70 ways to annoy Sasuke Uchiha *note:some of the ideas are from my
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70 ways to annoy Sasuke Uchiha *note:some of the ideas are from my
Category: ways to annoy ^W^
Thursday, 19 March 2009
04:24:16 PM (GMT)
not ment to offend anyone ^.^"

1.	Call him chicken-butt.
2.	Tell him Naruto was head over heels for him.
*i think im watching too much yaoi...
3.	Transform into Kakashi and hug him.
4.	Sing the Elmo song a couple hundred times.
*if it doesnt annoy you first...
5.	Tack an oro poster on his ceiling above his bed that says ‘you gonna get
*inspiration: oro pic.
6.	Ask him if he could do the chicken dance with you in public.
*hey, pretty messed up me
7.	Say Itachi was selling his baby pictures on e-bay.

8.	Ask how much hair gel he uses.
*i really wanna know
9.	Put pink and green dye in his shampoo.
*then id be funny
10.	Tell everyone that the sharringan eyes are just contacts.
*yeah... no more comments for now
11.	Prank call him as Itachi.

12.	Put a ‘welcome all fangirls’ sign in front of the Uchiha complex.

13.	Call him emo-kun.
*my nickname for him ^.^
14.	Sing ‘Emo Kid’ loudly in public.

15.	Tell him Itachi raped him last night.

16.	Buy him a pink purse and glue it in his hair.

17.	Buy him a leather collar.

18.	Tell everyone he has his nipples pierced.

19.	Point a random way and yell ‘Itachi!’

20.	Scream like a fangirl every time you see him.

21.	Sing ‘teenagers’ every five seconds.

22.	Ask him what his view on art is.

23.	go to Deidara and tell him he said art sucks (and watch the pretty colors)

24.	Watch a yaoi video on YouTube a million times.

25.	Make him watch it with you.

26.	Two words. DANCE. FAIL.

27.	Say ‘Sasuke’ every two seconds.

28.	Poke him, A LOT.

29.	Yodel in his ear.

30.	make him watch SpongeBob and Barney

31.	Replace his hair gel with jello.

32.	Replace his shurikan with blow up dolls.

33.	Switch his DVD cases and CDs.

34.	tell him he’s Itachi's bitch

35.	have Akamaru pee on his leg

36.	Buy him a cosplay outfit.

37.	buy him a leash

38.	egg his house

39.	show him Quizilla

40.	play elevator music all day

41.	turn into a black cat and cross Kakashi’s path

42.	add magnets behind his and Naruto’s headbands

43.	Make him watch Barbie.

44.	tie him to a tree and shave his hair off

45.	tell him that Naruto said he was a chicken-butt

46.	tell him Naruto would be “visiting” him tonight

47.	tell him that someone wants to marry his hair

48.	throw a glob of Deidara’s clay in his hair


50.	tell him Itachi is head over heels for him

51.	make him watch Elmo with you

52.	ask him if he’s gay

53.	Tell him that he’s so gay for going to the lame-ass, gender confused, and
pedophiliac stalker-dog.

54.	put a ‘free the emo kid’ sign on the Akatsuki’s doorstep

55.	sing ‘this is the song that never ends’ in his ear

56.	fangirl-scream loudly from behind him

57.	when he turns to ask you why, say it was the sight of his totally hot brother

58.	run away laughing while he chases you to hit you over the head

59.	Tell him that Orochimaru doesn’t like him like that and slap him in the face.

60.	kick his butt if he doesn’t give you five dollars

61.	make him wear a monkey costume

62.	make him watch the wiggles with you

63.	put lipstick on him while he’s asleep

64.	make him look like a geisha when he’s asleep

65.	draw a pink flower on his headband

66.	tell Sakura that she was actually his sister

67.	Laugh your ass of when she tries to use fire style jutsu and burns his hair off

68.	ask him how much time he spends on his hair in the morning

69.	show him photobucket

70.           give this list to tobi
* *evil smirk*

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