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What an Unlikely Turn of Events (Organization XIII my way)Category: (general)
Sunday, 14 June 2009
12:33:53 AM (GMT)
If you didn't read what was on my other story, then I suppose I will rewrite the
basics, If you want me to write you a story:
One Shot- 10 kp
Short Story- 15 kp
Story- 20-25 kp
Don't read my stories if the following:
-You don't like smut scenes
-You don't have a lot of time
Word count in this story: 55,402
Pairings in the story: Vexen&Zexion, Xigbar&Demyx, Demyx&Riku, Zexion&Luxord&Reno
sample of the story:
Vexen can see things others can't. He has more psychic abilities than one. But what
happens when he sees something that's completely not right? What happens when he
tries to save an innocent but falls in love with someone who's completely opposite
from him? 

Have fun <3 lol

What an unlikely turn of events


Vexen sat with his legs pressing to his chest. His heart was thumping in his chest.
His eyes were closed tightly. Who knew he could be so scared?

"Yo, dude. Calm down." Xigbar said shaking him and he inhaled.

"Sorry." Vexen said and detached from his death clutch on his own legs.

"What did you see?" Xigbar asked and Vexen looked down.

"It wasn't clear. I was someone else though. I was running through the forest
blindly. I felt blood pulsing out of my body. I was freaked out." Vexen said and
Xigbar was right next to him.

"Alright. Calm down buddy." Xigbar said and Vexen nodded slowly. He sighed.

"Zexion." Vexen said and Xigbar looked at him confused.

"Huh?" Xigbar asked and Vexen looked up.

"The person's name. It was Zexion."


"Zexy! Wake up!" Demyx shouted and jumped onto Zexion's bed.

"Why the fuck are you here?" Zexion grumbled and pulled the covers over his head.

"Because Zexy, school is today. I know you have a hard time waking up. And We're
seniors! We're almost done!" Demyx exclaimed happily and Zexion glared up at him.

"You won't leave me alone if I don't go will you?" Zexion asked and Demyx shook his
head with a grin.

"Nope!" He said happily and Zexion sighed.

"Whatever... Get out of my room. I need to change." Zexion said and Demyx nodded and
left the room.


"Oh my god this is so ridiculous." Xigbar said and looked at Vexen as Vexen looked at

"What? I like it." Vexen said and turned around in his all white suit.

"We're seriously going to go apply for a job at a school to get close to this...
Zexion kid or whatever?" Xigbar asked and Vexen smiled. "Ah. Why are you my best

"I have no clue. Just get your résumé ready." Vexen said with a happy smile.

"I don't qualify to be anything but... A gym teacher. Oh that's fantastic." Xigbar
groaned and Vexen smiled.

"I could be the chemistry teacher." He said proudly and Xigbar glared at him.

"Yeah yeah."

Chapter one:

"So we have new teachers?" Zexion asked as he looked blankly at his schedule.

"Yeah. Looks like Professor Vexen and Coach Braig." Demyx said with a grin.

"Oh happy day." Zexion said and rolled his eyes. 

"Come on Zexy! We don't want to be late for math do we?!" Demyx replied happily and
Zexion glared at him.

"Yes. Actually. I do." Zexion stated simply and grumbled as he followed the perky
blonde to their first period class.


"So all I have to do is teach all of these sports by the end of the year?" Xigbar
asked as he was talking to the old gym teacher.

"Yeah. Good luck! I doubt they'll listen to you. These are the worst kids I've seen
in all of my years of teaching. So I'll have to watch over your teaching methods for
the first week or whatever." He said and Xigbar nodded slowly. 

"When is my lunch break?" Xigbar asked and the guy looked down.

"It would seem... 6th period is your lunch." He said and Xigbar grinned.

"Alright, I got this!"


Vexen was looking at his new class. He had NO charisma skills whatsoever and here he
was teaching. He smirked at the class as they made snide remarks about him.

"Would you like to see something that you could never do if you don't pass this class
and stop talking about me, I have pretty good hearing you know." He said and a few
students rolled their eyes.

"What can you do that we can't?" One kid asked.

"This." Vexen said and flung his arm in a direction and all of the desks and chairs
went flying back a few feet.

"Oh shit!" One shouted and Vexen glared.

"So we have an understanding?" He asked and everyone nodded vigorously. One kid
jumped up.

"Oh you've GOT to teach me how to do that." He said with a grin and Vexen sat on his

"You pass this class with a 100 I'll teach you how to do this." He said and snapped
his fingers and all of the candles for the burners lit. "Good?" The whole class
nodded simultaneously. "Good!"


"Demyx... Explain to me again why we're in advanced calculus." Zexion said glumly and
Demyx shrugged.

