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11:04PM Babble-Talk. :DCategory: Relentless, Almost Never-Ending Babble
Saturday, 20 June 2009
02:23:13 AM (GMT)
I haven't used this wall yet, right? xD This is the asymmetrical wall out of all of them. Ironically, it had to be KID'S. I'm currently on episode 30. Kurona, you probably will get ahead of me sooner or later. : D I have to get packing for the Philippines soon. MAYBE Guam and Japan, by myself. Not sure, though. x_o I'm on the lookout for any news on FUNimation's cast, but so far, nothing. x_o PleaseNoCaitlinGlass. I would die if she was cast as somebody and screwed them up. D: JUSTIN LAW IS AWESOME. <333 If I find enough pictures/icons, I WILL MAKE HIM HIS VERY OWN ICON WALL. <3 And then I'll make one of all the Death Scythes. <3 Including Death Scythe [Spirit], Justin, Marie, Yumi...Oh dear, I don't think that's enough. x_e I'll just have one of them have two icons, I suppose. :D I'm working on a Soul Eater KuronaKid fanfiction. x_o Will probably NOT post it because it sucks to a great extent. : D Just for laughs...MY laughs. >_> Eh, I haven't written a fanfiction in forever. D: There was this one South Park fanfiction I was writing on my phone where Stan dies, but I had to delete it because I ran out of space. D: LOL, I LOVE SOUTH EATER. I found it a long time ago, when I just heard of SE and never watched it. : D I think I showed it to Kurona? ANYWAYS, I LOVE STAN AS SOUL. <33 Kyle as Maka is epic, though. I think Craig was Kid? That's epic, too. : D Bebe wasn't in it, however, and that sucks balls. >_e OH. TOWELIE AND FUCKING EXCALIBUR. That beats MaKyle and Death the Craig. : D Does that beat Stan Eater Evans, though...? e_e I'll have to think about that overnight. OH. NCIS. <3 D: ZIVA AND ABBY WERE SLAPPING EACH OTHER. "What if that had been Gibbs's blood on the wall?!" said Abby. "Then...it would be coffee-brown than blood-red," Ziva pointed out Gibbs's obvious love of coffee. There was a pause, then Abby slapped Ziva. Ziva slapped her back. There were two more slaps from both of them. IT WAS TERRIBLE. D: I FELT LIKE CRYING. It was even worse when Gibbs was all, "I want Shannon and Kelly. I miss them." IFELTTHETEARS. ;__; Gibbsisthebest. "There's about 150GB of data in the computers..." -McGee "150! Hell! That won't take long at all!" -Gibbs, who is...a genius at computers "I don't think he knows what a gigabyte is." -McGee "McGee, I don't think he knows what a hard drive is." -Abby -Reya-
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StrawberrySHOCK says:   20 June 2009   482227  
XD Hahaha!
I must beat you! ;0;

South Eater.. Eh xD; I think it could've been better :P
SHOW ME THE REST OF THE FANFIC. I'm writing my own as well :]
Conspiring says :   20 June 2009   769978  

I think it's epic. Except, that would mean Black*StarxSoul is
CartmanxStan. ;A; Not the best pairing out there.

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