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Thursday, 12 March 2009
05:05:08 PM (GMT)
death around us,can't you see?
what has become of you and me
they look at us with shocked stares
thinking that we don't care
as the blood drips from corpse to blade
see the bodies we have laid
upon the earth tainted red
from the bodies we have bled
as our bloodlust begins to rise
we see their faces coated in lies
they think of us as an omen 
but they don't see whats become of them
they yelled they screamed
and we both dreamed 
of a better day,a better way
to end all the pain and misery
we've been cut,stabbed,and torn
our heart has become tattered and worn
out beyond belief
so much hurt theirs no relief
they laugh and giggle
we squirm and wiggle
they can't deny 
its all a joke,a fucking lie
they don't see the monsters we hide
hidden down deep inside
we try to hide in our shell
from their torturous hell
as the blade breaks their skin
we see the demons caged within
we know its evil,we know its a sin
but we can't help but give in
as the light fades to black
we see that our heart is intact
as we see the bitter end
we wish their was a heart to lend
they think its funny,they think its a game
but in the end its all the same
they think its evil,we think its great
they just can't seem to relate
as i hold this knife
close enough to take my life
you still dont realize
that your mouth full of lies
is what brought me down to this 
all i want is one last kiss 
just before i die
will you stop and lie
will you stop and lie
say that you love me 
even though i know it will never be
'cuz i know you never will 
i just wanna say i love you still
i took my heart ripped it in two
one for me,one for you
but then you took my heart
crumpled it up and ripped it apart
you gave it back to me bloody red 
making me wish i was dead
Last edited: 12 March 2009

‹onchocerciasis› says:   12 March 2009   382657  
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   12 March 2009   795525  
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   12 March 2009   896863  
You're really good at writing. You should try and publish some of
your stuff when you're old enough.
‹EvenTheStarsRefuseToShine♥› says:   12 March 2009   585211  
Wow, i really like them all
You're great at poetry Jacob!
‹PLUR› says:   12 March 2009   286572  
jacob you are so very good
i love them
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   12 March 2009   522655  
‹medusaaaa🍪› says:   12 March 2009   238266  
Brilliant. But really sad. ]: <3
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   12 March 2009   171461  
thanx.which one was sad?
thunder755 says:   12 March 2009   496337  
wow  ur real good
CaitlinCHAOSSS says:   12 March 2009   169135  
your pretty goo dat writing :]
i like the second one
‹JacobJigglypuff› says:   12 March 2009   453273  
‹Emma Bear› says:   12 March 2009   945948  
they are awsome
‹YouYearnKeira'sToxicKiss› says:   12 March 2009   999152  
i like the first one the most
‹Calamari</3› says:   12 March 2009   911475  
They're beautiful.
‹We'll_be_glowing_in_the_dark› says:   13 March 2009   285237  
I like the second one more :P
they're all awesome :D
‹xXround~and~round~we~goXx› says:   13 March 2009   885816  
I'm speachless cause they're amazing
‹Syndromic_Wonderland› says:   14 March 2009   887976  
Love them.

Angsty, depressing, and bloody.

It's perfect!
Xx_Fading_Fairytale_xX says:   14 March 2009   734284  
i like them they are wonderful. =]]
‹CSQisBAMF<3› says :   15 March 2009   929551  
I've written somethings like it, I like how you used your words. You
grasped into someones mind.
Goodjob, I love it.


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