"I don't even understand regular calculus." Demyx said giggling.

Suddenly there was a huge explosion sound and then one of the teachers yelling.


"I think that’s professor Even." Demyx whispered and Zexion looked at him blankly.

"Well considering he's the only Chemistry teacher here, I'd think so." Zexion
retorted while rolling his eyes.


Xigbar paced back and forth as the bell rang. His first class was second period. He
was freaking out. He didn't know what to do and he had another gym teacher examining
him. Suddenly Vexen walked in briskly.

"Xigbar." He called out and Xigbar turned around and covered his mouth to stop
himself from laughing.

"Oh my god." He said and eyed Vexen's white outfit, completely ruined. "Dude what
happened?" He asked and Vexen wiped the black soot off from his face and glowered.

"Chemistry." He snapped and a few students walked into the room changed.

"Don't you have a class to teach?" Xigbar asked and Vexen shook his head.

"No. Not a lot of people take chemistry. I work First period, third period and
seventh period." Vexen explained and Xigbar smirked.

"Lucky bastard. All of the kids in the school have gym." He said and Vexen shrugged.

"Ok, the class is here." The old gym teacher said and Xigbar eyed the class.
Practically everyone was talking and Xigbar smiled.

"Ok." He said and looked at everyone. "YO!" He shouted loudly and everyone turned to
him and he laughed. "Sup?" He said and got a few smirks from the students. "I'm your
new gym teacher."

"Yo!" One of the students shouted.

"Yo." He said back.


"Sup?" Xigbar finished and crossed his arms. "Let's get something straight, iight?
You guys listen to me, and I'll let you do whatever the fuck you want." The class
started cheering happily. Xigbar turned to the old gym teacher. "They're not very
hard to control." He said innocently and the man looked amazed.

"Uhm.. Just wait until you try to teach them a sport." He said and Xigbar turned to
the class which was roughly around 36 people.

"Ok. I'm going to point to 5 people, and your going to suggest a sport. Iight? Then,
I will repeat the sports and if you want to do it... I don't know... Scream yeah, if
you don't boo. Alrighty? Let's go. You."






"Alright.. Get ready to shout. Do I hear a hockey?!" He asked loudly, most of the
people booed. "Soccer!?" Even more booing. "Football!?" A few cheers. "Basketball." A
few more cheers. "Baseball!?" A lot of cheers.

"Alright, looks like we've found our sport dudes!" He said grinning.

"You should play too!" One of the kids suggested.

"Moi? Nah, only if my biff Vexy over here plays." He said smirking and Vexen glared
at him.

"No way in--" Everyone started cheering. "Oh your not serious..."

"Alright. Me and Vexen will be the captains because let's face it, we're awesome. And
then yeah. So let's do this. Give me the attendance sheet." Xigbar said and the guy
grabbed it for him. "Me and Vexen will take turns picking the people off the
attendance sheet. If they're not here then we pick again. Ready?" Everyone shouted
yeah. "This person sounds interesting... Um.. Demyx Lae." He said and a few people
booed and Demyx just rolled his eyes and walked over to Xigbar. Xigbar checked 'Here'
and passed the clipboard to Vexen. 

"Um..." He turned to Xigbar with a certain look. "Zexion Dilan." He said and Zexion
huffed and stormed to Vexen.


"Ok, My team bats first because we're cooler." Xigbar said and playfully stuck out
his tongue and Vexen just smirked and grabbed the baseball.

"That's poor sportsmanship." Vexen said and pulled his coat off and walked to the
pitchers mound. "And good luck hitting it when I'm pitching."

"As if!" Xigbar said and his team pushed him to bat first. "Thanks guys." He said and
the guys chuckled and the girls giggled.

"Ready?" Vexen asked and Xigbar was standing there not even paying attention.

"No cheating." Xigbar replied and Vexen put his hand over his heart with a 'I would
never!' face on.

"Yeah." Vexen said and threw a curveball towards Xigbar and Xigbar wasn't even in the
right position. He was using the bat as a cane and was just kind of chilling. "Strike

"Oh you started?" Xigbar chuckled.

"Yeah yeah." Vexen said and did it again. "Strike two."

"Your so boring." Xigbar said and his team was yelling at him. "Let's do this."

"Cool." Vexen said and pitched the ball and Xigbar flipped up the bat and single
handedly hit the ball and it went flying. Xigbar saluted and walked the bases. He had
a homerun.

Demyx walked up to bat and looked around nervously. People booed at him and Xigbar

"Hey! Bad sportsmanship! Cut it out!" Xigbar snapped and everyone stayed quiet. 

"Strike one." Vexen said and Demyx looked down embarrassed. "Strike two."

