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Wednesday, 3 December 2008
01:30:28 PM (GMT)
Jinx and Lars had visited a few shops for the clothes they were wearing tonight.
They had to get some new clothes anyway; they couldn’t stay in the same clothes all
their life. They walked into another one after having lunch.
“I swear that girl looked familiar!” Jinx repeated for the fifteenth time.
“Maybe she did. Look, I’m really tired, this is the eighth shop we’ve been
“Ok, but it’s just getting on my nerves that I can’t remember where I’ve seen
her from.”
They opened the door and a bell ringed twice. The shop was brightly lit and had been
painted vivid colours, greens, and yellows. A tall, hairy creature welcomed them with
big arms. 
“Welcome customers! What can I do for you?” The man boomed.
“We need some clothes to go out tonight.” Jinx explained. The man thought for a
short while and then clapped his hands and eight, tall, thin, bald men came out of
eight small doors and took them to two different rooms. After a while they came out
in different clothes. 
Lars was in black trousers, a cream shirt and a dark, purple, velvet jacket. It
fitted perfectly. Jinx was wearing a ruby, full-length dress finished with gems and
diamonds. She had a long, black, satin cloak that swept behind her. 
“Perfect!” Jinx exclaimed as she took a little spin.
Jinx and Lars paid the beaming man and walked out of the shop, arms linked. 

Laveda was taken to a white, dirty building with a slanting roof. It looked a little
run-down but Laveda trusted Tafesnare. They opened the door with a creak and a gust
of different smells enveloped her. It was dark with the only light shining through
the small, high windows. It was rather busy but still silent with the only noise was
whispers and bottles clashing and clicking together. Laveda looked up. The ceiling
was high up with smoke from the different potions swirling around all the different
charms and trinkets hanging from the ceiling. An aged man walked up to them and
Tafesnare whispered something into his ear. He smiled widely as he guided Laveda to a
tub behind a screen. A beautiful woman was waiting there. She had pale skin; black,
straight hair; black, dark, deep, intriguing eyes and ruby red, luscious lips. She
was wearing a deep red kimono that was off her shoulders. It was decorated with gold
lace. She smiled at Laveda who suddenly felt a wash of safety flood over her as the
woman handed a little dress to Laveda to get changed into.

Dante loaded another cart full with their belongings. He hit the side of it and it
began to make it’s way to the woods. 
“Are you alright Keely?” He asked as he saw her sitting on a chair with a
distressing look on her face. 
“Yes.” She replied and Dante started loading another cart. No, she thought. She
had a stab of guilt every time she thought about Thorn. All the mean things she had
said to him earlier that day, he didn’t deserve it although he was a pain at times.
But, how could she tell Thorn the truth when she didn’t know it herself? She
didn’t know how she felt about him. She still remembered that day when he had saved
her life and brought her to safety. She still remembered his message that the Inn
maid repeated back to her; “you have to make up the excuse for your
‘painter’”. Keely smiled again. She still didn’t know if she wanted to leave
but how could she say no to Dante? The person who had looked out for her? Cared for
her? Loved her? Her mind was still spinning. Everything had happened so fast.
“KeeKee!” Dante called. Keely looked up.
“Go get changed and grab some stuff for the journey, it’ll take us all day to get
to the docks.”

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