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Quiz thing that I stole from my SISTA SISTA xDCategory: (general)
Sunday, 3 January 2010
03:41:41 PM (GMT)
1. What is your full (including middle) name?
Sasuke Sherlock Uchiha xD

2. Are you planning on lying during this string of perfectly innocent questions?
Depends what the questions are xD

3. Why?
Why not?

4. Do you think the exits to your house are suitable enough in case anything might
go wrong?

5. Do you wear fire resistant pyjamas?

6. Who do you like?
The Time Traveller's wife ;D xD jk

7. Do you think he/she looks pale? Do you think they might accidentaly die of
natural causes?
uh... ? I'm lost Dx

8. If the answer to the last question was "no" then why do you think your judgement
is infallible?
what does infallible mean? =_=

9. Are you superman or any other superhero?
I'm Sherlock Holmes does that count?? xD

10. Do you have anyway of defending yourself from an attacker like mace or panic
Yeah, grab Suigetsu and throw him in front of me >=D

11. Do you know any self defence techniques?
Yeah yeah, tons >_< 12. Do you love the person who sent this to you?
Yeahhhh! Sista sista! <3

13. Why don't you love them?
I didn't say that I didn't love them...>_>

14. Could you learn to love them?
Omg. Dx

15. What if your life depended on it?

16. Where do you live?
wherever, whenever

17. Do you keep a spare key in case you're locked out in the area around the door?
well I did, but I lost it 

18. If so, where?

19. Why won't you give me a spare key?
Cuz I don't know who you are...I've fallen for this one too many times -_-

20. Where in the house is your bedroom located?
I'm not tellin you

21. How many people live with you?
T____T 0

22. Do you have a guard dog or any other form of security system?
um, no...

23. Do you think bunnies or guinea pigs are cuter?
Guinea pigs~

24. Calm blue skies or my dark dank basement where no one can hear you scream?
dark dank basement where no one can hear you scream =D

25. When is the latest time anyone in your house would go to sleep?
I went to bed at 12:00 am...ish....

26. Are any of them light sleepers and easily woken by creeping footsteps?
I'm the lightest sleeper you ever saw Dx

27. Do you have any heart condition that will affect you if a taser is used to
incapacitate you?
I actually do xDDD for reals

28. What are you wearing?
A brown coat that looks like its from the movie Sherlock Holmes, a white and blue
striped shirt, dark jeans, black socks with S's on them, and blue underwear xD

29. Why don't you wear something else?
Because it's freezing outside

30. Don't you like the clothes I bought for you?
0_e who ARE you?

31. Why don't you ever open your bedroom curtains?
I have no bedroom curtains so there

32. OPEN YOUR BEDROOM CURTAINS! I wasn't asking....
I'm at Gaara's place

33. What colour do you think is better? Blood red or the cold dark Black of
the cold dark Black of nothingness

34. Do you like flowers in the mail?

35. Do you like chocolate in the mail?

36. Do you like dead puppies in the mail?
dead puppies aren't much fun T__T

37. Would you like me in the mail?
uhhhhh...it depends >=D

38. What's your MSN password?
sasukeisahotsexybeast ;D

39. What's your bank password?
Don't...remember 0_o

40. Do you have a panic room?
uh, maybe...

41. How do I get into your panic room?
I'm not tellin you

42. Do people behind bushes creep you out?

43. What's infront of you right now?
a computer

44. What's the most precious thing to you in your bedroom?
MY FOOFIE...I mean, what?

45. Would you do anything to get your mother/father back safely alive?
Momma? Daddy? T____T *angst*

46. Do you like cats or dogs more?

47. What's your favourite flavour of icecream?
well.....I can't eat ice cream, or else I lose my skinnyness and sexiness along with
it xD

48. Do you think your room would look good coloured red?

49. I do...
what? I'm getting married? 0_e but I don't know who you are!!!

50. Are your windows reinforced or easy to break?

51. Are you a good runner?
Hells yeah, I do cross country 

52. What's your social security number?
-_- tis quiz is way too personal!

53. Don't you think "security" is ironically amusing?

54. I do...
-_- go away

55. How many people will you send this to?
nobody probably =P

56. Do any of them deserve your attention more than I do?
Yeah? I guess?

57. Why?
Why not?

58. Do you expect to hear back from any of the people you sent this to... ever
Are you saying that all my friends are going to die? T_T

59. Where do you go on sunday nights?
into my room to cry because when I wake up it'll be Monday morning TwT

60. Where do you go on saturday nights?
To my nightjob~

61. What subjects do you take at school and when are then on during the day?
I'm a ninja no school~

62. What school do you go to?

63. Who do you sit next to?

64. Do you think they could outrun my car?

65. Do you think they could survive a car "accident"?

66. What do you dream about?
Whoa whoa WHOA...that's personal =P

67. What was your first word?

68. Did you cry during the movie bambi?
TwT y-yes I cry just thinking about it!

69. Did you laugh at the number 69?

70. Who did you last talk to?
Suigetsu...since he's right next to me

71. Do they know where you are right now?
Yeah, I'm right next to them -__-'

72. Will you be missed?
Probably...not. T_T

73. What's your favourite film?
Sherlock Holmes! xD

74. I'm always watching you
oh GOD this IS Karin!

75. Do you like baby pandas?
For dinner >=D JK xD

76. Do you have children?
Not that I'm aware of...

78. What will you be doing tomorrow night?
Homework *doooom*

79. What's your favourite automobile brand?
Lightning McQueen...is that a brand?

80. What's your favourite South American country?
England =D...wait....

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