"Hold on dude." Xigbar said and threw the ball back. "Alright. Do you give me
permission to touch you-" He glared at his team. "Not in that way." Demyx shrugged
and Xigbar fixed his position. "There you go. Hit it now." Xigbar said and Vexen
tossed the ball lightly but Demyx still missed. Xigbar grabbed the ball and threw it
back to Vexen. "One more time." He said and Vexen nodded and Demyx gulped and got
back into position and Vexen tossed it and Demyx actually hit it this time. He
grinned and ran to first base.


"Zexion, at least TRY to hit it." Vexen pleaded and Zexion glared and stood at the

"Strike three." Xigbar said and Zexion dropped the bat and walked to the end of the
line. What a quiet boy. Vexen went to go talk to him but Xigbar interrupted him.
"Vexy." He taunted and Vexen glared at him.

"Shut it Xiggy." He said and Xigbar blushed.

"Well THAT was uncalled for." Xigbar said and Vexen rolled his eyes and grabbed the

"Whatever. Just throw the damn ball." Vexen said and Xigbar saluted and wound up his
arm and chucked the ball at Vexen who missed.

"What happened? I thought you were better than I." Xigbar said and Vexen rolled his
eyes and tossed the ball back.

"I hate sports." Vexen said simply and Xigbar tossed it again but this time Vexen hit
it poorly and was tagged with the ball, therefore out. Vexen smirked and walked to
the end of the line with his hands in his pockets. Zexion was pressed against the
wall looking downwards completely zoned out.

"Hey." Vexen said and Zexion looked up curiously. 

"Hello." He said quietly.

"Do you have my chemistry class?" Vexen asked curtly and Zexion nodded slowly.

"Seventh period." He said softly and Vexen smiled.

"Well I assure you that I have no idea what I'm doing." He said with a smirk and
Zexion looked up at him emotionless then looked back down. "Your no fun. Ho about
smiling once in a while."

"Yeah. Whatever." Zexion mumbled and Vexen gave a cute smile.

"You should try smiling one day. It's quite fun." He said and Zexion nodded.

"You'd get along with Demyx fine then." He said kind of angrily. 

Vexen turned his head thinking. Yeah, Zexion was going to be harder to save then he
thought. He should just give up-- No what kind of thinking is that?! Let someone

Vexen gritted his teeth in anger and then heard fancy dress shoes clanking on the
floor. Xigbar stopped pitching and turned around and a group of girls squealed.

"Um, ello' M'names Luxord. I'm new. Says here I've got.... Physical Education." A
blonde British kid said smiling. His hair was short and he had facial hair. His eyes
were like small crystals of blue and he had a few piercings in his ears and he had
fancy clothes on. Kind of strange considering this was a public school, not a private

"Hello Luxord!" Xigbar said with a smile. "You could go on that team and I'll get you
penciled in alright?"

"Yes. Thank you." Luxord said and put down his things on the bleachers.

"And next time bring in some gym clothes." Xigbar said and Luxord blinked.

"Oh these are my gym clothes. This is my bad suit." He said innocently and Xigbar
blinked a few times and Vexen chuckled.

Luxord walked to the end of the line and smiled at Zexion.

"Ello luv." He said with a sweet smile. "I'm Luxord."

"..Zexion." Zexion said and stuck out his hand and Luxord took his hand and kissed
the top of it and Zexion blushed bright red.

"Pleasure." He said and all of the girls in the class were jumping up and down
squealing with hearts in their eyes. Vexen scowled.

"Hello, Luxord." He said and Luxord turned to him and flashed him a pearly white

"Hello, you must be Vexen. The captain of the team." Luxord said and Vexen gave a
curt nod.

"That I am." Vexen said and the 5 minute bell rang.

"Alright everyone! Get changed. See you later!" Xigbar said and a few of the kids
said their goodbyes to the teachers.

Vexen walked briskly to Xigbar once the class was gone, nostrils flaring.

"What's wrong?" Xigbar asked in a hush.

"The dude kissed his hand." He whispered harshly and Xigbar grew a nasty smirk.

"Why should it matter to you?" Xigbar asked and Vexen rolled his eyes.

"Your sick. I just met the kid... And that's just it. Kid." Vexen said and Xigbar

"I'm no one to judge. Demyx is a cutie." Xigbar said crossing his arms across his
chest and they walked to the supply closet and put the stuff away.

"Well that’s great. You got a new boy toy." Vexen said sarcastically and Xigbar
smirked and playfully shoved Vexen. "I have to work next period so I'll see you later

"Later dude." Xigbar said and they did a "man hug" which was they hit hands like a
high five sort of shook them and with their other arm hugged.

