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Monday, 16 March 2009
10:05:19 PM (GMT)
what the ones that ed saved from your mom. or how he layed on the couch all day and
got mad if someone bothered him. so moody that he made you kids stay in your rooms.
or the only time he talked to me is when he wanted something. or used you kids
agianst me and your mom. and how you moms wanted a divorce and ed got pissed. she got
tired of supporting him and his problems. that man never worked more than a few hours
a day and a few days a week. he had to hang out at the bars. trying to be a big shot.
and got pissed when i went with my friends and didn't by beer for him. he said he was
a man. then he should take care of things like a man should. not let a woman deal
with everything. as you can tell i never liked him at all. or his sisters. the only
reason i was around his sisters was helen. and after me and helen broke up i would
not talk to them. when i came back for your moms funeral trish sat on the plane and
she was right infront of me and would not talk to me. i flew up with a few friends
and they asked me why i was trying to talkt to someone of here caliber. lol. i wish
things were different. why does your profile say native when you look like pale face.

well i hate to say it but its in the bloodline. ed was the same way. did you know
when you were in little league he put a restraining order on me for buying you those
shoes/glove/ball/and paying for little league. i had to give your mom money all the
time for bill cause he would take the money and go buy bs with it and not have money
for bills. i gave her $1200 a month. even more when she would ask for it. i know its
not the best right now. but when you are 18 you can do what ever you want. right?
there is always a place to stay with me. don't ever forget it. and as christy and
trish are. they should help you with the chores around the house. isn't your sisters
like lil. what are they doing chores. they should be doing lil kid things. not house
work. don't you have a social worker. you should be informing them of what is going
on. not bottling it up inside of you. you need to tell people bout katrina's problems
and josie's too. kids should not act that way. and what do they do while they are in
there rooms all day. they should be taking you guys out and doing kid things. not
sitting in there all day. i don't get it. why did they want you kids if all they do
is ignore you guys. that is so wrong. now i see why the girls are acting that way.
its a reflection of what they see. and hear. they are getting it from christy and
trish. and what is wrong with being on the electronics for more than a hour a day.
there are worse things you kids could be doing than that. well, i don't know what to
say. i tried to call when the girls moved up to fairbanks and trish told me not to
call back cause the girls did not want to talk to me. i was so mad. how can one
person who didn't even like my sister tell me that i could not talk to you kids. i
hate to say it but you kids picked to live with them. you should have giving it some
time. and stayed with them for awhile and seen how they really are. just keep ya head
up. learn from this and gain from it too. i think psg would have been better. but
they had you kids in court say who you wanted to take care of you. and you guys
choose christy and trish. i know they are pains. but you will not be there that much
longer. maybe they will learn from this too. taking care of others is hard. even if
you do not know them. i know they do not like me. and they did not like your mother.
and it was hard on all of us when she went to glory. just keep it real. 

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From: jacob (424532530)
Date: Mar 15, 2009 4:00 PM
Subject: RE: yo

christy yells a lot to the point of kay crying,they yell a lot and are way to
strict,josies bossy,kays emotional and has emotional breakdowns and i calm her down
when shes screaming and crying,trish and christy assume to much,are hypocrites,and
waste money on things they dont need or when they could have used it better,sure they
work,pay the bills,cook,and clean their own rooms but thats it.when they get home all
they do is stay in their rooms and they make us do all the housework then they bitch
at us about if we spend more then an hr on the electronics. i mean idc about the
housework what pisses me off is how their such hypocrites.
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From: ILL-ASKA BOY (87497953)
To: jacob 
Date: Mar 15, 2009 3:46 PM
Subject: RE: yo

what are you talking bout? is she trying to give you junk food. is she cooking for
you guys. or are you tending to things yourselfs.

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From: jacob (424532530)
Date: Mar 15, 2009 3:45 PM
Subject: RE: yo

nm im just realizing that i can be as mature as an adult and i could be a better
parent then my aunt.i know to much for my age and idk whats healthy anymore
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From: ILL-ASKA BOY (87497953)
To: jacob 
Date: Mar 15, 2009 3:42 PM
Subject: yo

what is going on lil man. just chillin. do you have to go to school on monday? or do
they give you more time to enjoy the cold weather? lol. do you go and hang out with
your sister much. or just chill on ya own?

puppy_lover88 says:   17 March 2009   461335  
this is very long! ^^
‹█bLaZiNg☺DuCk☺fAcE☺DaRyN█› says :   17 March 2009   788864  


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