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Monday, 8 December 2008
04:29:38 PM (GMT)
remember the simple times. the times when
boys had cooties and daddy was your hero and mommy was your best
friend. when your friends always listened to you. when your dreams
were unshattered. and worries were few. when recess was just to
short. and life was just to long. when decisions came easily. when
storks delivered babies. and passions werent so strong. when
friendships werent broken. when right was right and wrong was wrong.
when bad things didnt happen. when only skinned knees made us cry and
they were the only things that hurt. and the night light quieted all
our fears. when decisins were solved with "ennie, meany, miney, mo."
when boys were yucky. an goodbye only meant til tomorrow. when
clothes didnt have to match. and feel friends didnt part. and fun
went on and on forever with out a broken heart. when getting high was
swinging at the playground. when your worst enemies were your siblings
or teachers. when race issues were who ran the fastest. when war was
just a card games. when the only drug you knew of was cough medicine
and you thought it was icky. when wearing skirts didnt make you a .
when the only thing you smoked were the tires on your bike. when the
only things that could get broken were you toys. when friends didnt
lie to you. when the worst thing anyone ever called you was a meanie.
when you were judged on how nice you were. when you only wanted your
mom to say to to "i love you."when life was simple and care free.
when rock, paper, scissors solved every problem. and when all you
wanted to do was grow up to be like mom or dad. when you were wishing
you wanted to be grown up so bad. remeber? now its the time where boys
dont have cooties. your dad isnt your hero. your mom isnt your best
friend. friends dont always listen. now dreams are shattered. worries
are many. no more recess. now lifes not as long as we pictured.
decisions arent so easy. passions are strong. friendships are broken.
now right and wrong are mixed up. bad things do happen. skinned knee
arent the thing to make us cry. nad no night light to quiet all our
fears. decisions arent solved with "ennie,meany,miney,mo." now boys
arent yucky. and goodbye doesnt mean til tomorrow. clothes have to
match. now we feel friends part. and fun doesnt go on and on forever.
getting high isnt swinging at the playground. now our worst enemies
arent our teachers or siblings. race issues arent who runs the
fastest. and war isnt a just a card game. they only drug we know isnt
cough medicine. wearing a skirt does make us . now the only things we
smoke arent the tires on our bikes. and the things that can get
broken arent our toys. now friends lie. and call us mean things not
like meanie. now were not judged on how nice be are. and we dont only
wanna hear "i love you" from your mom. now life isnt just simple and
care free. rock, paper, scissors doesnt solve every problem. and now
all we wnat is to be kids again so everything can be simple and care

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