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Wishes Chapter 15Category: Wishes
Saturday, 24 October 2009
06:42:18 PM (GMT)
You probably saw this coming...

3,671 words.

Ereya Chloris, a seventeen year old girl from Galia, a small town dreams of exploring
the realm she lives on, Teruma. But, because of her curiosity, she ends up getting
her wish the wrong way. Now, she's off to explore the whole of Lire. And to the
vanquished golden city of Iona.

The house was huge, like a miniature version of a palace. However, it felt mysterious
and forbidding like it's trying to shoo us away. With those kind of walls, it was
like a living monster.

Yana was quiet, almost as solemn as the house but a bit more comforting. We didn't
bear a single word, and tried to make the least amount of noise as possible. All I
could hear was the shuffling of our feet, echoing with a bizarre tone. The steps were
cold marble, although I couldn't feel the freeze behind my boots. Yana told us that
we didn't have to take our shoes off.

Peculiar, as this house seemed the last house to not take our shoes off in. But I
didn't argue. It felt just not to.

After a couple of criss-crossed corridors, we finally found ourselves in a room. It
was dazzling, more impressive than what Irene's room looked like. In the middle of it
all, was an inferior-looking woman. I knew in an instance she was Sonia. Her eyes
showed tragedy yet hope. It was a mixed feeling. Hard to bear, since I knew how it

I laid down Irene's drawing on the wooden table that was set next to her rocking

"Thank you." Her words came out of her mouth so quickly I wouldn't be able to tell if
she said anything if I hadn't looked up.

"It was our pleasure." Destiny answered for me. Bloom was still looking, obviously
impressed with the artwork and drawings plastered on the walls.

I scooted back between my sister and my tutor. Sonia looked at her artwork then I saw
her eyes glance towards her immobilized arms. "Each of them holds a meaning."

Bloom stopped staring and focused on the woman before us. First so inferior, now so
imperious. "Not just to me, but for the people I have showed. Maybe different for
each, but it holds a meaning."

"Each piece of artwork. A painting, a drawing, a story. No matter how small or huge -
it holds a valuable lesson inside. My parents, who were artists once, told me so.
Each of my paintings, each fragment of an artwork I place onto the world, it means
showing a piece of who I am inside. But, in my whole life as a masterpiece-creator, I
have understood something none of my predecessors have understood. Each artwork, each
story doesn't have to be beautiful. It doesn't have to catch the attention of
everyone's blind eyes. No. Every masterpiece doesn't have to look amazing. It doesn't
have to dazzle those around it. The masterpieces come alive, is not perfect. However,
the most essential of it all is not what it seems like. The most bedazzling is not if
it is overly popular. The most beautiful is not those who holds flawless beauty. Each
masterpiece holds a meaning behind its images, behind its words. Each meaning you
will remember for the rest of your mortal life. Each life has encountered a
masterpiece, but many cease to understand what it is."

"Every story is not valuable because they have exceedingly perfect characters, or a
beautiful setting to match it. A story becomes powerful when it affects those who
read it with its words. And the hidden meaning behind those words. Because of course,
a story proves completely worthless if they show no value in life for the people who
sees it."

We were all frozen. Even Yana. Sonia's words seemed more important than any empress.
But the still-shock wasn't over just yet. Because what she asked us next, struck me
like a powerful thunderbolt.

"And you, I can see. Your story proves more powerful than any I have ever seen."

Imperfect as I may be, I perfected to understand those words. I understood as easily
as my heart beat. That each masterpiece is not actually one who holds the seer
captivated. It is one that will tell the seer the greater values in life, than what
they seem to see. Because something isn't valuable if it has no value. And as long as
something has a great value in life, it is always a masterpiece.

Maybe words were also masterpieces. Even a child's words. Because what Sonia said, it
touched my heart. I felt this feeling before. It was a feeling that always happens
when something captivated me. Held me prisoner, because of it. I knew then, that I'd
keep Sonia's words in my heart until the end. Mother had always said, "The necessary
things you keep in your head. The most precious, in your heart. Don't you forget that

I'd shake it off, like a fly that meant nothing to me. Lectures were dull for me.
However, Mother's words spoke to me as easily as Sonia's words came out of her

Sonia looked at me, her eyes helplessly searching for something. Her heart undeniable
wandering. I couldn't help but pity her. For an intelligent and knowing woman, she
did not deserve this excruciating pain. Or the pain she had once felt.

