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Wednesday, 22 July 2009
07:16:11 AM (GMT)
LMFAO. I LOVE YOU. YEAH, I DON'T KNOW IF I GOT ANYTHING WRONG. I DON'T FEEL LIKE WATCHING IT AGAIN. AND, I'M TIRED. SO JUST UP! h3h3h3. So, I decided to show you assholes my house, because, that's what I'm going to do. I told you all about me, now, I'm going to show you the shit I live in. Sheds. I've slept in that shed, I have. There's nothing, nothing in it. like, hold on, like here. You can see there's clearly nothing in it. Oh, fu they like, locked that. I'll take the side entrance, Here. Like seriously, there's nothing in it. It has this weird ass echo. . . but I don't care. 'Cause like you can see shit and everything. You can, just lay there. I loooove sleeping in this place. . . And then. there's this pebble. You know, pebbles and then like grass! How annoying is that. You just like b-burst in. . outside and are like "I'm gonna look at the grass," and then you have this. Grass, grass, -point- shed, -point- shedsssss. I don't, I don't really like it. But. You know, I live here. Ummmmmm. What else do we have. We have the ghetto porch . . . . and this weird pipe thing. I don't know what it is but I whacked my knee on it like nine times. Uhhhhh. Some ghetto porches, this little ghetto alley way. I pretty much live in the middle of no where. Windows. My fucking house is high. Aw, hell. ugh, I'm probably going to go make a pot of coffee. . . soon. . . 'cause it's cold. . And I keep stepping in mud. There. Is. Mud. All. Over. There. And I'm an idiot, because I just stepped in it. ;-; I am just, reeeally tired thanks to Alex for keeping me up, but, it's, it's okay, because I adjusted my time zones around you now, 'cause the sun. is. not. up. Oh shit, it is up. Uggggh, I just blinded my eyes. Yes, the sun is up as you can see. I just blinded myself. T-that's probably karma but anyway, you can stick karma up your ass— 'cause I have a handicap sign. BAM. handicap sign. I have blue shoes. Bluuue shoes. And everything else is blue. Headband and all. -sigh- I wonder what that's for. -sniff- But. I don't know what to do. Everyone in my house is sleeping, I am the only one up. 'cause they've been stuck in this time zone. They've been sleeping for a good. . I don't even know. But they've been sleeping since about, yesterday. And today is like, Sunday. So I've been up. For almost two days now. See, I have this weird house thingy. It's like an apartment. . . kinda. . . sorttaaaa, but still. I might sit near my tree, but I dunno. Because I'm coldddd. . I need something. I'm just gonna walk around now. I was gonna go in my car but it's probably all dirty 'cause of my mom doesn't know how to clean things. And then, what else do we have. That weird creepy guy in my front lawn I will show you him in like five seconds. Oh yeah, t-that shit is on my hand still. I TOLD YOU IT WAS ON MY HAND, just backwards, because of the mirror the mirror had to— Ahhh, bright sun! seriousl— ahhhh, that's bright. But, anyway. I'll block the sun out of my eyes. See look at this, like look at this guy, he's sooo cool. He's got his helmet, and some weird face thing, and a GUN! I wanted to just, like cut the gun off and run around my house with it, but if I cut it off, it would have the hand. . . dammit. I ruined my own idea. Uhhh, what else is there to do. I wanted to build a tree house there. but my mom said that was a bad idea because I'm fifteen. So. That idea was cut short. I have grass on my -kicks ground- grass on my shoes. Uhhh, here's the car, I already did that like five minutes ago when I tried recording, but I failed like miserably, Duuuuude! I have cheetos in my car, normal people do not have cheetos in their car.
Last edited: 8 August 2009

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