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Me Working On That Set? No Way! (Short Story)Category: short stories
Saturday, 24 October 2009
11:49:43 AM (GMT)
I hope you like it!

        I walked down the studio. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was on the set
for the new movie, Peace Love and Happiness. I just couldn’t believe it. I mean
just yesterday I was a normal 16 year old girl with straight dirty blond hair that
goes to my shoulders and lived in a small city in IL. Well, before I go on I should
back up to where I just turned 16.
	“Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to dear Crystal!
Happy birthday to you!” signed everyone that was at my sweet 16. I blew out the
	“Oh, Crystal before I cut the cake you got to come outside,” said my mom.
	“But Mrs. Reed we were just about to eat the awesome cake you made!” yelled my
friend Josh. 
	“Oh, but I think you can wait,” said my mom. I got up from my chair and walk out
the door only to find a blue car sitting there.
	“Oh, mom! This is wonder!!!” I yell.
	“I knew you would like it!”
	“I don’t like it…I love it!” My mom laughs at the joke. 
	“Sweetie, you got to know something though…”
	“What? That we are moving? Because I so do not want to move!”
	“No…your dad paid for it.”
	“What? The dad who doesn’t even pay child support!” My mom just nods. 
	“He got a new job…and he felt really bad.”
	“Well, good thing I just got my drivers licenses today!” My mom laughs again.
	“Mrs. Reed…let’s cut the cake now!” yells someone inside. Then my step dad
walks outside.
	“Listen Crystal…I hope you have a good time, because I have to go…you know
work calls,” said my step dad. 
	“Bye!” I see him drive away while we go back inside, and sit down to eat. Then I
open my presents. I got a lot of clothes, and a new cell phone from my mom. That day
seemed so happy. Then it got worst. After a week from my birthday, my mom got well
kind of sad. I felt really bad for her, and even asked what was wrong. She would say
nothing. Then one night while I was sleeping in our over sized house I heard my mom
and step dad arguing. Then bang! My mom got a divorce from him, and we had to move
again. Luckily it was only down the street at the poor side of the neighborhood. My
mom had found a job, but it wasn’t good enough to pay for the house. I decided I
needed a job, so I could be by my friends. Yes, at 16 and two weeks, I started
	“Wait? So you can’t hang out on weekdays, and only half of the day on
weekends?” asked my friend, Anna.
	“Yep,” I said.
	“So where are you working?”
	“At the lemonade stand in the mall.”
	“That place?”
	“Yeah, it pays me 10 bucks an hour.”
	“That is pretty good.”
	“Yep, I know.”
	“So, I guess we will see you in school and on the weekends.”
	Okay, at that point I whished I hadn’t done this. I mean I just wanted to stay
with my friends, but I could always call them that are if our phones don’t get
taken away. My mom said that it was great me wanting to help, but I didn’t have to.

	I started working at the mall. I kept my grades up at school, too. I even talked
with my friends, and saw movies with them, too. They were the best! They even paid
for my ticket. I mean I felt bad, but they said it was their treat to me. Then bang!
Yes, again another surprised hit me. It was a Saturday, and I didn’t have to go to
work for a couple of hours. My friends and I were at the mall sitting at the café.
	“Okay, Crystal get all of us our smoothies!” said Anna.
	“Oh, it’s my turn again?”
	“No, but if you do I will pay for yours,” said my other friend, Chloe.
	“Fine,” I said while taking the money from my friends. Then I got in line. The
line was really long, and only one person was working there. Then a couple people got
behind me. There was this one boy right behind me, and he started talking to me.
	“Do you think I will get one before one?” asked the boy. He looked like my age.
He had blond hair, and kind of long, but not that long. He looked so familiar, but
yet I couldn’t think where I have seen him.
	“Don’t know…it also looks like she doesn’t know what she is doing.” Then,
30 minutes pass by, and by now I need to be at work in an hour. My friends come up.
	“What is taking so long?” asked Anna.
	“Don’t know!” I said.
	“Maybe you should work here,” said the boy behind me. Normally I would not care,
but that is not nice.
	“That’s not nice!” I said.
	“Well, I am just saying. You girls don’t look like you worked a day in your
	“If only you knew,” said Chloe. I gave her a look.
	“So wait. You guys are telling me you guys work…some how I can’t see that
	“Oh, we don’t work, but Crystal does,” said Anna while pointing to me. I gave
her a look, too. 
	“Speaking of my work I better go,” I said while getting out of line. 
	“But you still have an hour!” said Anna.
	“Yeah, an hour to walk over there,” I said.
	“Just down the hall,” said Chloe.
