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Thursday, 10 September 2009
04:21:48 AM (GMT)
We had exams on the 8th, 9th and today (10th) and I'm so glad it's over...for now.

The day before yesterday, I almost missed the school bus. We were cleaning the
classroom and I just had to escape from my group mates and walked as fast as I
could to get to the door quick. While on my way, my friend Hikaru and two other girls
were mopping the floor on the hallway. I decided that I'll just walk behind them and
not get past them because I thought it would be rude to disturb their cleaning. XD

But then, Hikaru noticed me and let me pass through. :P I thanked her and walked fast
again until I reached the door and rode the bus. The moment I entered the bus, the 4
o'clock bell was already over and the bus started moving. I'm so thankful that I got
in on time. >_<

The next day, I told Hikaru about it on Art class. While I was speaking, I used the
wrong word and it turned out like this:

"Hikka no okage de, kou...toottekurete, basu ni ma ni awanakatta."

"Thanks to you (Hikka), for letting me pass through, I didn't get it in

And she was like..."ahh, motto jyama sureba yokatta ne!?" ("oh, it would've been
better if I had gotten on your way more, ne?!") We ROFL'D and I told her that I just
used the wrong word. @_@
- - - - - - -
Today, I forgot to bring my Math notebook, workbook and file. And today was
"checking" day. (The teacher will check your notebook and stuff) This is also the
second time I've forgotten it. T_T So, I went to my teacher's office and told her
about it. She was like "suugaku de 100 ten tottara yurushite ageru yo~ ^_~ " (If you
score a 100 on a Math test, I'll forgive you~)

Even if I was in the office and in front of a teacher, I couldn't stop laughing. XD I
don't know...I think, she's challenging me or something. When a teacher "challenges"
me like that, I...feel weird. Like, I'll study really hard and try to show them that
I can pull out a high score. :D (I just did last year. :P)

Also, while inside the bus today, my two "kouhai" were being stupid. They said in a
slooow and loooow voooice, "saisho wa gu, janken poi" (First is stone, rock paper
scissors) I can't help but laugh! Wehehehe...

And the results for 4 of the tests on the 8th came out.
English: 98   ^_~
Social Studies: 73   :D
Math: 59  ._.
Japanese: 35   T_T

Science still hasn't come out. And the Math test we took today was suuuper hard!
(Everyone was saying so! :P) When I told that my Dad just a while ago, he said that
tomorrow's breakfast would be that stupid "taki komi gohan" with "kinoko" because of
that. (It's a kind of mushroom...but it's yucky and not tasty like the other one.)

panget says :   23 September 2009   674977  
allo my dear niece!!! i'm so proud about you 'cause you are growing
as a brave woman now.i always imagine what you are look like now? i
really miss you a lot and i hope we can keep in touch through 
KUPIKA.always injoy your life and keep as brave as you are and always
remember that we love you and miss you too much.I love you my dear
niece Natsuko ( mei ) for short.please always be safe.Tita Marissa
named as ( Panget )..he...he...


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