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The perfect maid sure to make you hornyCategory: Horny story
Saturday, 3 January 2009
02:22:42 PM (GMT)
SEX STORY! it comes in the seventh paragraph.

"Sigh" I came out of my car and slammed the door shut. I was tired from work. I
slowly walked to the front door of my mansion. I was so slow that i think i took 5
minutes just to get there. Sometimes i even thought why i had a mansion anyway if i
had no compny and the house was so empty. I got my keys out and unlocked the door.
When i finally opened it, the inside of my mansion looked like it threw up. That's
how dirty my house was. I didn't have time to clean it myself so my home looked worse
everyday i looked at it. I walked to my sofa and sat down. I reached for the remote
to see what was on television. Great! the workout show was on. Now i could do my
daily exercise. What i wanted to do was to calm down and relax. After 20 minutes of
doing it, there came a commercial.  "No time to clean around the house? Introducing
our new maid service!" This caught my eye "Just call this number!" 

The only thing i needed was a maid to keep my house clean. I ran to the kitchen to
get the phone and call the number on the television. 
"Hello! Maid service!" 
"Yes i would like to have a maid clean my house"
"How long?" 
"Until i'm satisfied!"
"Ok the maid will be there first thing in the morning. Bye!"

Yes. I finally found my solution!

Next morning i woke up to the beeping of the alarm clock. I almost frogot it was my
day off. I could finally rest! I was so excited that i forgot about the maid! I
remembered when i heard a car in the driveway. I looked out the window and saw an
atractive looking maid. Her hair was black and put into a bun. Her dress was at her
mid thigh and she looked hot with the black pantyhose on. She was heading for the
front door. Before she could ring the doorbell i opened the door for her. 

"Good morning to you sir!" She sweetly said me. "I'm Lucy and i will be your maid"
"Hi i'm Mitchell" i said back t her sarcastically. Lucy's smile became straight as
she turned away from me. I really didn't mean to be rude but i wasn't used to the

Lucy has been coming every afternoon instead of mornings to my house now. After i
came back from work, she was gone. It was that way for about 3 weeks until one night
when i returned from work iexpected her to be gone but instead she was watching
television. "What are you still doing here!" I yelled at her. "Oh i'm very sorry sir"
She said scared. She hurried to ather her stuff and left. It was like that for 2
days. The third day it happened i yelled at her for forgetting to do my bed. "I'm so
sorry sir. I don't know what i was thinking" she apologized. "Do it right now!" i

I saw Lucy slowly making my bed. "Faster!!!" i yelled. She looked so hot while she
worked. I couldn't help it anymore. I just had to touch her everywhere. After she
finished i ran to her. "You're not going anywhere tonight are you?" I asked her
sexily. "W-why do you ask?" She aksed kinda worried. I wrapped my arms around her and
started kissing her neck slowly. "Please s-stop" she told me. "My mansion, my rules
and i command you to let me do whatever i want to do to you" I said sternly. I pushed
her down the bed and started making out with her. She looked pleased and she made out
with me back. 

I started touching her boobs. "I command you to take off your clothes!" I told her.
lucy looked at me for a while then did as i said. "Now unzip my pants!" I told her. I
liked Lucy. She always litsened to me. She was wearing a red bra and cheetah spotted
thong. Her back pantyhose made her look hotter! I started to unbutton my shirt. I was
lucky to be in my twenties and she appeared to be too. I got completely naked. "Touch
my cock!" I demanded her. Lucy reached out her arm and stroked my cock. I started to
pull her pantyhose down. She stopped touching my cock and pulled her thong down. "You
read my mind!" i told her smiling. She looked at me and without warning she got my
cock and started sucking on it. "There you go!" I wanted to cum now. Lucy was really
doing her job now. "Have you done this before?" I asked her. "No but i have seen
television. "Oh that's why you always watched my T.V" I wanted to suck her pussy. I
reached my hand out and started massaging her pussy. "You have been a very good girl
so here is your prize" I told her. "Lucy, you can let go of my cock now and let me
suck your pussy"

I layed her down the bed and started to suck on her pussy. "You will no longer be a
virgin!" i told her sexily. "What?" she asked confused. "Either you accept that prize
or you will get fired!" I told her sternly. Lucy didn't have a choice so she layed
still. I put my cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her slowly at first then
harder and harder. "Oooooooooooooooooohhh yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss" she monaned.
"Harder!!!!!" So i did what the lady commanded. As i fucked her i licked and sucked
on her boobs. Wedid this all night long. 

Every night we have a little fun now........ and she sometimes brings her friends
with her.
Last edited: 3 January 2009

FreeHeart says :   15 March 2009   469712  
That was shit and a half.

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