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The End of the WorldCategory: (general)
Thursday, 23 July 2009
11:45:54 AM (GMT)
I stood there,watching everything fall.Everything I had worked for.Everything.
"!"i screamed,and ran into the battle.

  I walked to my first class of the day quietly and alone.My bestfriend would have
been there on the first day of school,but she was stupid and made the wrong
choice.The day before,the last day of summer,she went out and partied all day.I had
to watch my brother so I had bow out.It was lucky I did.On her way home she smashed
her little sports car into a minivan,killing herself and the family in that minivan.
  I didnt let it bother me.Heck,nothing ever bothered me.if I saw my boyfriend with
his tongue down another girls throat to get my attention,I'd walk past and ignore
him.Actually,i've done that before. 
  My boyfriend,Damen Loughlin.Sexy,tall,sculpted by the gods...or thats what every
girl thought.All the girls wanted him because they thought he'd be "loyal".The only
way he'd be loyal was if you were screwing him everynight.Which i didnt.I was still a
virgin.But he didnt like that,so he was out with every other girl in the world gettin
it on somewhere.
  I didnt really like Damen,I just dated him because my friend wouldnt let us break
up.But now that she was gone,i could.

  After 2nd hour, Damen walked up to me with some freshmen on his arm.I nodded to
"Damen,we're breaking up,"i said plainly.At first there was shock on his
face,like"how could I break up with HIM.Then he composed himself.
"Ok.i didnt need you anyways,"he said.I turned and started walking off."I can get any
girl i want,Elizabeth!"he called after me.I laughed.I already knew that was true.

  Three days later Damen started following me.I knew he was there,but i never
addressed the problem.It was stupid.But also in those three days a new boy had come
to my school.
  His name was Jeremy McVall.He was more gorgeous then Damen.Jeremy had
long,straight,jet black hair that fell over his shoulders.he was strong looking.He
wore tight black shirts and jeans.I stared at him everytime i walked passed him in
the hallway.He smelled fantastic.I know this because one day he leaned over me to
help me with something.I felt as if i was going to pass out.
  Damen hated Jeremy because he was taking all of his swooning girls away.Something
about Damen.He's says watever he wants wenever he wants.Jeremy was quiet and more
closed off.
  I wanted to thalk to Jeremy so bad,but he never really talked to anyone.And i had
no clue how to start a conversationwith him.

  Then,one day,i got the guts to go speak with him.I got up from my desk and walked
over to him.
"Hi,"i said plainly.

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