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Thursday, 6 August 2009
08:37:24 PM (GMT)
Daniel sighed. "I knew you would ask me this one day." 
"Have you?" 
"Yes, Raven, I have." 
"Who was it?" 
"Is, Raven. I'm still in love."
"Okay, who is it?" Daniel stood up and walked over to his bookshelf, stroking the
carved wood. 
"When your father dumped you onto my shoulders, I thought you would be like all the
other playboys." he turned around to face me. "But you have been so much more." 
"Daniel...?" he moved closer, and finally had me against the wall. 
"So much more," he repeated, and I closed my eyes as his lips met my neck. I finally
gained my common sense and pushed him off me. 

He stared, shocked. 
"We can't do this," I whispered. "I'll be cheating on you every day." I slid down the
wall until I was sitting against the molding at the bottom. Daniel siezed my legs and
slowly pulled me down until I was laying on the floor. He climbed onto me, his hazel
eyes staring deeply into mine. 
"Daniel-" he held my face in his hand as he kissed me hard, his lips crushing against
mine. He paused only to pull off my nightshirt, and then his hands made their way to
my back. He undid the clasp on my bra and slipped off my panties. I turned my face
away from him, but out of the corner of my eye I saw him pulling off his pants and
"No-" I gasped, but he slammed into me. I cried out in pain as he pumped in and out,
going faster and harder each time. 
"Stop it! Stop! Please, please-" I sobbed, tears running down my cheeks. 
"STOP! I CAN'T TAKE IT!" I screamed, and Daniel paused. 
"Is my baby Raven hurt?" he said softly, and laid a finger onto my bruised lips.
"Don't tell anyone, or I'll make it much worse next time." he slid out of me and
zipped up his jeans. I got dressed and left his office, shaking uncontrollably. 

The next evening, I slipped into Daniel's office. He looked up and smiled as I stood
in front of him. 
"Are you ready for our session?" he said, and I swallowed. 
"Actually, I wanted to tell you that I'm leaving," I said quietly. Daniel stood up
and rushed over to me. 
"What?" he said in disbelief. 
"I'm leaving." I repeated. Daniel grabbed my shoulders and shook me, hard. 
"You think you can just leave? After all I've done for you? You think just because
you're my favorite means you can just do whatever you want?" he yelled, and gave me
another hard shake. 
"I didn't mean-" I said, tears already making their way down my face. 
"You little bitch!" I punched at his chest, trying to get him off of me. 
"Let me go! Please! I won't leave, I won't!" I cried, and Daniel stopped. 
"Good," he said softly. I wiped my eyes and stared at him. A look of resentment was
on his face. 

"Oh, Raven," he moaned, and sat on the floor, his head in his hands. 
"Why do you hurt me like that?" I choked out, breathing hard. 
"I don't know. I just want to control you forever-I want you to never go. If you
started liking some other man, you might leave me." 
"I'll never leave," I said quietly, and sat down next to him. He looked up and smiled
sadly. I leaned in and kissed him, and he gathered me in his arms. We sat for hours,
laying on the floor and listening to each other's breathing.

I stretched and yawned, and when I looked out Daniel's bedroom window I saw it was
dark and rainy. I shut the curtains and walked back over to the bed. Daniel twitched,
and sat up, yawning loudly. 
"Good morning," I smiled at him. He smiled back. 
"Good morning," he said.

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