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Unhappy girl far away part 1 chapter 13Category: happy
Sunday, 28 December 2008
05:28:56 PM (GMT)
On the drive home Jacob pulled into a parking lot. He and Cindy got out and went
into this driving test place. Jacob picked a number and they sat done. Cindy looked
at him and said 

Cindy: What are we doing here? 

Jacob: Getting you a drivers licenses.

Cindy: Why?

Jacob: Because I want you to learn to drive and you will get a surprise tomorrow on
your birthday.

They called her up to a area with desk. Cindy sat at a desk and she was hand a test.
She did the test slowly taking her time to answer the question. After the test a fat
guy came out and called her name. Jacob and Cindy followed him to the parking lot.
Cindy got in the front. The fat guy got in the front seat and Jacob sat in the back.
Cindy went thought a lot of obstacles and when she was done the guy took them to
another room and he had her stand in front of a white sheet of paper. He took her
picture and he told them to wait in the waiting area. 

They sat there for hours when the guy came out with a car and said she was now a
driver of Canada. She smiled and said thank you and hugged the fat guy and she hugged
Jacob and they went to Jacobs car and Cindy got to drive home. When they got home
Cindy showed Jacobs parents her license. She went upstairs to read. 

While reading Cindy fell asleep on her window seat. Jacob came in around 10 to say
good night. When he saw the way Cindy was sleeping he took a picture and he picked
her up. He place her on the bed and put on sweat pants and a tank top on here and he
put her under the covers. He kiss her good night. He put a bookmark in her book and
he was about to leave when Cindy called out 

Cindy: Jacob?

Jacob: Yes love muffin? 

Cindy: Don’t leave me. I want you to sleep in my bed with me.

Jacob: Ok love muffin just let me change. 

She nod and she fell back to sleep. Jacob put some Pjs on and he went back to
Cindy’s room. He laid under the covers with her and hold her close. During the
night Jacob notice Cindy was cold against him. He sat and looked at her and she was
curled in a ball with the light blanket over her. He looked for he got up and went
down stairs. He got her quilt from the chair and went back up stairs. He laid her
straight and put the quilt over her. He laid back down and went back to sleep with
her close to him. 

The next morning he woke Cindy up and she smiled and hugged her. He left to get dress
and Cindy went into the bathroom to take a shower.  After her shower she got dress in
pink jean skirt, a long t-shirt and she tied it back and she put her hair in a bun.
She picked up her back pack up. She went down stairs and ate a bagel. Jacob came down
smiling with his parents. Jacob blind fold her and took  her out side. He put keys in
her hand and un blindfold her.

She screamed in front of her was a white convertible with the roof back and it had
flowers on it. She hugged Jacob and his parents. She open the drivers door and start
the car. A voice came on the radio saying *Happy birthday love muffin*  Her favorite
song Breath by Anna Nalick came on. Jacob came over to her and said 

Jacob: I will meet you at school. 

Cindy: Ok I love you. 

Jacob: I love you too love muffin.

Cindy drove down the drive way and she drove to school with Jacob following behind
her. She drove into the parking lot honking at her friends. She pulled in a parking
space and she put the roof up and she got out and locked the door. She put her keys
in her purse with her drivers ID. She smile as Jacob parked next to her. He picked
her up and swing her around and kiss her. Her friends came to her and then they said
they had to go when they saw Jacob. Cindy went after them and said 
Cindy: Why don’t you like Jacob 

Jacob: I’m popular and they are afraid that I will hurt them.  I won’t guy I’m
not popular anymore. 

The friends nod and the friends, Cindy and Jacob walked in school together holding
each others arms. When Cindy saw that blonde girl she had a broken leg and Cassie had
a broken arm. She laugh at them and the friends walked to there lockers together

‹HyperStrawberries!› says:   28 December 2008   968641  

Srry i havent been commenting lately :D
Been busy!
‹Emma Bear› says :   28 December 2008   564983  
its ok I understand


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