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Negative Stereotyping of Preps...Category: Announcements
Monday, 17 August 2009
11:24:33 AM (GMT)
All throughout the media today, you'll see negative stereotyping of emos, goths,
punks, nonconformists and druggies.  I'll admit I'm guilty of some of these offences,
too (although I still can't see a positive side of being a druggy!!!!), but that's
not what I'm here to talk about today.  
   Everyone is always saying how "[insert stereotype here] are people, too, you
know!!!!"  It appears that people either love them or hate them, and they're all
anybody ever talks about.  People love to yell and scream and bitch about how mean we
are to people who are simply just emotional,  misguided or confused.  But have any of
these people ever stopped to think that they are treating preppy people the exact
same way?
   Here's what I say to all of you emo/goth/punk/nonconformist/duggy lovers...

   Now, I can see what you're going to say already:  'Preps are mean to me!'  Well,
you know what?  I don't care!  People are mean to preps, too!  Not all preps
are mean, and I happen to know this because five of my very good friends (including
my best friend) are preps, and I am anything but.  They aren't mean to me.  They
aren't bitches.  They don't neccessarily spread rumours, and they don't ALL where
Hollister, Aero, Abercrombie, etc.
   They only difference between me and them is that they care more about how they
look and how people see them than I do.  And sure, maybe they want attention, which
I'll admit is a character flaw, but are you telling me that at least some
emos/punks/goths/nonconformists/druggies aren't just doing it for the attention,
   Here's the facts of life:  Some preps are nice.  Some are not.  Some emos are
nice.  Some are not.  Some punks are nice.  Some are not.  Do you get it?  You can't
just look at a person, see that she's wearing a Hollister shirt, short-shorts and
flip-flops and has her hair straightened and just PRESUME that she's an evil, snobby
bitch!  Hasn't your mother ever told you not to judge a book by it's cover?

   Oh, and don't try to tell me that preps "don't understand your pain."  As people,
preps can experience all sorts of hardships - bad grades, divorce, heartbreak, nasty
rumours about them, body image issues...  In fact, I'd wager a guess that, because a
lot of preps are always in the spotlight at school, they have way more insecurities
about their body than any emo could ever have.  Trust me when I say that pressure to
be perfect is a lot to handle.

   Now I want to address a situation that has been going on with my friends.  Unlike
anyone else enterting the ninth grade, I hang out with pretty much anyone, despite
the way they dress or how good their grades are.  I have two main groups of best
friends, one of whom are preps and the other of whom hates preps.  Presume that one
of my preppy friend's name is Ainsley, and one of my other friend's name is
Bridget... I can't even tell you how many times this exact conversation has played
   Bridget (out of nowhere) - You know, Ainsley's pretty skinny, but she kind
of has a big butt and big hips.  And big thighs.
   Me - Well, she's athletic like me, so here legs are big because they're muscular. 
(I have the same body type as Ainsley, but I know that Bridget would NEVER say
these things about me.)  Bridget - She's really disproportionate!
  Me - Not really...
  Bridget - YES, she is!  I don't know why she thinks she's so pretty and all the
guys like her.  She has the hugest ass ever!
  (At this point I am fuming.  I want to scream that Ainsley is my friend and I
won't have those kinds of things said about her when absolutely none of them are
true!  I want to tell Bridget that maybe Ainsley's bottom half is bigger than her top
half, but at least she doesn't have insanely huge thighs and teeny-tiny,
disproportionate ankles.  Oh, and stubby little baby hands.  Oh yeah, I went

   Now, tell me honestly, if I were to have shown you just this little conversation
and no other background information, how many of you would have thought that it was
Bridget who was the prep and Ainsley who was unpopular?  See!  You just negatively
stereotyped preps!  However, despite the fact that Ainsley is a girl's girl and the
biggest prep you'll ever meet, she was just the innocent victim in this (and many
other) situations.

   So here's the truth... Some preps are mean, I'll admit.  But just like everyone
else, there are two sides to a coin.  A person's attitude has nothing to do with the
clothes they were or who they hang around with or how popular they are.  It's got
evrything to do with what's inside.  Sure, sometimes my preppy friend get on my
nerves, but if they were all bookwormy, deep-thinking eccentrics like me, how boring
would my world be?
   Okay, sometimes they're desperate for attention, but aren't we all?  They just
have a different [okay, admit it: better] way of getting it.  Isn't it true that, at
the end of the day, we all just want to be loved?

Last edited: 17 August 2009

‹SqueeneyTodd› says:   17 August 2009   995935  
I'm actually more comfortable when the attention is on someone else,
but that's just me. 
I know one prep that is really nice. The rest (where I live) are very
annoying. >.>
tiggerlemon101 says:   17 August 2009   719811  
Yeah, but I'm sure it's not because they're preps.
‹Mad♥Hatter♥Love› says:   17 August 2009   196355  
I agree totally with the nice/mean thing. You make great points.

A prep might act like a prep because she wants to accepted by her
family, like one of my old friends. Her mom was a prep, and her mom
was always on her about how to act and what not to wear. So, my friend
did it for acceptance.

There's always two stories to something. And what you see is not
always what you get.
tiggerlemon101 says :   18 August 2009   131419  
Plus, sometimes it's not an act - that's just their personality! 
*Coughcough emos coughcough.*

But you know what?  Reverse negative stereotyping is REALLY common. 
Like, people used to be against blacks, but now everybody hates white
people.  And all of a sudden women no longer want men to open doors
for them because it's "demeaning."  Go figure.

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