"Scars leave marks. It never heals. Never dies. But it can always soften." Father's
voice spoke out from a distance. I remember it clearly. It was a time when Mother was
teaching me how to sew and scratched my finger through halfway with the pin. It bled
and I cried like my life was being sucked out of me. I was only five then. But it
hurt and I wept and wept embarrassingly.

Looking back on that, I felt wimpy. Easily affected. Weak. But my parents had always
said that with each fail, comes a chance to try again. Each fall is a cause to stand
up even taller. I knew that I would not make the mistake of trying to sew ever again.
I just wasn't made for it.

Glancing around, I could laugh. Everybody was still, breathing yet like realistic
dolls. It felt random that a strange woman would just lecture us out of nowhere and
say those things while shocking her audience. It was funny and serious at the same
time. I didn't know how to explain the situation.

Yana broke the cold silence. "Well, I suppose you want some food." I turned to her,
and again caught that suspicious aura for a moment. She left and I glanced at Sonia.

"You need my help." She spoke to us, immobilized.

"Actually," Bloom looked at my sister and I, "We're just here to deliver that drawing
to you from Irene." Pira looked up. I remembered that she didn't even know who Irene

Sonia nodded. "Irene sent me a message by bird. She has predicted that you need my
help. Which is quite right. Soldiers of every caliber, sentries of every age are
searching for you."

"For what?" Pira frowned, obviously worried and fearful.

Sonia closed her eyes, cringing. "Impersonating a royal princess." She nodded to
Pira. "Fake servants that are called spies." She nodded to the direction of Destiny,
Bloom and I. We winced along with Pira.

"We didn't know it was that serious." Destiny said, put her hand on her forehead.

"Then you do not know Derian rules and regulations. If the queen orders you to be
hunted, everybody follows her. Derians admire her naturally." Sonia explained, giving
a sad little smile.

"Admire? What's to admire? She's just a queen." I shot at her, a single eyebrow

Sonia was looking the drawing, but was speaking to us, "A point I have asked myself
many many years. The answer, however, is not explainable. Maybe it is the fact that
she is the queen. Many men have been trying to impress Queen Nieve ever since the
death of her husband. I know, though, that she has set her sights on her beloved
nephew, Prince Saffron."

I stifled a giggle, but let it out when Bloom and Pira made an unbelievable gasp of

"Um..Shouldn't she count as a pedophile?" Pira questioned Sonia. The old woman
couldn't help but smile along with us. Destiny was still in her normal posture, but a
chuckle had already escaped her lips.

Sonia replied, "She should. But only the close royal family and the guardians know.
Of course, I have observed her closely enough to figure it out."

"Can we please not talk about this?" I interrupted. All eyes looked at me. I pouted.
"What? No one wants to hear about some queen aunt being attracted to her nephew!"

Pira stood up from her seat the instant Yana came in. She carried a huge tray full of
cookies and other pastries. "I have made the rooms ready for you. You may rest as
long as you want."

Sonia nodded to us while being helped up by Yana. "I must rest also. Please, enjoy
your stay."

I sighed and told the others, "Well, I gotta get to sleep. See you guys whenever I
wake up." I followed Yana and Sonia, glimpsing peculiar glances from my companions.

Yana smiled at me and opened a door for me. I thanked her graciously and made my way
onto the bed. The room was simple, with no fancy designs. Exactly what I wanted. I
placed my pack down on the floor, right next to the bedside. Yawning, I climbed on
the bed and slept, the covers in front of my eyes. No shade of Derian sun reached my
eyes and I fell asleep the moment I closed my eyes.


I woke up, the darkness blending into my surroundings completely. I fumbled for a
candle and a match which were in the topmost drawer. After minutes, my candle was lit
and I took it with me and went out the door. Exiting, I nearly crashed into Bloom who
had a candle of her own.

She yelped loudly and laughed when she realized it was only me.

"Hey." I greeted her, and yawned. She crinkled her nose, and said, "Looks like
someone needs to get their teeth brushed."

I bit my lip and smiled apologetically. We went through the corridors, and found
ourselves standing amidst unfinished paintings and drawings. They hung on the wall
pitifully, some painted but wasn't finished. Some weren't painted at all.