	“Fine, but if I am late I am blaming you two.”
	“Don’t worry this line isn’t going to take that long,” said my friend,
Rachel, who doesn’t talk much.
	“Huh?” I said. 
	“Look around you…people walking…people in line...”
	“Get to the point!” we all yelled.
	“Sam Cooper!” yelled Rachel. I gave her a look, and then everyone looked to us.
Rachel pointed to the boy behind us. Then every girl ran over there! It was like a
mad house. Then I saw his people run over there. I started to laugh, and walked right
up to the counter. 
	“Sorry, but we are closed!” said the girl behind the counter and ran over to
where Same Cooper was. 
	“Aw! Come on just because he is famous doesn’t mean you have to close!” I
	“Well, maybe you don’t have to work either,” said Anna.
	“Yeah, right,” I said. We then walked to my work. I saw that there was no note
from my boss. I decided to just start. I mean I had nothing better to do.
	“We are going to see him!” said all my friends while running back where he was.
I sat there thinking why would a famous actor be here, and then I heard the phone
ring. I had to answer it, because there was nobody else.
	“Hello, this is the lemonade stand in Westchester Mall…how may I help you?” I
said in the phone. 
	“What are you doing working? You need to get Sam Cooper to try the lemonade!”
said my boss.
	“Or you are fired!” Then she hung up on me. I really didn’t want to go there!
How could get a famous actor to drink the lemonade? It wasn’t even good lemonade.
It had too much of lemon taste, and not enough sugar. I decided to grab a small for
him, and filled it up. Then I walked to where everyone was trying to get things
signed by him. I walked up there.
	“Hey!” I said to Anna.
	“Oh, good you don’t have to work!”
	“No, I have to…this is part of my job.”
	“Huh?” said Chloe.
	“I have to make him drink this,” I said while pointing to the lemonade.
	“He won’t drink that!” said Rachel.
	“How do you know?”
	“His lest favorite drink is lemonade…and his favorite is strawberry
	“Is that what he is drinking right now?” asked Anna.
	“Yep,” said Rachel.
	“Great…what am I suppose to do? Shove this in his face?” I asked.
	“You could…” said Chloe.
	“Then I would lose my job! Wait…I would lose it if I don’t make him drink it
	“Really?” asked Anna.
	“It’s not something to be proud of!” I said.
	“I know…”
	“Come on girls…lets get a T-shirt, so he could sign that, because I don’t want
this shirt to get messy,” said Chloe.
	“Fine…I will come, too,” I said while walking to the nearest clothes shop. We
all got white t-shirts. 
	“Great…this lemonade is getting warm…I might have to get a new one,” I
	“Run back, and we will meet you at the line,” said Anna.
	“Good idea!” I said while running back to the lemonade stand. I turned the
corner fast, and then bam! I could smell strawberries, and I felt something wet on my
t-shirt. I looked down, and then I looked to the person I just ran into…Sam
	“What did you just do!?” I yelled.
	“It wasn’t my fault!” he yelled back.
	“Really? Then who is it?”
	“You turned the corner a little too fast!”
	“So did you!”
	“Well, now I have this sticky lemonade crap on me!”
	“So? I have strawberry smoothie on my new t-shirt!” Then I heard someone laugh
behind me. I turned around to find my friends starring at me, and lot of people, too.

	“Well, I hope that counts as making you drink that!” I yelled. Then my phone
started to ring. 
	“Got to go!” I heard Sam Cooper say, and he ran off with his people running
after him. I answered my phone.
	“YOU ARE FIRED!” Then the line went dead. I couldn’t believe my ears. I was
just working for a couple of days, and I already lost my job. I went home all sad,
and droopy like. My mom noticed me right away. 
	“Wow! I can’t believe I saw my daughter on the news!” yelled my mom.
	“Huh?” I asked, because I had no idea what she was talking about.
	“Oh, come on! Everyone in the world most of seen the look on your face with the
smoothie on your new shirt, and let me tell you it was funny!”
	“Oh, that!”
	“Well, why are you so down then?” I told her everything that happened from the
beginning. She said it would be okay, and that she got a raised. I felt really happy
for her, but still felt as well she put it, down. 
	The next morning was going to be great. I was going to go to the park with my
friends on a picnic. A phone call woke me up, though.
	“Hello?” I answered it.
	“Crystal! Where are you? We are already at the park!” said Anna.
	“Opps! I will be right there! Okay?”
	“Okay!” Then we said good bye. I got dressed then I ran to my car, and hopped
in. I drove towards the park, and parked at the park. Then I ran to where she said we
were going to be.
	“Hey!” I said to Anna, Chloe, and Rachel. “Where are the others?”
