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The black girl -PT. 3- YAY YAY INTERESTING PART!!!!!!!!!!!Category: (general)
Saturday, 7 February 2009
09:25:01 PM (GMT)
I suddenly stopped breathing; was somone coming up the stairs? I silently scooched
back behind the clothes hanging from the wooden bar. I heard my bedroom door swing
open, and a thought came to me. Crap! I had left the window open and the rope was
still hanging from it! There was a thud as the thick rope fell to the ground,
obviously cut by Gayle. Footsteps came louder and louder until I was certain Gayle
was right in front of the closet. I heard her fumbling with the lock, trying to pick
it. Finally she succeeded, and swung open the door. "Isabella Cunn!" she yelled at
me. I jumped up. She continued screaming at me. "What do you think you're doing?!"
she shoved me to the ground. I could feel my temper rising; my face getting more red
and twisted. A growl escaped my throat as Gayle kicked me. Before I knew it, I was on
top of Gayle, pinning her down to the floor. My eyes were filled with hatred. I shook
Gayle by the shoulders. "I hate you!" I screamed into her shocked face. "You're not
my mother and you never will be!" she struggled to get out of my grip, but I had new
strength I didn't even knew I had. 

Suddenly, in the next few seconds, it seemed as if the whole world had stopped
turning. I stared at Gayle's petrified face, and realised what I was doing. I let go
of her, my whole body trembling. I staggered back and fell against my dresser; not
feeling anything. Gayle hopped up, shaking a manicured finger at me. "Your father is
going to hear about this!" she screamed, her eyes widened. I stood leaning against
the dresser, my breath ragged. Gayle slammed the door behind her as she left my room.
Tears fell down my face. 
"Mama, what is wrong with me?" I wailed. 
"Isabella, I love you," I heard her whisper in my ear. I sniffed and wiped my eyes. I
knew what I had to do. I had to be alone. I grabbed my backpack and stuffed supplies
in it: money, food, cellphone, blanket. I was set to run away. Climbing out of my
window was going to be tricky; I didn't have any rope. I hung out of my window and
grabbed the gutter pipe. I swung over to it, keeping a good grip, and slid down.
So far so good, I thought. 

That night I made good progress. I had made it to the woods that were just beyond
where town was. Not a lot of people went there. I would be alone almost every day and
night. I found a big, flat rock that was against a sturdy tree. I put down my blanket
and lay down on the rock. It wasn't very comfortable but it was enough for a bed. As
I looked up at the stars, I saw the bright cresent moon. In the distance, coyotes
were howling. I found myself howling along with them.

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