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The ReflectionCategory: stories
Friday, 10 July 2009
05:35:34 PM (GMT)
there was a mirror, a magical mirror it was beautiful it was in a lonely room in a
church no one ever went in there (that often) inside the mirror there was an
imprisoned girl she was beautiful just like the mirror she never aged she looked
about 15 years old she would sit there alone waiting for someone to let her out
before the mirror breaks when the mirror breaks, she dies the mirror slowly cracks
over 100s of years the cracks are still not that bad yet she has a lot of time to go
before it breaks she wonders around in her lifeless demention it's a beautiful
kingdom in the mirror but even though she is the only living creature there she is
scared and alone one day a boy came in he was about the girls age he came just out of
curiosity he noticed the mirror he looked in it at first he saw his reflection and
the reflection of everything else then he started to notice the girl and the kingdom
in the background it became vivid "let me help you" he said he saw tears run down the
girls face and saw the cracks and chips in the mirror she pointed to them and said
"help.... please" the boy didn't know what to do it touched the mirror then the girl
did he came though the mirror then the girl touched the mirror she could not get
though but he could she hugged the boy he held onto her hand and tried to take her
though but he couldn't he went though and got something to repair the cracks and
chips it helped the girls life span by about 300 years the boy came everyday keeping
the girl company "what's your name?" he asked her one day "i do not know...." replied
the girl "i don't have one" she said "i'm Creg" siad Creg "i'll call you Heather"
said Creg "Heather?" said Heather "yeah, Heather i used to have a little sister by
that name but she died from illness 10 years ago...." said Creg "i'm sorry" said
Heather Creg wanted to get Heather out but he had no idea how he knew that if he
didn't she'd die he brought more people to see her so she could have more friends and
he brought little kids from the church and elders and adults all to be her friends
and visit her little girls and little boys made her laugh and smile and they played
together inside the magical kingdom Elders told old stories and conferted her most of
the adults shared jokes and brought happiness and music this church was full of kind
people there was not a mean spirit anywhere in that church they all made Heather
happy but she was the happiest when she saw Creg he was her very first friend Creg
came less and less as he got older focusing on trying to get heather out more than
paying attention to her he would stay in that room and think and write this made
Heather sad one day after the room was getting cleaned after everyone left but Creg
Creg just sat there and thought and wrote Heather cried Creg turned around and wen
inside the mirror and hugged Heather and said "i'm sorry i left you alone...."
Heather hugged him tightly and didn't want to let go she started to seemingly fade as
she sparkled she looked at Creg with sad eyes Creg held her tighter and tighter she
eventually faded away but not compleetly Creg went though the mirror and Heather
appeared on the other side of the mirror she need affection from the person she fell
in love with after that Creg smashed the mirror into tiny peices and asked for a man
to melt the glass and make sure it stayed melted he didn't want Heather getting
trapped in there again Heather and Creg eventually got married at the age of 22 and
had 3 kids they where inlove and together until death
Last edited: 12 July 2009

TwistedxMind says:   10 July 2009   854537  
I was sneesed and it was REALLY XD GREATT STORY! *hugs*
‹♠ 雲 ♠› says:   10 July 2009   983976  
k then xD thanks -hugs back-
TwistedxMind says:   10 July 2009   913172  
lmao..sorry I had to say I sneesed! WHAT NO BLESS YOU? lol just
kidding love
‹♠ 雲 ♠› says :   10 July 2009   732873  
God bless you xD


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