	“Left…wait…do you even know what time it is?” said Anna.
	“Um…no,” I said.
	“Well, it is one o’clock, and everyone but us had to leave by then,” said
	“And plus you were suppose to be here at 11,” finished Anna.
	“Guys, I am sorry, but I had a hard time sleeping.”
	“Really? Then you could have at least called us, and told us that you would be
late!” yelled Rachel. I knew she was mad. When she started yelling that meant she
was mad. “Now that I think of it…maybe I should go, before I blow my head off.”
I laughed at that joke.
	“Aw…come on! You can’t possibility blow your head off!” I said. Rachel
laughed, and so did everyone else.
	“Okay, fine you are forgiven,” said Rachel.
	“Yes!” I heard more laughter.
	“Guess who I got a call from last night!” asked Anna.
	“No clue,” I said.
	“Well, fine. I will give you three hints. 1. He doesn’t go to our school…”
started Anna.
	“That guy that is from your neighborhood that you have been talking about for like
the past year?” said Rachel.
	“How did you know?” asked Anna, but we all knew the answer. She is just that
good. “Anyways, he asked if I was busy tonight, and well I said of course not! Then
he asked me if I wanted to go to the movies…”
	“Then you said yes!” I screamed.
	“Yeah!” Then we were interrupted by a phone call. 
	“Is that mine?” I said.
	“Yes!” said all three of them.
	“Hi, sweetie! Guess what! You need to come home right now!” my mom said.
	“Okay…” I said, and then she hung up on me. I said good bye to my friends and
drove home. I thought about why she needed me home. I mean I wasn’t in trouble,
because she sounded way too happy. She sounded like she just won the lottery. I got
home, and saw a car in the drive way. I wonder who it could be. I walked through the
door, and heard people talking in the dinning room. I walked towards the voices. 
	“Oh, Crystal you scared me!” said my mom jumping up from a chair. Then I saw
them. I saw two guys seating on the couch wearing black suites. 
	“Mom what are they doing here?” I asked while pointing to them.
	“Oh! They want you to be on the movie…Peace, Love, and Happiness,” said my
mom. My mom told me about how it would be great if I went, and that it would be a
great experience for me. I finally told her I would do it. 
	The next thing I knew I was going on a plane to Hollywood. I was scared, because why
would they pick me? I mean I am just a normal girl, that isn’t really special what
so ever. Anyways, so here I am sitting on this plane in the first class area. Then
this girl that looks about my age sits next to me.
	“Hi…my name is Danielle,” said the girl who sat next to me.
	“Hi! I am Crystal,” I said.
	“I like that name.”
	“Thanks, but after a while you really don’t like it. Trust me!”
	“Well, I could trade names with you any day!”
	“Yeah, that could be fun…”
	“Please, just answer!”
	“Sorry, but I can’t do it today…I have….to go to a movie thing…and stuff.
	”Oh, so you are going to be an actress?”
	“Well, yeah I guess you can put it that way.” Danielle laughed at that. Then she
pulled out a pen. 
	“Do you have a piece of paper?”
	“Sorry, but I don’t.”
	“Fine…then…just give me your hand.” I did, and she wrote down her number. 
	“I got to go before they notice I am out of my seat. Bye!”
	“Bye!” Then I looked at the number. Then I realized she looked familiar. She
looked a lot like Tom Cooper. Yep, the dad of Sam Cooper. Then I remembered that she
never gave me her last name. That was weird, but I decided that I would call her
maybe in a few days. Then before, I knew it my plane has landed in Hollywood. I
stepped out, and was rushed to a limo, before I could do anything else. Then I was
off to the set of Peace, Love, and Happiness. I got out of the limo, but before I
could even look around. Something went plop, right on my shoulder. Crap! A bird just
pooped on me. Well, hurray for the first day of my actress! I yell at the driver who
is starting to laugh now.
	“How would you feel if a bird pooped on you?”
	“Well, a bird would never poo on me.”
	“Oh, yeah, just wait.” Then plop, right on the drivers head. I started to laugh.
Then he laughed. 
	“Wait! How am I supposed to get this off?” I asked.
	“Just, go to the bathroom, right over there, and then come back here to the limo,
so you can meet people.”
	“Thanks!” I yelled while running to the bathroom to clean my shirt. I got the
shirt wet, and then grabbed some soap, and washed out the bird poo. See now that is
what I get when I am wearing my best shirt. It was blue, just plain blue. It was
going to be a little wet, but I didn’t mind. I would rather it be wet than have
bird poop on it. I went to the limo, and the driver was still standing there with
bird poo on him. 
