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Reyna Emerson--Chapter OneCategory: Random Side Story! :D
Sunday, 28 June 2009
04:39:39 AM (GMT)
This is just a side story I came up with in my sleep. It's supposed to be a fantasy
(cause fiction is my genre D:<>o<

Btw!! Reyna is lying when she says to Steven, "My parents are dead, and my sister's
ill" (she doesn't have a sister) Or was she? ;o You'll just have to read on. (This
chapter is pretty lame in my oppinion, xD but it's important to the story)

It was a dark night. Raindrops beat against the rooftop of the Emerson’s home. In
her room, the Emerson’s only daughter, Reyna, sat quivering in her bed.

“Mommy,” she said solemnly. “I’m scared.”

Reyna’s mother kissed her on the forehead. “It’s okay, dear,” her mother
reassured her. “The storm will pass soon. Now, hurry and get to bed. You start
school in the morning.”

“Okay,” Reyna muttered as her mother tucked her in. Since she was only five years
old, Reyna still had yet to start school. Tomorrow was to be her first day of

Reyna tried to sleep, but the noise of the storm kept her up. Eventually, she began
feeling drowsy, and when she was about to close her eyes and sleep, the house shook
from a loud crash.

*                                     *                                          *   

At exactly 6:03 in the morning, somewhere in England, in a small house, an alarm
clock sounded. The alarm was programmed to sound like a miniature siren, which was
not the best way to wake up every morning. From the lump of blankets and pillows next
to the clock and its stand, and thin arm rose and smacked the button on top of the
alarm clock. As the tired arm tried to move back into the cushioned bed, it bumped
the clock, knocking it straight off the stand. A groan immerged from the pillow

“Reyna! Reyna!” Came an elderly cry from outside the room. “Get off your lazy
bottom and get dressed!”

Somehow, I managed to raise myself from that pile of pillows. I looked to my horrid
clock on the floor. It was only 6:04; I still had time. “Maybe…” I said to
myself, “Maybe just a few more…”


“I’m up!” I screamed at the height of my voice. There was no reply. I sighed
deeply and made my way onto my feet. My legs hurt. They felt like some overweight
person had been sitting on them all day. “Urrrhhhhgg,” I groaned, sliding on my
uniform’s undershirt. This day would be not different from the past eleven
thousands days. I waddled over to my closet, crashing into the wall as a result of my
blindness. After I finally found my glasses, got completely dressed, and packed my
bag, I rushed out my door and down the stairs.

My grandmother was in the kitchen, preparing breakfast for her and granddad. “Good
morning, Reyna,” she beamed, handing me a packed lunch.

“Morning,” I said, trying not to sound so tired. After stuffing my lunch in with
my books and finding my shoes, I opened the door and called, “I’m leaving now!”
Then left to join the rest of the world.

The moment I stepped out into the open air, I showed my true emotions on my face: a
sincere glare, directed at everything. At school, I might have the best grades out of
all the students, but I have no friends. I spend my breaks and lunch by myself, and
whenever anyone who tries conversing with me, I turn around and walk away. Plenty of
guys have attempted to ask me out, even some whom everyone considers popular, but
I’ve turned them down. I’ve turned everyone down. All I wanted to do pass by
these lowly schools, get a nice job, and die happily. You don’t need friends for
that, right?

I never new just how wrong I really was.

After I walked about a block away, I found myself looking upon my school. It was a
tall, brick building. People have mistaken it for a caste before. And if I’d never
known better, it might have been, years ago. But, whatever it was in the past, it was
now a private high school, meant for the rich and snobby only. The only reason I’m
able to afford going here is because of my high intellect. I might have been the
smartest student of my time. But it was no matter. It didn’t change my horrid
perspective on the world.

The moment I walked in from the schools humungous entrance, a redheaded boy ran up to
me. His name was Steven. For the past month and a half, Steven has been greeting me
every morning and annoying me until the bell rings for first class. No matter how
much I tried, I couldn’t shake him loose.

