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Why Does People Hate Christians?Category: (general)
Monday, 15 December 2008
08:08:41 PM (GMT)
Ive gotten alot of hate mail before because I was christian and fully believed in
helping atheists.
But does that make me a bad person?
I DONT CARE if you hate my religion or Whatever!!!
But that doesnt mean you should HATE on me >:O!
Im an individual.

Well anyways, unless you want a full christian babble then leave.
Id like 4 u to stay, but seriously.


  Ok, people. DO NOT try to tell me God doesnt exist! I will not be given in to this
kind of stuff!
I will NOT be possessed by the evil deeds of Satan. I WILL NOT burn In the fiery
(A.K.A Hell)

So dont prove me otherwise ;D

So go ahead, hate on me. IDC!!

Now the big question for atheists xD:

Why Do YOU Hate Christians?

Well baii!!

‹AmyBeetch™› says:   18 December 2008   934349  
I don't hate Christians. So I guess that doesn't apply to me. xD
‹GOINGINSANE› says:   18 December 2008   766566  
yeah that is what i don't get i get hate mail because i'm christian
saralyn247 says:   18 December 2008   797684  
All Athiests don't hate christians. I don't. :/

The fact that Christians think Athiests all hate them is annoying,
LovelyChristian says:   18 December 2008   671786  
ItsAmy: xD Im just saying for people who do :D
tinkernut: That sucks, why dont they just leave
the bad comments to themselfs xD
LovelyChristian says:   18 December 2008   188846  
saralyn: Its mostly for people who do.
Im not trying to be offensive =D
Oversight says:   18 December 2008   591546  
I don't hate Christians. I'm an atheist, and I've gotten more crap
from Christians than anybody else...

I don't care if someone believes in any religion, as long as there is
absolute logic guiding them. If they have a complete understanding of
every aspect, then they're wise enough to stick with it.

You just can't be blind. Getting into heaven isn't only what John 3:16
states. There are six other parts in the bible that describe how
you're supposed to get into heaven. You must sell or give away every
single thing you own, hate everyone, love everyone, and follow about
600 laws written by the Pharisees, including not being allowed to
shave, and hundreds about just sacrificing animals.

Also, not hitting your kids is a sin.

Message me if you'd like to discuss other aspects of religion... I
don't keep up with pages so if you reply on this page I'll probably
never see it haha.
‹❄Shexia: The Wintery Archer❄› says:   19 October 2009   414741  
I'm Jewish, and I will not burn in that fairytale evil place you call
Hell for my beliefs, nor will I be in the magical fairy-tale pixie
horse happy Heaven place after I die. I will be in a Chinese
Restaurant, XD. 
Just kidding. I will be asleep without dreams, and rot in the ground.
xXx___BrokenWings___xXx says:   15 May 2010   729285  
I don't think you understand...

‹Azathoth, The Blind Idiot God› says :   3 September 2010   256142  
"Helping atheists" would include shoving your lies down their
THAT makes you a bad person.
Also the fact that you probably don't sacrifice animals


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