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Saturday, 15 August 2009
06:48:05 PM (GMT)
I would've finished this yesterday but sadly an unfortunate event came up, this is mainly just a reply that I wanted to fully explain to you but you left after you sent it. You're against Kupikan Post because you think it's just a place where you have to be accepted into some clique and then bully others just because you want to seem cool. I pretty much disagree with that statement, there has been some people that insult someone randomly and that person has done nothing at all and wasn't trying to offend anybody. But hey, people like that hardly go on, the people there are not as 'terrible' as you say they are. And to be honest, I kind of think that you throw your own ingredients into this 'bad soup' that you call Post. You understand what I mean by that. And about the "Maddison_Pettis" thing, you called it bullying, and you didn't understand that the last thing we need is more fakes on this site. Especially disney ones And no, it was not counted a fantasy account on account of 2 reasons. 1. She stated that she was the real Maddison Pettis, not rping her. When she was in Post she kept saying, "I'm the real Maddison Pettis!" So, no, she wasn't making a fantasy account. 2. Well, here's a few examples that I'd like to give you: This is an rp celebrity account. http://kupika.com/xYUx The proof that the person is just roleplaying is stated. These are fake celebrity accounts that most of us are used to. http://kupika.com/Loco_Hot_Coco http://kupika.com/LocoLicious http://kupika.com/OfficalMileyRayCyrus http://kupika.com/SelenaMarie http://kupika.com/selgomez11 http://kupika.com/Demzey_Lovee Notice how disney-faggotry is this powerful. Really, maybe the people that were 'bullying' these types of people want to stand up and speak against them because they get enough of these idiots on the freakin' television, now the internet? Hell naw. And lastly, Post has it's moments, Porn spam comes but whatever, Anon has Porn spam, fights, and idiots/attention whores. For me Post really isn't that bad and it's one of the things I like about this site, plus FT's just...wow. :/ The only way I'm gonna ever make friends there is if I bring some sob story to the place and use action symbols everytime I write something. Really, people actually blab about how much they cut themselves and how they enjoy it? Even though I bet they don't really do it. And you call Post shit. I'm just saying, I find what you said pretty offensive. *added statement. Alot of times it's also a place where I give links of my drawings and some members post images of their artwork or funny image. :/ So, um, that's the end of my rant/response I guess.
Last edited: 15 August 2009

Oroborus21 says:   15 August 2009   489355  
why does something have to be "offensive" if i have a different
opinion about POST thats all it is. youre acting like its some
personal attack upon you any time i say that POST sucks. As for the
maddison petis thing yesterday it was just a perfect example. it
doesnt matter whether the reasons are "justified" that is that she is
really a fake or not, or whether people feel in the right when they
attack people, it is still an attack. And these kind of mob and gang
attacks occur in POST all the time. At least two or threee or four
people will gang up on someone who even tries to comment in POST if
they arent part of those that are already accepted there. 

you can deny it alll you want but its what occurs so just open your

your saying that POST is a place where you met friends etc. and
therefore its a good place is like a gangmember saying that in their
gang they met their best friends and had good times and some of the
fellow members were there for them and therefore the gang is good

in the end though...hey its just a CHAT room of sorts..another feature
of the current kupika. i check it out sometimes and mostly i avoid it.
I find it annoying that the last post there appears on my home page so
therefore its unavoidable totally and im going to request Hina to
consider removing that part of it so those who want to avoid POST dont
have to read the posts.  but in the end, there's really no reason to
get all worked up about it.....or all worked up if someone you know
like me doesnt care for it much. so what?
‹burblegurm› says:   15 August 2009   375264  
I'm not getting worked up about it, I'm just replying to your
opinion, not trying to attack you or anything. I feel offended because
you call the people who regularly hang out on post just a bunch of
gang members who think they're better than everyone else. Are you
saying that I'm some stuck up kid that bullies others just to seem
cool? I find it as a personal attack and that's just me. 
It might've still been attacking but it was for a reason, they weren't
attacking her because she's new or young, but because she's another
disney fake. Oh like this never happens elsewhere? Fights always
happen, FT, diary entries, everywhere.
You have a very negative experience with Post which generates your
hate with it, admit it.
Fine, if that part gets taken off then okay, you're happy. :/ 
I'm not trying to bash you.
xYUx says:   15 August 2009   265678  
@Oroborus21: I'm all with Mickala on this :x

@AddictedLikeProfanity: As I said to Oroborus21 I'm all with you on
whatever this is going back and forth on post. ALSO I was on another
account of mine when I stumbled upon this and I must say this-

THANK YOU! xD I totally forgot about my roleplay account for Yu so you
reminded me that it was here so yea ;] thanks. 
‹burblegurm› says :   15 August 2009   638258  
Yay! :D Why thank you.
xD No problem Yu.
Keep up the awesome musical work! 8D

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