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100 things i want to do before i die.Category: (general)
Saturday, 26 December 2009
07:36:28 PM (GMT)
1. become famous.
2. be in a movie.
3. win a grammy.
4. be at the balldrop on new years.
5. meet paramore.
6. perform in reno.
7. go to japan.
8. COUGH you dont need to know.
9. have a party with glow in the dark paint.
10. host saturday night live.
11. get a grand piano.
14. have a sleepover with a billion friends.
15. do a remake of shwetty balls with oprah and obama.
16. be on ellen.
17. go to england. KATIES HOUSE.
18. dress up as a snowman and scare the fuck out of a bunch of people.
19. smack a complete stranger and tell them theyre not good enough for me.
20. go to the olympics.
21. become really good friends with a canadian.
22. have a fucking awesome dream with insaneness everywhere(:
23. to make a comment that becomes a quote that everyone will know.
24. to be a part of pop culture.
25. to get glow in the dark skinnyjeans.
26. to shop at sockworld.
27. save someones life.
28. have glow in the dark socks.
29. get a beanbag chair.
30. know how magicians do their magic tricks.
31. meet lady gaga(:
32. be in a scary movie sequel.
33. know a bleach blonde emo dude, who isnt sad all the time.
34. meet someone named alex orange.
35. see a triple rainbow.
36. live to be 104.
37. go to the north pole.
38. be myself for halloween.
39. rearrange the alphabet for a day.
40. get some small tattoos.
41. get a monroe.
42. hang out with a zebra.
43. have all my friends sign a giant mirror with colorful sharpies.
44. get a huge picture with all of my friends.
45. play assassin.
46. watch nemo on a date.
47. to be convinced.
48. laugh at everyone when we wake up on december 22nd, 2012.
49. to be fucking amazing at the drums.
50. kanye west to steal an award from me, and ill be like "excuse me?"
51. for evan to realize what the shit hes done.
52. for amanda to catch josie being a huge bitch to me.
53. to learn japanese.
54. to learn italian.
55. go to every state.
56. be on tv.
57. go on the top of the sunrise mall with amanda and sing show me your genitals when
we're old ladies.
58. for someone to throw rocks at my window at night.
59. to be popular on youtube.
60. get a scholarship in the san francisco school of performing arts
61. go to nashville, tennesee.
62. go to anaheim.
63. go to irvine.
64. perform at the hard rock cafe.
65. go to hollywood.
66. go to new york city.
67. go to LA again.
68. take a road trip with some friends to a fucking random place, like british
columbia or idaho.
69. to get lost in a very confusing place with a friend.
70. to have a fucking awesome adventure with a friend.
71. get a mustang.
72. get an orange kitty.
73. get a wolfdog.
74. meet a mailman named dave.
75. meet bruno.
76. go to an awards show with kermit the frog as my date.
77. to be able to act almost completely insane.
78. get an icee while dressed up as an angel.
79. for people to think im really funny.
80. to be awesome at poker.
81. to always know whos nominated for what and who won what.
82. for "my confession" to make me famous.
83. write a book that everyone loves.
84. to win an oscar.
85. get my name on a cement star in hollywood.
86. throw bananas off of a tall building.
87. teach a kid their abc's.
88. to get a golden dog tag with "yoshiz" on it.
89. to swim in a star shaped pool.
90. to have more paramore t-shirts than anyone.
91. to get front row at a paramore concert.
92. go to panda express and see a mexican there.
93. write "enema" on every table at a taco bell.
94. to be on goodday sacramento when im famous.
95. have glow in the dark eyeliner.
96. to get really good at skateboaring.
97. to get really good at rollerskating.
98. meet the people i hate now in twenty years and tell them what little bitches they
99. to never break a promise to a friend.
100. to never lose ANY of my friends.


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