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Sunday, 15 November 2009
08:29:52 AM (GMT)
MP3 Survey: Put your MP3 player on random and put the song that comes up as the

How would you describe yourself? Tell Me Why-Taylor Swift

How would your friends describe you? Goodbye-Miley Cyrus

Your family? Paranoid-Jonas Brothers (Now THAT is funny)

Are you generous? It's All Right Here-Hannah Montana

Do you have a short temper? When There Was Me and You- Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron

Are you a procrastinator? What Time Is It-High School Musical Cast	

How do you feel about yourself? You Had A Bad Day-Daniel Powter (lol)

How do you feel about others? Before the Storm-Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus

What do you think of puppies/kittens? Right Here-Miley Cyrus

How would you describe your best friend? Beautiful-James Blunt (lol)

What do you like to do with your friends? I Promise You-Selena Gomez and The Scene

Where is your favorite hangout? Fearless-Taylor Swift

A phrase or word that would describe your group of friends:	Ghost Busters Theme Song-

What do you say about your friends when they are not around? Just Dance- Lady Gaga

Name something you'd like to do with your friends, that you've never done: All
American Girl

So what will or is your true love like? When I Grow Up-Pussycat Dolls

What does he/she think of you? I Wanna Be Like You-Jonas Brothers

What do you guys like to do? 7:05-Jonas Brothers

What will everybody be saying at your wedding? Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis (awh)

What will your honeymoon be like? Girls Just Wanna Have Fun-Miley Cyrus (sorry baby

Any kids in your future? Supergirl-Miley Cyrus

Describe the love you share: Make Some Noise-Hannah Montana


your job: A Place In This World-Taylor Swift

your car: The Way I Loved You-Taylor Swift

your house: Single Ladies(Put a Ring on It)-Beyonce

your family: See You Again-Miley Cyrus (LOL)

your next vacation: Crush-David Archuleta

the sky: Love Story-Taylor Swift

flowers: I'll Never Get Over You-Selena Gomez

riding the subway: Hey Stephen-Taylor Swift

walking down a dark alley: Please Dpn't Stop the Music-Rihanna

waking up early in the morning: Goodbye-Kristina Debarge

stubbing your toe on the door	: Jump-Flo-Rida,Nelly Furtardo (OMG LOL)


What quote will you be remembered for? Let it Go-Mitchell Musso and Tiffany Thortan
What does the bumper sticker on your car say? The Sweet Escape-Gwen Stefani and Akon

What is the first thing you say in the morning? Everyday-Zac Efron and Vanessa

What is the last thing you say at night? Mixed Up-Hannah Montana

What are the words that you are just waiting to say to the world? Leave (Get Out)-
JoJo (lol)
To your true love? Please Be Mine-Jonas Brothers (wow)

What will your gravestone say? One in a Million-Hannah Montana

What are you thinking? Breakout-Miley Cyrus

What do you want to say to your enemy? Fifteen-Taylor Swift

What do you want to say to your parents? When I Look at You-Miley Cyrus

What do you want to say to your siblings? Check Up On It-Beyonce

What do you want to say to your cousins? Stick to the Status Quo- HSM Cast

What do you want to say to your neighbors? Gotta Be Somebody-Nickelback

What do you want to say to your aunts? With You-Jessica Simpson

What do you want to say to your uncles? Start of Something New-Zac Efron and Vanessa

What do you want to say to your grandmas? So What-Pink (I'M NOT RUDE!)

What do you want to say to your grandpas? True Friend-Hannah Montana (lol)

What do you want to say to your ancestors? Obsessed-Hannah Montana

What do you want to say to your descendants? Gift of a Friend-Demi Lovato

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