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The Little Orphan Chapter 24Category: The little orphan story
Wednesday, 7 January 2009
10:35:24 AM (GMT)
A/n: Ok, for serious, I'm REALLY sorry. My resolution for this year is to finish
this story, so unless I break it, you have a lot to look forward to. but ONCE again,
I apologize!!

The day continued on normally. Mana was still on Taheiji's back, improvising tunes with her flute, but by late afternoon, she put it back in her backpack. She started to ponder about Aiko. Why did Eichiro think suspiciously of him? He seemed like a fairly nice guy. Mana continued pondering reasons threw the day. * Aiko watched as Jack flew high above him, touching the clouds. He was still walking in the direction of Giaga, but whistled for Jack and turned south. After about an hour of walking south, he came across the elves' secret pond. He walked up to the edge if the pool and took off his necklace. He then threw it into the water. At first nothing happened, but after a few seconds, a sudden rumbling came from within the pond. A big burst of water spouted about seven feet in the air. But the water didn't come down. It hovered in the air and started to sculpt itself. About 30 seconds later, the water had the rough impersonation of a man, whose face was unmistakable. Shikuro. Aiko stood up and faced the impersonation. The head of water came to life and faced him. "Ah, Aiko. I trust you're doing well?" He said, sounding like he was underwater. "I've already found them;they were easy to find. But I couldn't do anything. There were too many other travelers among them. And some of them were magicians, though I couldn't tell who." Shikuro's head turned in thought. "Keep tabs on them, Aiko. I want constant updates on their location, and please, don't let them die, Aiko. Remember, I want Eichiro and Mana, alive." "Yes sir." The impersonation of Shikuro fell into the water again, and the area around it looked as normal as ever. Aiko retrieved his necklace from the water, and sent Jack northeast, where the group his employer looked for had been last seen. He took a glace up to see Jack was already about 20 feel ahead of him, high above the canopy. Aiko just hoped that the travelers wouldn't notice them. * The eleven of them rode long past sundown. The battery in Mana's watched had died awhile ago, so she didn't bother trying to tell the time anymore; she used the sun to help her. Before long, the group finally stopped and made camp in a clearing. Mana was starting to wonder how much forest was left before she could actually see things again. The forest had a warm air to it tonight, and she could hear some of the few sprites left in the forest singing. Everyone else had fallen asleep, but Mana didn't feel tired. She decided to help Spirit out of her cloth prison of her backpack so she could get some air. When Spirit was tugged out, she took a big breath and sighed. "Wow! It's sure stuffy in there!" "Sorry, Spirit..." Spirit started crawling on Mana, stood on her head, and started singing with the other sprites. When Mana first started having dreams of Eichiro, she had absolutely no idea that she was going to end up in a different world. Maybe even another planet or dimension. But...Mana felt at home here. She couldn't help but feel this was where she belonged. Taheiji made a sudden snort in his sleep. (A/n: O_o) She suddenly realized how late it was, and the long day ahead of her tomorrow. "Spirit, when you're done singing with your friends,hop back into my backpack, okay? I'm going to bed." Spirit climbed off of Mana's head and made it onto a nearby rock. "Okie-dokie!" She replied with a small salute. Mana smiled and leaned her head on Taheiji's paw. Mana suddenly started thinking about her mother. What did she look like? Who was she married to? Did she have any other children? Mana decided not to strain herself thinking about it. But then something else came to her mind. How did Eichiro know so much about her when he met her? Sure, he could've read her mind, but at that distance? He'd strain himself trying to read the mind of someone in Calgary. She stopped thinking about it, worried about straining her brain, and decided to ponder about it tomorrow. She felt tired to suddenly anyways, so she decided to sleep and let time answer her questions. * Mana was woken by a large Thud. She looked up, and realized it was early dawn. The group was still sleeping, but she noticed Taheiji and Eichiro were already awake. They were probably going to an early flight. Mana didn't want to disturb their time, so she put her head down and pretended to still be asleep. She could feel Eichiro's emerald eyes on her. "I know you're awake. I don't need magic to tell." He called bluntly. Mana sat up. "Sorry. I didn't want to bother you two." "Don't worry about it. Since you're awake now, do you wanna come?" Mana smiled and ran over to Eichiro and Taheiji. The blue tiger-dragon knelt down, and Eichiro helped her up onto his back. Then Mana heaved Eichiro on board. She grabbed onto his waist, the typical position so she didn't fall off. (A/n: Seriously, who'd want Chosenplayer street pizza? O_o) Taheiji walked a bit away from the others, took a few starting flaps, and took off. Mana held tight while Taheiji continued to ascend. He finally stopped a few hundred feet in the air, and started to glide. "Eichiro-maji, why is this place we're going called the Moon Isles?" "Well, the biggest Island looked like a giant waning crescent moon from a bird's eye view, then the islands surrounding it look like stars." "And who is Muskinatu?" Eichiro paused. He was obviously shocked from the question. "...You know about her?" "I heard you and Etsuya talking about her back in Giaga." Eichiro paused again. "She is the ruler of the Moon Isles. The Isles are independent from my kingdom, and the isles are her responsibility. Her sister is a dragon trainer there. But apparently, someone imprisoned her while I was gone." "So it's your job to save her?" "She's an important ally. If my kingdom loses her favor, we could go to war, and even with the size and population of the kingdom, we wouldn't stand a chance against the hundreds of dragons on the island." Mana still didn't believe that was the only reason, but she could see what he meant. Mana didn't ask him anything else after that, and just enjoyed the flight, even if she was 300 feet off the ground on a tiger-dragon.