"Well, I've never seen an artist room like this before." Bloom commented knowingly,
her pointer finger to her lips.

"Hm..." I gave a thoughtful nod. It became quiet, just like when we first entered the
house. The silence was overpowering, almost frightening. A crash sounded and we both

Bloom turned and mumbled a spell but it was too late. Five soldiers estimated ran
towards us, and moved so rapidly, they were like blurs. A second later, I felt my
enchantment power trapped and unable to be forced out. They had wrapped our hands
with Power Limiters.

My senior tried breaking it but a blade was pointed at her neck and she stopped. My
eyes widened with confusion and shock. How did they know we were here? Was Sonia in
touch with the queen? No. That can't be. It must have been..Yana. Who else? Twice I
felt suspicion behind her kind image.

We were led down to the living room, where my sister and Pira was held cuffed, fires
in their eyes but is impossible to get out. Yana sat in a corner, innocently looking
at us. Her eyes bored towards us and I felt a coldness stilling my body.

"Let's see, what do we have here?" A familiar singsong voice that I hated so much
called out. Queen Nieve walked inside the room, followed reluctantly by her dogs, I
mean, guardians. Riel, the younger one gaped at Pira who gave him a dagger glare.

Destiny's body shook a bit and so did her voice but she stated forcefully, "We have
committed no serious crime. We demand to be set free. Now." My sister can be as
imperious as a queen, that I knew with my experience.

"If it is of the Queen's orders, no one questions it." Blaine, the older one stated

"Well we do." Bloom said with a strong tone I didn't know she possessed. She glanced
at me, as if questioning what we should do next. I could only send her a terrified
look, with a fragment of worry and helplessness.

"Enough. Captain Friesner, take them away." Nieve commanded, walking out the doorway
without so much of a look to Yana and Sonia.

Yana, looking desperate, clutched at the queen's gown and begged down to her knees,
"Please, Queen Nieve. My son...For these enchanters, my son.." Tears dropped down
from her cheek, and she let them fall to the ground, endlessly like raindrops.

I wasn't familiar with her, and she wasn't the woman we saved a day ago. Maybe the
queen have a fetish for young boys. Scary...

"Never let your filthy hands touch anything of mine." The Queen swept herself away,
while Yana was being led back to the house by Saffron and Aidan.

What an unusual sight. A queen and two princes in one day. That was too much for me
to handle. I sighed and Captain Friesner, tall and muscular pushed me to walk on.

"Sir, you can't do this. You know we're innocent. Shouldn't you be fighting for
justice and fairness?" I tried to reason with him, but he shook his head and muttered
to some sentries something I could not hear.

"What have we done wrong? Please. Don't do this. I'm begging you. You don't
understand." Pira pleaded to her brother Aidan, who just stared at her in disbelief.
However, he turned his back just as the captain.

We reached a familiar part of the castle. That's right. It was were I had the
sparring contest with Saffron. But they pushed us towards another part, a dark
stairway going down the deepest part. It was the dungeon. I've always imagined
dungeons and those dark branded cells. But chills had always ran down my spine and I
held my thoughts in place.

Chills again went down my back, only worse than ever. It was frightening, just even
the slightest presence of it. Even Captain Friesner shook a bit as we went deeper and
deeper, the light fading and being replaced by utter darkness. Silent, mysterious,
and frozen darkness.

They threw us to different cells, all musty with a smell of rotten blood. The captain
uttered a spell and a force-field surrounded each one. A Power Limiter again. I
closed my eyes, regret filling me and sadness entered me. Though I longed for joy to
come back, it was forgotten by my being.

All hope of finishing my quest disappeared. Faye's mirror was in my pack. They would
destroy it, I knew so. Everything else was in there. I had only my clothes, Raine's
pendant and Talia's anklet. I closed my eyes and cried and cried. The sentries threw
me pitiful glances but I didn't care. I felt weak and incapable. A feeling that I
never wanted to feel again.

"What are we going to do?" I could tell Pira had been crying also. Her voice was
hoarse and raspy, and sniffed continuously.

"I have no idea anymore." Destiny's voice shook, coldness sweeping through her body.

"If only we had some sort of dispel spell. We need the book..." Bloom suggested,
coughing, her voice sounding muffled even though she was only five feet away, blocked
by a sturdy wall of marble.

