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SunriseCategory: Summer
Thursday, 11 June 2009
05:55:46 AM (GMT)
waiting for the sun to rise let me see it's 4:35 a.m. and since i couldn't go to
sleep and 'always wanted to watch a sunrise you know why not. its gonna be so great
i'll try to take some pictures on my phone. so yeah the intrenet said the sun would
rise at 5:32 so i'll go out like at 5:20 and wait for a while. i hope i dont wake
anyone up cause what if i scare them and they think is gonna break in. so yea my
grampa talked to me to see if i had anything on my mind but really nothing was on my
mind. just couldn't go to sleep cause i got extremly woken up taking a shower at
10:00 p.m. and i couldn't to sleep and eventually got on kupika as some of you know
cause we were messegeing. messed with my kupika page to make it look cool instead of
lame. but now it doe's look cool and if you want to see my page its's: okay i'm really bored now and i now i said i couldnt go to
sleep but considering my bad luck since i mad a plan to watch the sun set i would
probly fall asleep. 4:44 a.m. okay so now im kind've getting hyped up cause it's only
like...........?................. like 35 minutes intill i go outside. so considering
im gonna be here for the next 33 minutes im gonna run out of things to say, so im
gonna start talking about random things starting now!: okay im so confused! can i go
to my friends party or not? cause i asked my mom but the thing is its out of town. my
mom said maybe which i thought meant: no but i hope you forget about the party in a
day. but then my mom started asking me all these questiobs which she would do if she
was gonna say yes. but she said she still thinking about it, so now im confused!!! 
okay my rampa just waled i to see if i was asleep and i told him about watching the 
sunrise and all he said was: okay. 4:52. but now i'm getting off topic. just went to
the bathroom. now its 4:57a.m. so lets see i talked about the party. okay what didnt
i talk about yet on a diary? oh well i dont care if i talked about it yet..... i miss
nicolai so much! he was so much to me, my best guy friend, my first love, the first
guy older than me i liked(only by a year), first guy i kissed randomly, first guy i
did something dumb for, and etc. he was so much more than my "crush". and now i cant
see him for a year cause he's going to 9th grade. but what if i dint get acepted into
that highschool? then i lose him and break a promise to my best friend. i've never
broken one of are promise's! so as you can probly tell i like this guy alot. if i
didnt i wouldnt have went threw all the things i did for the past year and month or
two.(rumors,why, lies). or i would have gotton over him already. well im probly
geting to emotional with this. so im gonna change subjects in my next diary entry
sunrise part 2 it cant be hard to find its right next to this one.

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