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Friday, 30 January 2009
07:47:45 AM (GMT)
1. If I looked in your trunk, what would I find?
elephants nose hair

2. Do you go to the bathroom with the door open or closed?

3. Are your underwear and socks folded in your drawers, or just thrown in?

4. Sleep on your back or stomach?
stomach unless i tinkin then i sleep on me back nd look at the sky

5. Are you a cuddler?

6. What would I find if I looked under your bed?
pandoras box opened with a note 'back in 5 mins' in it

7. Something that happened today that has made you mad?
hmm....my teacher made me wait half an hour for an appointment when i WAS on time

8. What were you doing before this survey?
listenin to tha gorillaz

9. What will you do after this survey?
anuva survey

10. Marriage or living together?
iunno wht this means so imma put.....livin together

11. What are you wearing right now?
a polo shirt nd some cargo pants

12. How many times have you been in love?
u never know true love until its gone...an im to young to 'love' anyway

13. Are you currently in love?
iunno...too young to kno

14. Do you talk about your feelings or hide them?
hide them...its a habit...unless i abseloutly have to

15. Is there something you regret and wish you could take back?
there's a lot of things i regret...but no point wishin them different cos it wont
change anythin an itd waste time for you to ammend tht mistake on wishin it gone

16. First thing you do when you wake up?
put ma glasses on

17. Last person you told you love them?
dunno...ma mum probs havnt sed tht in ages tho

18. Kiss with your eyes open or closed?
dunno (only time i kissed wuz when i was in yr two in a dark room) but usally ppl
kiss wiv eyes closed

19. Bite or Lick?
bite or lick wat!! if its ice cream (i hope its ice cream) i lick i have sensitive
teath nd cant bite cold tings

21. Do you tend to rip the paper off water bottles?
ya ish funn!

22. Why do you like the person you like?
funny,smart,cute, fun to hang rnd with. they just make me feel so...indescribebal

23. When you shut off your alarm clock, do you tend to fall back asleep?
my alarm clock is a wind up old fashioned one tht i neva use haha

24. If you were given the chance to take care of a monkey for a weekend, would you?
ya! monkeys rok

25. What is the current advertisement on the side of the screen?
none! ^_^

26. What are you looking forward to in the next few months?
i just cant wait till i see sian agen....then the time after tht....then her comin to
ma birthday

27. When will you turn 50?
umm 2056

28. Who is your best friend?
ambar or sian then laura or emma or hollie

29. Where do you wish you were right now?
not here...

30. What song are you currently listening to?
erm the gorillaz feel good inc

31. Have you ever passed out from drinking?

32. If you caught a significant other cheating on you what would you do?
walk away

33. What time did you wake up this morning?
9 15

34. Do you have any cousins?
loads!!!! sian is ma fav

36. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?
gd timin ambar just phoned nd im on the phone wit her

37. What is the WORST subject they teach in school?
maths! its a good subject they just dont teach it rite

38. Where do you plan on living when you grow up?

39. What was your dream this morning?
that....umm... acctually i dont dream much and i when i do remeber them its a
nightmare..i get tem often

40. How many times have you seen your favorite movie?

41. Where was the last place you traveled?
to school

42. How was your past weekend?
.__. okay...

43. What is your favorite song?
feel good inc or clint eastwood

44. Why are you doing this survey?
i like surveys ^_^

46. Do you think you are attractive?

47. Is someone on your mind right now?

48. Can you say the alphabet backwards?
heck  yeah been able to do tht in time without pausein since i was 8

49.Do you worry about how you look?
heck no

50. Would you ever change for a boy/girl?
well yah wudnt kno until yah had the chance wud yah...but if it was for a day then
change back i wud try it...for experience

51. Pro-life or Pro-choice?
Pro-Life no one has the rite to choose if this child lives or dies...but if there is
a chance tht the mum wud die and the baby wud definitly die then pro choice

52. Have you ever been on stage?

53. Can you whistle?
yup ^_^

54. Would you do anything for that special someone?
well...ya...except incest and murdeer or rape or sumthin like tht

55. Do you know who Stewie Griffin is?
omg ya! HES SO DAM CUTE!

56. Do you have any plans for today?
ya they r to....sit here...do nothin...and ya..

57. Are you friends with guys or girls?
mostly grls but some dudes

58. Why?
 why? cuz im in an all grls skool

59. Have you ever thought a friend could be more than a friend?
yes and im kinda glad of that..^_^ theres always a chance inst there like ambar nd
caleb were mates now theyre goin out

60. Do you like the beach?

61. What color is your toothbrush?
yellow nd white

62. What makes you laugh?
stuff...O_o ma mates mainly hollie or sian or laura

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