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i dont know what to name it ha!!Category: Random <3
Wednesday, 17 June 2009
12:14:14 AM (GMT)
As i awake from this strange sleep. I look around, puzzled? As i get up I hear
voices bickering outside the room. The room was bright, empty, and most of all cold.
I get up from the bed tripping just a little, I walk just a few steps until i feel a
tug at my wrist. I look down at the IV attached to my wrist. I look back, grab the
strange metal pole and walk foward just a few inches away from the door I hear the
voices suddenly stop. "Hello"? Thinking to myself never worked, i always seemed to
blurt something out at the wrong moments. So I silently creeped back into my
oversized bed, sat, and listened. Once someone walked in I closed my eyes thinking
maybe they didn't here me, maybe just maybe I wont be caught sneeking out of this
bed. As i said this I thought, wait why am i saying this? Who am I hiding from? Then,
suddenly a voice, a soft one, but she sounded as if she was scared. "Riley?" "Mommy's
here, wake up babygirl! wake up!" I opened my eyes, she was laying down on the side
of the bed near my right arm. I coughed. Her head jolked up as fast as possible and
then she smiled. Still puzzled, I said "Mommy, what happened?" She just stared, as if
i was just born and she was looking at her precious new baby. Then as if she had just
been shocked by something she answered "Hunny, you're alright." "You were just in a
little car accident with your friends a couple of nights ago." I looked at her not
rememebering anything she was saying, thinking to myself self "Who all was I with?"
But once again I had said it out loud. Her face then went pale. "What's wrong?" I
said scared. She looked at me, "You were with Maranda,Alex, and Ryan." She seemed
like she was almost in tears, but me I was thinking about who those people were. "Who
are these people?" I said sounding more content than ever. "You must not remember."
She said looking at me trying not to break down. "Well Miranda is your bestfriend,
Alex, was your friend, and Ryan is your other bestfriend." I looked at her as if I
had been in a comma for 10 years. "Wait, mom what do you mean by 'was?" Is there
something I didnt know, is there something wrong with the fact that im in the
hospital and the only person I know is my mom? Was there something wrong with my
"friends?" I sat up looking more confused then ever. She looks at me knowing that im
going to ask her again and again until she answers me. Then suddenly she said it, the
the four words I never thought I would hear "Your Friend Alex is in a comma and they
dont think hes going to make it through." Suddenly, I remembered everything the
crash, my friends, Alex! I just sat there in a daze, thinking to myself "Why would
this happen to me?" My mom didn't know but Me and Alex were dating at the time.
Shocked, I layed down, turned the oppossite way as my mom and told her I needed some
time alone. She kissed the side of my forhead and walked out. Knowing she was going
to be crying halfway out the room, I told her "Its okay Mom, I'll be fine." When she
left she shut the door, and left her purse in the room. I grabbed it hoping her phone
would be in it, it was. Then I opened clicked the top right hand button, hoping
Maranda's number was there. It was, excited to see it I called her hoping she'd
answer. After the 3rd ring she answered "Hello?" I answered as if I was about to be
murdered by a cereal killer "Miranda! Its me Riley. Are you okay?" She sounded
shocked that I was calling but happy at the same time "Riley! oh my god are you
okay?" "Did your mom tell you everything?" I answered her knowing I was lying "no."
"What happened?" She slowly started to talk as if she was whispering "Me, you, Alex,
and Ryan got into a car accident the night we went to the movies." "A car slammed
into the back right hand side of the car, where you and Alex were sitting." "yeah?" I
said trying to keep from crying. "Well me and Ryan were fine, Alex and you were in
bad shape." "But luckily you and Alex made it through it but Alex is now in a comma."
I looked at my right leg, shocked that I hadn't seen this before. I had at least 10
bruises on my lower leg and a bandage around my ankle, still I wondered where I had
my surjurie at, then I looked at my side, seeing that I had a patch the size of a
remote on it. Not listening to what Maranda was saying, instead I was studying my
body looking at the bruises and scrathes that lay across my skin. Then all of a
sudden the door slowly opened, I told Maranda bye, and trew the phone in the purse.
It was a nurse. She looked at me smiled and walked over to the side of my bed. She
lifted my leg onto a pillow and started unwrapping the wrap on my ankle. Stunned to
see that my ankle was just bruised didn't hurt at all, she re-wrapped it and left. I
lay there puzzled wondering why she wouldn't if talk, but i left it alone knowing
that if i said something then i was just getting myself in more trouble. The thought
of my mom screaming wasn't exactly at the top of my list of things i wanna hear. So I
left it alone, and slept until I awoke from a strange ringing noise. My body suddenly
jerked up as if I just heard my mom screaming at the top of her lungs becasue someone
was about to kill her. I got up, grabbed the contraption I called an IV pole and
walked to the door. It was bright in the hallway, brighter then my room was the first
time I woke up. I turned the knob slowly, hoping nobody would notice, and no one did.
So I walked down the hallway until passed a sign that said intensive care unit. Then
I turned wandering what I was doing in that section. Then I thought about what
Miranda was saying when I wasn't paying attention, she said that I had gotten burned
from the fumes of the car's gasoline leak, because the impact from the other car was
so bad. Why wouldn't my mom tell me that I had gotten burned though, she used to tell
me everything. Instead of screaming and yelling about it I walked towards the canter
of my bed and slid in and under the covers, and cryed myself to sleep. Then suddenly,
I heard her voice down the hall, so I started walking towards my room and I got there
before she had seen me. So I walked into the bathroom and took a glance at the face I
would have to live with the rest of my life. It was horrible seeing the half coroded
looking skin of mine, but I had to face the fact that it was my face. So, I walked
towards my bed and slowly got into it hoping I would just die right there but then I
heard a loud scream of joy, and a bunch of people in white coats ran by my room. I
just sat there not even paying attention to the obnoxious screams of a women. Until I
heard a women screamed "Thank you God, for saving my baby Alex." I jumped up hoping
they were talking about my Alex, they were. I screamed in astonishment, as I ran
towards the room. He was smiling and his eyes were open, and he tryed to talk but
could only talk in whispers. He looked at me and smiled and said "I hoped I would see
you." I just sat there smiling and said "I knew I would see." He smiled then everyone
had to leave but me because he asked them too, then he said that "I hope you knew
that I wasnt going to leave you that easily." I just smiled and kissed him until we
fell asleep. When I woke up I was in my own bed, but still with him. I looked up then
asked him "How did you get them too let you in here." "All I had to do is tell them
that I was madly in love with you, and tell you're mother that I didn't want to be
away from you for another minute. I just smiled and layed my head on his chest,
hoping he wouldn't mind, and he didn't." After a few moments I heard a sigh, "Baby,
you know I love you with all my heart, and I will always want the best for you,
right?" I just nodded and said "I love you too." The next time I woke up it was
brighter than usual, and I was extremely warm so I pressed the nurse button. She came
in and asked what I needed I said to open a window, and she did but as she opened it
she looked at me as if she was in pain. I noticed that Alex wasn't in the bed with
me, and I didn't worry. Instead I asked the nurse for one more thing "Can I ask you a
question?" she sounded shocked to the fact that I was speaking to her. She answered
quickly though, "Yes ma'am?" "Is Alex McGuire still in a comma" she sighed, "yes" and
walked out the room. That's when I finally noticed that I was entirely and Adderley
in love with a man, whom I could never talk nor touch again.

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