‹{☜☏☞}› says:   7 January 2009   937495  
ooh! Best chapter so far! Keep up the good work! *winks*
callie11 says:   7 January 2009   751825  
Yay! It's really good! I love the way you made Aiko communicate with
Shikuro. So, are they going to rescue the Queen or Moon Isles or what?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 January 2009   112719  
TGYDKI: For serious? ...really?
Callie: I'm glad you do! (I may have gotten an element of it
from narnia 2...)
‹DomoLikesMuffins› says:   7 January 2009   542538  
Your Writing Style Is Different To Mine.. But I Like It.

Keep Up The Good Work.
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 January 2009   657399  
Thanks very much. I actually haven't seen your work yet, but I'll go
do that now. 
Kirti says:   7 January 2009   727441  

Naono's role in the story has been filled by someone else!
Jack = Naono's laptop
Shikuro = The Orphanage
Aiko = Naono
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 January 2009   839844  
Wow, you're right.


Didn't mean to do that.
Kirti says:   7 January 2009   221183  
Well it is important for Eichiro to keep demplimatic ties. And for
all Mana knows she's really old anyway... (plus even if she is his age
it's very important for monarchs to remain unattached in case the need
to have a marrige of state arises.)

-hey... if even Eichiro's assumibly large kingdom can't take the moon
isles on how is it that someone else did, at least to the point where
they can capture the monarch?
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   7 January 2009   471348  
You'd be surprised at what some people are capable of.

Oh, how I always realize how many flaws are in my story...
Oh well, what doesn't kill me will help me write a better story.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   8 January 2009   243389  
Great chapter. 
I thought it was a little short but i might just be reading twilight
books too
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   8 January 2009   769132  
Mmm...I haven't read Twilight.
Kirti says:   8 January 2009   985914  
don't. No one should be subjected to Twilight. (At least not in any
country where torture is illegal)
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   9 January 2009   188872  
Er...Torture is illegal here too...
Plus, if more then half of the girls that read become Edward fan
girls, count me out. I don't think Fangirlism is exactly anything to
be proud of.
‹Up-in-the-Clouds› says:   12 January 2009   279623  
Twilight isn't that bad..... as soon as I get done with the last book
i really won't care about it anymore..... i'll just move onto another
book. Gah, twlight fangirls. They bug me....
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says :   13 January 2009   337425  
Any kind of fangirl bugs me.
seriously, can't they get a life?
I'm glad you've kept your sanity though.


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