"See you." Vexen said and left the room in a hurry. His blonde hair flowing behind
him like a waterfall. He saw Zexion, Luxord and Demyx standing in front of one of the
doors that blocked the hallways at nighttime. They weren't supposed to be closed
during the day.

"Oh, Professor Vexen could you help us? Do you have a key?" Demyx asked and Vexen
gave him a cold look seeing how Luxord was near Zexion and looked at the door and
swatted his hand and they opened. He continued to walk.

"Wow, that was quite a show." Luxord said jogging up to Vexen who just made a
grunting noise. "You like him." Luxord said quietly. Vexen halted which gave Zexion
and Demyx enough time to catch up.

"What?" Vexen asked as he slowly turned to Luxord, slightly repulsed. Luxord smirked
and crossed his arms.

"I see you do." Luxord said and Demyx raised his eyebrow.

"Huh? What?" He asked confused and Zexion glanced back at the two who were giving
each other intense looks when the bell rang.

"It's their business." Zexion said and walked around Vexen.

"Your going to be marked late." Vexen said and Zexion turned to him.

"Then you bring me." He said and Vexen rolled his eyes.

"Well we better hurry. I have a class this period." Vexen said and Zexion glared.

"Then don't waste your time." He said and Vexen growled.

"Let's go." He said and Demyx and Luxord trotted behind him and Zexion was in front.

"This is my class." Demyx said and Luxord smiled.

"Mine too." He said and Vexen nodded and poked his head in the classroom.

"Excuse me, These two were with me. So sorry they're late." Vexen said and the
teacher smiled.

"Oh no problem!" They said and Vexen turned and to his surprise Zexion was standing
there waiting.

"So you do need me." Vexen said smirking and Zexion rolled his eyes.

"Let's go." Zexion said and Vexen nodded and they walked downstairs to the English
rooms. "Thank you."

Zexion walked into the room with Vexen.

"He was with me. Sorry." Vexen said and the teacher smiled and swatted her hand with
a nod. Vexen quickly made his way to his class to find out one of the goof balls
locked him out. He glared and stepped back and flicked his wrist and the door flew
open and he walked in the door and closed it.

"Smart." Vexen said with a glare and everyone in the class was wide-eyed and sat down
quickly. "Good idea."

Chapter two

Xigbar was holding a basketball on his hip with the whistle in his mouth. He examined
as the teens played an intense game of basketball. That's when someone tapped his
shoulder. He turned to see Demyx. He spit the whistle out of his mouth and raised his

"Ey Demyx. Wassup?" Xigbar asked and Demyx blushed.

"I forgot my books in my gym locker. Could you unlock the door to the locker room for
me please?" Demyx asked rubbing the back of his neck shyly.

"Sure little dude! Lets go." Xigbar said and they walked out of the gym and around to
the locker room doors. He unlocked the boys locker-room and Demyx smiled.

"Thank you." He said and scurried in. Xigbar waited there for Demyx so he could lock
the doors again but Demyx walked back blushing.

"I... I don't remember my combination." He said shyly and Xigbar laughed.

"Dude, you had it 2 periods ago." He said and Demyx laughed nervously. "Alrighty."
Xigbar said and stopped holding the door open and walked in the locker-room. "So
where is it."

"I have all of my books in my regular locker." Demyx admitted and Xigbar raised an

"Then why did you want to--"

"I wanted to ask you a favor." Demyx said sadly looking at the ground and Xigbar
crossed his arms with a smile.

"Alright. Shoot." He said and Demyx sighed.

"Can you teach me how to be cool?" Demyx asked and Xigbar raised his eyebrow and
slightly chuckled as he rubbed the bottom of his nose.

"What do you mean 'teach you how to be cool'?" He asked and Demyx nodded slowly.

"Please Coach. Your like the coolest teacher ever. Everyone likes you. In the locker
room the guys were talking about how awesome you were." Demyx said and Xigbar

"Really?" He asked and Demyx looked up.

"...No not really but still." Demyx said and Xigbar's happy expression faded

"Gee that's a way to get me to help." Xigbar grumbled and Demyx took a step closer
and looked into Xigbar's eyes pleasingly. Their faces were only a few inches apart.

"Please." He urged and Xigbar bit his lips as his cheeks began to burn. He looked
into Demyx's bright green eyes.

"...Ok." Xigbar caved in breathlessly. "I'll do it." 

"Thanks!" Demyx said happily. "Can you stay after today?"

"Um... Yeah... Yes, definitely mhm." Xigbar said with a smile.

"Thank you SO much!" Demyx said and hugged Xigbar tightly and then bolted out the
door happily.

Xigbar turned his head slightly to the door and smiled

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