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The Emotional Diaries - Chapter Ten.Category: (general)
Monday, 25 May 2009
05:39:25 AM (GMT)
"I'm Avery," I held out my hand for her to shake.What?I'm a friendly person.
     She shook it."Nice to meet you,Avery.I'd love to stay and show you around,but
I've got Science,and my teacher already hates me,so uh..I hope I see you later."
     "See ya," I waved.
     "Good luck!" she grinned as she jogged out of the office.
     As soon as she was gone,aunt Marg and the secretary walked out of the
office."You ready,Avery?"
     "I think so," I nodded.I was definitely less nervous after meeting Skye.If
everyone in the school were as nice as she seemed,I wouldn't have any problems.
     "Really?" aunt Marg looked at me,wondering how I changed my mind that quickly.
     "Yeah.I'll survive," I joked.
     "Okay,let's get you to your classroom.You've got Science first period with
Mr.Shamille," the secretary gestured for me to stand up.I did so,and she lead me to
     Once we were there,she knocked on the door.A short middle-aged man with light
brown hair answered."Hello there.New student?" he guessed.I immediately heard Skye
say "I met him already.He's cool." Whoa.She was in my Science class.I heard the class
volume go from 1 to 10 just like that.
     "Yes.Avery,Mr.Shamille.Mr.Shamille,Avery." the secretary introduced us.He seemed
nice enough.
     "Hello,Avery.Welcome to Laieville High," Mr.Shamille smiled and shook my
hand."Come on in and take a seat wherever possible."
     "Okay.I'll see you later,aunt Marg," I said,quietly.I went inside the
classroom,not looking at anyone,as I took a seat near the back next to Skye.
     "Hello again!" she exclaimed."It's cool that you're in my Science class."
     "Yeah,I know.Hey," I replied as I put my bookbag on the floor.
     "As all of you can see,we have a new student," Mr.Shamille told the class."His
name is Avery Grove,and it would be great if you guys could make him feel welcome and
show him around."
     Some people in the class looked over at me and said "Hey,Avery".Some of them
waved.They were much more welcoming than the people back in Lametown were.
     "Avery,we're short on Science textbooks,so would somebody let him sit with
them?" Mr.Shamille asked.
     "Come sit with me," Skye offered.I moved my chair over by her desk.Mr.Shamille
gave the class some Science questions to work on,and I got them right away.My first
day so far(even though it was only first period) was a lot better than I had
     By the time Science class ended,I had already met two other people.Skye's
friends,Xavier and Roman were extremely nice.
     "What do you have next class?" Skye asked as we walked towards the lockers.I was
sharing with her until there were some free ones.She didn't mind.I told her I didn't
have much supplies to put in there,anyway,so there wouldn't be much cramming.
     "I have no clue.They didn't tell me..." I shrugged.I forgot all about
     "Well,come to the office and we'll find out," she grabbed her bookbag from the
floor she laid it on and we were on our way to the office.
     "Hello,Avery!" the secretary greeted me,once we got there."How'd first period
     "Great,thanks.But I don't know what I have for the rest of the day," I
     "Oh!I'm sorry.Stay right there..." she went behind her desk and took out some
papers."Hmm.....ah!Yes.I've got your schedule right here,Avery...would you like a
     "Yes,please," I smiled.
     The secretary put my schedule in the photocopier and handed me a copy.I looked
at it.Science,Math,Religion,English.The last period was whatever option I had
picked.I hadn't picked one yet,but I'd come back at lunch to find out what the
options were.Or Skye would tell me.
     "Thanks a lot.Seeya," I walked out of the office,staring at my schedule.
     "So,how does this whole schedule thing work?Where's the rest of the periods like
Health,Social Studies,Art and stuff like I have to take Gym?" I asked
Skye,hoping I wouldn't have to.Gym was something that didn't mix with Avery.
     Skye took my schedule and looked at it."Well,first of all,you're in two of my
classes.Science and English.You might be in my option class,too,if you decide to
choose it.And second of all,we have semesters here.You'll learn everything you need
to learn in Religion and Science and the option class until January.Then you'll
switch to another option class,Health,and Social Studies for the other part.Art is
one of the option classes.Gym is too."
     "Oh...okay." I said,kind of confused.Schedules in this school were totally
different than my old school.I mean,Gym being an option?I was lovin' it.

‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   25 May 2009   274566  
rofl. Lametown? and in the last few paragraphs, you switched back to
third person for a second. xD u said "Gym did not mix well with
Avery"(or something close) instead of "me". ;D just puttin it out
i love it still! :]
SexFlavouredPancakes says :   25 May 2009   566225  
LOL.Yes.Lametown. Dx
I did that on purpose.He was saying that about himself. xD
And thank you. <3


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