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Fought with a best friend today...Category: THURSDAY'S EPIC RANT
Thursday, 12 February 2009
06:46:31 PM (GMT)
January February 12, 2009
As written by Jess

In the lunch line. At school. I had a fight with one of my best friends.


It was EPIC. XD

The lunch lines at our school are SLOW, any slower and it'd be going backwards. So
while we were waiting, our fight began. It started like this:

Ever since we learned in Elementary that there were water molecules in the air
everywhere, I pretended to splash her. This is pretty much shoving air at her in the
same way you'd splash someone in a pool. So we kept "splashing" each other while the
person behind us was looking at the pair of us like we were insane.

Soon, though, we were doing a new thing. It was a verbal kind of fight, where
shouting dramatically is the main rule and to make as many anime references and
inside jokes as possible. 

"I take my zanpaku-to, and slice your head off!" *Pretend to hold a sword and makes a
slashing movement.*

"Oh YEAH?! Well, I arrive in Soul Society and hit you with an arrow!" *Move my arms
in a bow and arrow movement* "HiYAAAH!"

-Thirty minutes later, still in line-

It ended with me gathering all the captains in Soul Society and managing to surround
her with all the captains in the Gotei 13. However, I LOST.


She used Kalpin. DARN HER. Have you ever seen Prince of Tennis? Kalpin is the CUTEST
BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, no competition (A kitty cat. CUTEST KITTY CAT EVER).
Seriously, we had this big debate about whether something could match Kalpin's
cute-ness. It's still a mystery. (Though we came close when we combined L with some
band she really likes. But they weren't furry enough. And so it didn't work.)

Obviously, none of the captains would or could attack her, since she had the cutest

Such fun.

So... what were you expecting? Huh? Mean things being said? Catfight (Well, a cat
was involved, but...)? As in, actually fighting? Tsk, tsk, I said a fight with
a BEST friend. Shame on you for assuming the worst. Shame! (Lol. See ya!)

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