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Tuesday, 5 May 2009
08:53:36 PM (GMT)
You: are* whatthehell. That was lame
Stranger: pretty lam
Stranger: sounds like a nike commercial
You: Just do it. 
Stranger: i already did
You: Sounds quite intense.
Stranger: that was the effect i was going for
Stranger: that and mysterious
You: That too, but more of the intense effect
Stranger: well , that' just how i roll, baby
Stranger: how was that?
You: Nerdy!
Stranger: well i am an engineer
Stranger: so that's to be expected
Stranger: i'll just put on my star wars costume now
You: LMFAO. 
You: I'm sorry, really. That caught me off guard.
Stranger: what , a grown man can't wear a lightsaber
You: A grown man can do whatever he likes, and if I do say so lightsabers are pretty
Stranger: they are
You: I saw this guy on tv who made his own lightsaber and went to conventions and all
that jazz, it was good stuff.
Stranger: lol all that jazz, do you live in 1954
You: 1953 thanks :D
Stranger: that's cool
Stranger: so kelsey , tell me something interesting about yourself
You: Ummm D: Interesting.....I'm starting a collection of gnomes? 
Stranger: that's not interesting , just moronic 
You: I found a gnome and then freaked a little, had to buy it. Now I'm collecting
them x] 
You: I don't really know anything interesting about myself x] 
Stranger: no secrets, weird dreams...
You: I sleep walk a lot D: Is that interesting?
Stranger: sorta
Stranger: my sister does that too
You: It makes me mad, I wake up in the morning and I'll be really tired. Oy, I can
lick my elbow. That's not interesting. Just weird.

Stranger: yeah i agree, i'm pretty amazing
You: x] No one can compare?
Stranger: nope
Stranger: i get prizes 
Stranger: just for sheer awesomeness
You: Of course, if you didn't get prizes we really couldn't call you amazing
Stranger: people stopped calling me my name and just call me amazing
You: I'd assume that, I mean, it'd be disrespectful to call you anything but
Stranger: that's true
Stranger: so doesn't that make you glow inside, just to be talking with me
You: I'm pretty honored, I'm bursting with joy. 
Stranger: it's ok my child, such feelings are normal
Stranger: is there anything you want to ask me in my splendour?
You: When did everyone being to realize your pure amazing ways?
Stranger: it was when i first took a public shower
Stranger: the sculpture that my body is just overwhelmed the masses
You: Did everyone faint before you?
Stranger: faints, orgasms, jaws on the floor, ...
You: All three at once?
Stranger: for some
Stranger: not particularly in that order but sure
You: How do you ever go out in public? Does everyone rush to greet you?
Stranger: i float above the crowds in a disguise
Stranger: but it can be a burden
Stranger: i dress up like a bum
Stranger: and 2 hours later people have to explain to their husbands why they exposed
themselves for a hobo
You: But I'm sure they understand, I bet have of them would have exposed themself to
you as well.
Stranger: yes but that's the problem, they don't know it's me
Stranger: because i look like a bum
Stranger: but just a bum with something about him
You: What happens when they realize it's really you?
Stranger: more spasming and fainting
Stranger: it's hard for me to get around town, go to the baker , have a date
Stranger: it's a blessing and a curse
You: Too much of a good thing?
Stranger: too much of an awesome thing yes
Stranger: that's why i go on these sites
Stranger: it minimizes my impact
Stranger: but even then
Stranger: you'll find out soon enough
Stranger: just make sure you're somewhere safe
You: But I know and I havn't fainted, my jaw hasn't dropped, and I'm pretty sure I
havn't orgasmed, so now what? 
Stranger: there is a delay online
Stranger: that's what's saving you right now
You: Oh, so when will I be experiencing the effects of your amazingness, minutes,
Stranger: should be in 50 minutes or so
You: Sounds good, sounds good. 
Stranger: that's what you say now
Stranger: but when you collapse in the middle of the street
You: :O That does sound upsetting. 
Stranger: it sure is, i have to be wary of my powers
You: What happens when you look in a mirror?
Stranger: i wake up an hour later
You: Are you usually sticky?
Stranger: sometimes
Stranger: it's just very hard to live this way
Stranger: anonymous, no mirrors
You: :O You can't even see your own amazing self
Stranger: that's the worst
Stranger: i don't know what i look like
Stranger: i've been told i am caucasian 
Stranger: but how would i know
Stranger: i could be a woman for all i know
You: Possibly, but I don't think people would lie to you, being amazing and all
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: good point
Stranger: can you lie to me?
Stranger: try
You: I don't respect your amazingness, and I refuse to call you anything but Matt.
Stranger: wow
Stranger: don't you feel bad now
You: Horrible, forgive me?
Stranger: you are forgiven
Stranger: see , my presence is starting to filter through
Stranger: let me know when your jaw hits the keyboard
You: What if I pass out before that?
Stranger: well then just make sure you don't hurt yourself sleepwalking
You: Havn't yet :] 
Stranger: that's good
Stranger: maybe you are sufficiently awesome yourself to deter my awesomeness
You: We'll just have to wait and find our won't we?
Stranger: yup
Stranger: also, if you're parents and/or siblings start acting weird around the
Stranger: that's just me lingering
Stranger: so you might want to keep your mom away from the pc if you like your
You: No one uses the computer but me, so it should be okay.

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