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~The Story Of Alice: Chapter 99~Category: Stories For Friends.
Monday, 22 December 2008
05:40:05 PM (GMT)
Alice: Chapter 99: Forever. Dizzo held Alice in the moonlight, outside from the orphanage. Alice wept in his soft, loving arms."Shh, everything will be alright.." Dizzo cooed to her softly. Alice brushed her blonde locks of curly hair out away from her sky blue eyes."How can I be happy? I found my love, you, I can't take off my slippers, and my fate is sure to come.." She wept, dropping down in the grass. The little lake that was next to them, sparkling in the moonlight, the swans drifting with the current and the wind. Dizzo looked at her sadly and his cat ears folded back, he looked away from her fighting back tears. Alice ut her feet in the water and looked at the fireflies that flew around over the lake. Dizzo sat down next to her and held her to his chest. Alice blushed and looked at the water."All I ever wanted was to... to..." Alice whispered softly to herself, looking at her reflection in the water. Dizzo's blue, damp hair blew in the breeze and so did Alices blonde locks. She held his hand, getting up."Dance with me. Dance till the morning with me. Please... Its my only hope." She begged Dizzo. He looked at her, brushing his tuxedo a little."Alright, anything for you, my little Rose." He said to her. She smiled sadly and walked to the edge of the lake, putting one foot on the water, the train on her small dress followed her as she moved. A few Cherry Blossoms flew onto the water as she steped, foot by foot into the center of the lake, Alice held out a small hand for Dizzo. He watched in awe and ran to her, not caring if were to fall, trip, or drown, he only wanted to make sure she was free from her slippers, forever."Oh Alice, how I love thee..." Dizzo sobbed, holding her as she reached for him. Alice's bottom lip trembled, she broke down into tears."Oh Dizzo, how I longed for thee, for this day, for this moment... I found ye." She said to him smiling. Alice twirled on the water, her ballet slippers were soaked but she didn't care, she found love. Dizzo took her by her waist and waltzed with her on the water. The swans flew away in the moonlight and the wind blew gently. Alice stepped back a little."I'm sorry.." She said blushing. Dizzo giggled at Alice but her face was so sad."What is wrong?" He asked concerned. She nodded no and took off her dress, underneath her old ballet outfit from long ago. Alice smiled weakly and backed up into the deeper end."Fate called me and said, 'It is time.'" She told Dizzo simply as she wailed and cried. Dizzo's soft eyes went blank as he ran towards her but she lept into the sky, gracefully. She looked at the moon, her body a shadow from down below.'Dizzo, why didn't you save me before? We... we were only friends, I do not want to die, not with you right here... This is it, this is my Fairy Tale chapter? This is.. the end.' She said in her mind, letting her body drop down from the clouds and into the deep of the lake, making a huge slash."ALICE!!!" Dizzo cried out but he was too late, she was gone. Alice's body sank and her eyes closed. Her slippers unraveled from her slender, short legs and up to the surface of the water. There were blood spots on the inside of the slippers from her dancing. Dizzo crawled on the top of the water to the slippers then went under fo Alice. Her body was caught in some newly grown seaweed and he got her out of the water, with her slippers as well."Alice... speak to me Alice! I need you to say something!" He screamed shaking her roughly. Her head tilted to the side, she didn't move. Dizzo cried and wailed, sobbing for her to come back. A small light brightened from Alice's dead chest. Dizzo looked, hoping she would be okay. From the light, two small butterflies, one blue and the other pink, flew up to the Heavens singing a song the one song Alice and Dizzo sang when they fell in love. Dizzo looked at the sky and a few drops of rain fell."Alice..." He whispered tears streaming down his soft, pink cheeks. The rain began to fall on them both and the sky grew gray and dark. A small ray of the moon shined down on Dizzo and Alice softly. He laid down next to her, taking her pale, cold hand in his and he fell asleep, dreaming about their last dance and everything that happened before. He took Alice's corpse in his arms, and kissed her. She was free, finally free, free from the slippers and free to run in the streets of Heaven, forever. THE END. I hoped you all enjoyed this sad romance story. ;___________; Based On: Dizzo ♥ Alice
Last edited: 22 December 2008

‹♥OhhSweetJessyy(:› says:   22 December 2008   397816  
Awww....so sweet yet sad.
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   22 December 2008   846643  
Yes, very sweet and sad. C:
‹♥OhhSweetJessyy(:› says:   22 December 2008   195511  
So why did she have to die?
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   22 December 2008   113337  
She died because this Kiss of Fate called her to Death's front door.
sexichick says:   23 December 2008   381822  
Ahh! *cries* You always write good, SAD stories!!! It was good but
ahhhhhhhh....! *sobs* 
‹Wallflowers♥› says :   23 December 2008   293756  
-huggles- Aww. D:


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