"Maybe we could just guess. We don't necessarily need the book." I told them,
suggesting an idiotic idea and trying to make the moods lighten up a tiny bit.

"Keh," Destiny gave a mocking chuckle, "You never need books. You haven't even read
any. Not a single one."

"For real? But you don't seem that stupid.." Pira sounded thoughtful from her own
tiny cell, her voice echoing through the silent dungeon.

"I'm not. And for the record, I have read a book. At least one." I defended myself,
ignoring the taunts.

"Which one is it? A is for Apple?" Bloom teased. The other two heartily laughed at
the comment. I rolled my eyes and slumped my back against the wall. The cold pressed
through the fabric of my clothing and ironed itself on my skin. Shivers ran through
me and goosebumps crowded my arm.

I moved away from the freezing surface and held one of the many iron bars that was
barricading my freedom and answered, "Not even close. It's called A Fallen Wish.
Written by Lira Yoana." It was fascinating compared to the tetxbooks I was required
to carry each day.

I could tell the others were giving telepathic comments of disbelief because my
sister interrogated me, "Oh really? What's it about? Where'd you find it? When was it
written?" I raised my eyebrow but knew this was coming. Many people doubt what I say
I do. I'm an infamous sneak that was well known all throughout my over-populated
minuscule town.

"The story starts with a three year old girl, Reanne Melody Tilane. Her mother died
of an unknown sickness when she was only one, and she became independent from her
family because she never knew her mother as much as her elder siblings did. Reanne
knew not to ask any questions about her dead mother to her father, who would give her
a spanking due to the remembered pain. As each year passes, Reanne became more
depressed and started being a loner. She was the most silent in her classes, the one
nobody remembers. Her mother was a beloved singer in her town, thus the last child,
Reanne got the middle name, Melody. Everyone in the town was exasperatingly upset
about the death of Reanne's mother. Day by day, Reanne prays to acquire information
of her late mother until the will just exploded. Telling no one, she left town,
concluding that nobody would notice her absence. She headed for the woods, trying to
find the fairy that will grant her fallen wish. Only one thing, however, is standing
in her way. Fairies didn't exist. Or did they?" I cut it off, making sure that the
suspense was still lingering.

"Some life..." Pira commented, sniffing.

"You would think, huh?" I replied, stifling a strong yawn. The cold air that was
circulating the room, along with the icy interior just wanted me to curl up and sleep
my whole life. Was that a mechanism Nieve had placed in the dungeon purposely?

A chuckle emanated from the third cell. "In a way, she reminds me of Ereya. Just as
impulsive, don't you think?"

"But Ereya's not as selfish. And coming from the kid's own roommate, that's saying a
lot." Bloom spoke knowingly.

"Mind explaining?" I hoped my voice sounded threatening. However, only laughter met

"Hm. Let's see," My senior paused for a moment, before continuing, "For Reanne, she's
granting only her own wish. But, for us - we're not just granting our own. Everyone's
fallen wishes will come true if we succeed."

I thought about that for a moment. What an instant revelation! It hit me hard yet
surged a proud and joyful feeling inside me, contrasting the outer side of my body
which was to the point of freezing. I breathed a puff of air, and a smoky wind
appeared, making my eyesight blurry. I realized then how tired I was, even though I
just took a nap a couple of hours ago.

Light flooded in a moment later and I saw the door open, then close seconds later. A
short sentry entered, carrying a lit lantern; I hungered for it's heat the minute I
saw it. He was carrying a large tray with a small serving of food. I took one good
look at it and decided not to eat it. My old spirit came back after the parade of
tiring experiences. I wouldn't trust the Derians. They were all controlled by their
idiotic Queen Nieve.

The soldier had his face covered but removed the clothing. It wasn't a he. It was a
she. And the she was Stella. Her beautiful golden locks, shone from the lantern. A
heavy drift scattered them, but they came back down. The teenage Derian princess was
solemn, her face emotionless like it was frozen by the desert winds.

However, from her mouth came a strong tone of a voice that said, "I promise you, not
as the princess but as your friend, I will find a way to let you out." And I could
see the resemblance of her and her twin sister I have failed to see before. Inside of
that soft princess body, covered by gowns of silk is a fiery spirit, never to

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