you prefer being called your actual name or a nick name? fuccck. call my by my real name and i'll kldfeklfhfewk How was your Saturday night? uh. Do you mope around when you are sad? HAHA. no. what tha fack. this shit ended all cliff hanger.

‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   17 April 2010   111282  

I know where you REALLY live, Valerie.
There is no hiding.
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   17 April 2010   814584  
I know where Sasa lives too.
It took me an hour before I guessed Staffs. OTL
‹✁HaruDesü™› says:   17 April 2010   603024  
SSSHHH. Why, yes. I did send the comments previous to file 13. (; 
I live under your bed. 

kfsfd Staffs? 
‹✖ мocкιηg вιя∂; ✖› says:   17 April 2010   560170  

Idk, it was on the map she showed me. x:
‹✁HaruDesü™› says :   17 April 2010   141362  

Maps are confusing. n.n 

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