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Friday, 16 October 2009
07:11:17 PM (GMT)
i hate lunch. you guys are so retarded you make everything about sex things that
have nothing to do with any sexual you always spin it to be perverted it's so
immature and i can't stand you guys when you do that. and you bring up stupid shit
and insert it into the conversation. "do you have a pen?" WTF that still is bothering
me cuz it was so unnecessary just absolutely uncalled for and it wasn't even a sexual
question it was so normal but you said it in the way that you meant penis and then
giggled when the alex and nick responded to you.
you guys get pissed when people make sexual advances like john and cheese and MIGUEL
but all you ever talk about is sex so what do you think they're going to do? you're
sending out the message that you want attention and then you're pissed when you get
it. especially lindsay! she's fucking ridiculous when it comes to that like with
Jerry and John, then she gets so mad and upset when people respond to the signals
she's sending out. newsflash babe, you're cute! okay?! people want to get with you.
and you say and do things that send the message that you want them to act like that.
and then you say you don't do that kind of stuff and you're mad that people treat you
like that...GSBNJTKSDBNGK! STOP TALKING ABOUT RAPE! somebody pokes you in the stomach
and you say they raped you. NO THEY DIDN'T. you don't know the first thing about
rape! I DO! you go and lean all over john and shit and he LOOKS at you and you freak
out. that makes me so mad..
the guy you're "going out with" flashes you over webcam and you described it as rape.
and no, i don't want to know how weird Miguel's penis looks. i don't want to know
ANYTHING AT ALL about ANYTHING under Miguel's clothes. XD. ahhhh lol. anyway....
Alec, when did you become an asshole?
Alex......you smell nice.
Mirica, you're so frikin weird and it's nice that you're like that. 
i tried to end this on a good note.
i love you all, i just get ticked off at lunch.
UGHUGH. okay. i'm glad i said that and i know some of you will be mad at me but
that's fine, cuz i'm being honest.

‹Nicolle;;Til we see the sunlight› says:   16 October 2009   978948  
this is an intertaning read.
PS: miguel and i broke up 
PSS: your 1st paragraph is amazing

and as much as your going to think this is lie, but i kind of agree.
We have to go through the whole freakin thing every lunch and now its
like, hey its funny but its getting old so shut up.
‹AudioWhore› says:   16 October 2009   161556  

and i know, i was there.

i don't think it's a lie i don't think anybody can put up with all
that shit every single day. i'm so glad it's the weekend.
shawnman says :   16 October 2009   341328  

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