“Hey, Rein! Oh, is it okay if I call you Rein?” He says that every morning. Maybe
he has short-term memory loss. “How’ve you been, my dear? Enjoy your weekend? I
sure did! Only the other day, there was this…”

I tried blocking him out. As I irately dragged my feet across campus to my class, he
followed along, blabbering about some guy he met at the store, who he believed had an
attraction to him. I twitched angrily until the bell rang.

“Alright, Rein, dear, I’ll see ya later. Buh-bye!” Before he could finish his
decree, I had already run into the classroom and slammed the door closed. As I found
my seat, I muttered to myself, “Here goes yet another useless day,” followed by a
deep sigh.

After school was finally over, I made my way to the entrance, but something caught my
eye. Hanging on a wall near the classroom was a notice. In bold letters across the
top said, “Science Fair!” The schoolyard began clearing as I read the letter. The
last section caught her interest the most: “First and second place winners will
have their inventions moved into the National Museum of Science in America, five to
ten thousand dollars, and a large percentage of extra credit in their science
classes. Join for the prize or join for the fun!”

“Ten thousand pounds,” I breathed. That could pay for a good college. And it
would give me a good name in the world afterwards. I’d at least have a go for it. I
stuck the slip in my bag and spun around. The schoolyard was completely empty. The
grass glowed from the orange sunset overhead. It was almost peaceful, if you didn’t
include the noises from buzzing cars outside.

“Hey, Rein! What’re you still doing here?” Of course, something like that was
bound to happen. I turned to see Steven, happily walking towards me. I took a step

“Aw, come on, dear, we’re all alone now. We can do whatever we want.”

“Um, I kind of… really need to get home soon. So…” I began walking past him.

“Come on, Rein,” he said, grabbing my arm. “ I’m sure your parents can

“My parents are dead, actually. And my sister is ill. If I don’t get to her now,
then she’ll be residing with our parent. Now please let go of me.”

“Aww… I’m sorry about that. I never knew you had it so hard.” He grabbed my
other arm and stuck his nose in my face. “Why don’t I make it up to you?”

“Pervert!” I screamed, and kneed him in the stomach. As soon as he backed away in
pain, I ran for the entrance. “What is wrong with you?” I asked heatedly once I
reached it.

“Reyna,” Steven said, almost calmly. “Why do you block out everyone? Why do you
have to be so isolated? All the other girls would’ve freaked if some guy wanted to
snog them, or something. But you don’t have to be so…” But I didn’t hear his
last words. I’d left already. It was amazing how much his words weighed on me.
I’d never felt so hurt since I learned what had happened that stormy night. I knew
all of that stuff was true, but I’d never actually heard someone say it aloud.
Those people only want to be a part of my life somehow, and I just push them away.

Back then I wondered if I’d ever find what I was looking for.

( My tences are all screwed up!! >.< )
Last edited: 14 July 2009

‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   28 June 2009   317299  

I would be making friends, but most likely no one would want to be my

But if a guy were to try to snog me, I would kick him! No kisses!
Blah! XP
‹emo-queen› says:   28 June 2009   329135  
Sorrrrry. That was my idea. P: All the dudes at their school are
perverts.... and I didn't know how to explain that part. D8

"Snog" is slang at their school. |:O To "snog" means... to like...
kish someone er somethin'.
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   29 June 2009   496344  
All of them? That's sad. There should at least be one nice person...
Oh well.

I know. That's why I said 'No kisses!' for.
‹emo-queen› says:   29 June 2009   539656  
And They're British! 8DDD

Really?? D8 I didn't know other people used the verb "snog" too!
Stace_the_Mace_8D says:   30 June 2009   181936  
Ew. :P The Brits, eh? The Brits are not pervs. I though the elves
were. DB
‹emo-queen› says:   30 June 2009   154328  
‹TheRulerofNightmares› says:   30 June 2009   656628  
No. Not all brits are perverts. I know very nice ones! 

The whole school is British? 

Yeah, I heard 'snog' before. Plenty of times really.
‹emo-queen› says :   1 July 2009   448891  
No they aren't. D: I know no Brits, though.

The school is in the UK. :o

I thought may sister made that up. Evidentially not.


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