	“Right this why…Miss…” started the driver waiting for me to say my last
name. I had my mom’s maiden name.
	“Smith,” I said telling him my last name. 
	“Follow me.” I followed him into a fake school. We went down this really long
hall way, until we can to the last classroom on the left. 
	“Have fun!” said the driver while opening the door. I walked through, and heard
the door shut behind me. 
	“Hello,” said the guy in the teacher’s chair, at the front of the class.
“Have a seat.” I looked around the classroom and chose to sit close to him, but
not too close. Right then I was staring at him. He had light blond hair…almost
white. He also had bright green eyes, and a huge nose. “You must be Crystal Smith,
nice to meet you.” While he talked I noticed he had bright white teeth that was
straight has can be. “My name is Ryan Davis, but just call me Ryan. Anyways, since
you are a new actress you need to follow whatever we tell you. I mean you can make a
few suggestions, but if we don’t like you drop it. Okay?”
	“Okay,” I said.
	“Now let’s get down into business. Tomorrow you will be practicing with the
whole cast with your script of course. Then you will get fitted. The next day,
Tuesday, you will practice once again last time with a script. This is the time you
add facial expression. Wednesday you will be practicing on the set without a script.
Now this is the time that we add hand signals. Thursday, you will be doing the same
thing again. Friday, is the day that we go through the first few scenes with
costumes. Saturday and Sunday you have the day off, but you may want to look at the
script. Monday is a new day, and I really don’t want to talk about it. Do you
understand me?”
	“Yes,” I said. 
	“Here is the script…and here is your little calendar of the week. You may
	“Thanks!” I sad grabbing the stuff and heading out the door. 
	“Oh, and make sure you know that script like you wrote it!
	“’Kay!” I walked right out the door, and flipped to the last page. It was 200
pages long!
	“Miss Smith?” asked the driver. “I don’t think we met really. Mean I know
your name, but you don’t know mine.”
	“Yeah, I was thinking the same thing, too,” I lied.
	“My name is Mike Bloom, but just call me Mike.”
	“What is up with just first names?” Mike laughed.
	“Welcome to Hollywood.” I had to smile at that. Then he got a call on his cell
phone. He answered it, and talked for a little. “Miss Smith?”
	“Oh, please just call me Crystal.”
	“Crystal we have to drive home…I mean to your hotel.”
	“’Kay!” I said, and followed the driver I mean Mike. He drove me to the nicest
hotel I ever stayed at. Then bang! I had to meet a new person.
	“Hello, Maggie,” said Mike. 
	“Hello, Mike,” said Maggie. Mike turned to me.
	“This is Maggie. She will be like your nanny for the next few months.”
	“’Kay!” I said. Then Mike said he had to go, so I was with Maggie. Maggie had
dark brown hair almost black. She had light blue eyes though, and she had the biggest
smile I have ever seen. She showed me our hotel room. Then she told me the rules, and
she went to bed. I wouldn’t blame her. It was already midnight. I got ready for
bed, and then fell fast asleep.
	“Get up!” yelled Maggie.
	“Huh? But it is only eight,” I said.
	“Yeah, and you were suppose to be there at seven.” Well, once she said that I
was running around doing this and that. Finally, I got to the set at nine o’clock.
I ran into the classroom we were going to practice in. 
	“Sorry! I had an epic morning.” I said, and heard laughter. “What?”
	“Just have a seat,” said Ryan, but I couldn’t sit down. I had a point to
	“I have a few rules. One everyone most be here for practice. Two I have to know
everyone,” I said. Then I noticed a small camera move. Some one was watching.
	“Well, you are not alone there. Now take a seat there.” He pointed to the second
chair. No one was sitting in the first one. That was strange; because Mike told me
every chair was suppose to be filled. I met everyone, and learned what character they
would be playing. Then Ryan said something that got me thinking. 
	“Now since Ned the character in the movie couldn’t make it we can all just go
	I was happy about that. I just got in the limo, and then my cell phone rang. I
didn’t know the number, but decided to answer it anyways.
	“Hello?” I said.
	“Crystal?” said a deep voice.
	“Who is this?” I asked. I heard a little laugh.
	“It’s been that long? You can’t even remember me?”
	“Yep, you got that right.” Then we talked for a little whi

‹♥♥♥_Mint_kitten_♥♥♥› says:   24 October 2009   754695  
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   24 October 2009   964837  

Very funny...
Danielle10 says:   24 October 2009   551735  
The story got cut off, you know. Apparently, Kupika diaries has a
maximum of letters. ^^;
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says :   24 October 2009   762727  
I knew that would happen. And thanks!


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