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Over One Hundred Episodes!Category: The South Park Log
Thursday, 27 November 2008
01:22:27 PM (GMT)
South Park Log 001] So, I was chatting with Token on Skype. Our conversation went a little like this: Token- XD XD XD This is hilarious! Wendy- What? Token- I'm watching Good Times With Weapons. Wendy- Oh. I saw that one. Token- I know. Wendy- How so? Token- You've seen every episode. Wendy- No, I haven't. But anyways! I had this notepad document that recorded every episode I've watched, and I decided to update it, since I haven't in a really long time. So I used southparkstudios.com's episode guide and surfed through all the seasons, looking out for episodes I've watched but haven't recorded... And then, when I was finished, I counted them all up. The equaled 103 episodes. Well, including the movie and the shorts, 106. But still! ♥♥ I watched OVER one hundred! ~~ NOTE: The episodes listed below are the ones I watched FULLY. As in, I didn't watch half of the episode, or one minute, I watched ALL of it. There are some episodes that I watched almost all of it, or 15 minutes of it, but didn't list it. Why? Because these are the episodes I watched. And ep- Oh, whatever. --- Season 1: 101- Cartman Gets an Anal Probe 105- An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig 107- Pinkeye 108- Damien 111- Tom's Rhinoplasty 113- Cartman's Mom is a Dirty Slut Season 2: 205- Conjoined Fetus Lady 207- City on the Edge of Forever/Flashbacks 212- Clubhouses 218- Prehistoric Ice Man Season 3: 301- Rainforest Shmainforest 302- Spontaneous Combustion 307- Cat Orgy 310- Chinpokomon 313- Hooked on Monkey Fonics Season 4: 402- The Tooth Fairy Tats 404- Timmy 2000 408- Chef Goes Nanners 409- Something You Can Do With Your Finger 410- Do the Handicapped Go to Hell? 411- Probably 412- Fourth Grade [This is either the first episode of South Park I watched, or the first FULL episode.] Season 5: 505- Behind the Blow 506- Cartmanland 507- Proper Condom Use 510- How to Eat With Your Butt 513- Kenny Dies 514- Butters' Very Own Episode Season 6: 603- Asspen 605- Fun With Veal 606- Professor Chaos 607- The Simpsons Already Did It 610- Bebe's Boobs Destoy Society 613- The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers 615- The Biggest Douche in the Universe 616- My Future Self n' Me Season 7: 701- I'm a Little Bit Country 702- Krazy Kripples 705- Fat Butt and Pancake Head 706- Lil' Crime Stoppers 708- South Park is Gay 709- Christian Rock Hard 710- Grey Dawn 714- Raisins Season 8: 801- Good Times With Weapons 804- The Passion of the Jew 805- You Got F'd in the A 807- The Jeffersons 809- Something Wall-Mart Comes This Way 810- Pre-School 811- Quest for Ratings 812- Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset 813- Cartman's Incredible Gift Season 9: 901- Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina 902- Die Hippie, Die 904- Best Friends Forever 905- The Losing Edge 909- Marjorine 910- Follow That Egg! 911- Ginger Kids 912- Trapped in the Closet 913- Free Willzyx 914- Bloody Mary Season 10: 1001- The Return of Chef 1002- Smug Alert! 1003- Cartoon Wars Part I 1004- Cartoon Wars Part II 1005- A Million Little Fibers 1006- ManBearPig 1008- Make Love, Not Warcraft 1009- Mystery of the Urinal Deuce 1011- Hell On Earth 2006 1012- Go God Go 1013- Go God Go XII 1014- Stanley's Cup Season 11: [Watched all! I shall now grin with pride.] 1101- With Apologies to Jesse Jackson 1102- Cartman Sucks 1103- Lice Capades 1104- The Snuke 1105- Fantastic Easter Special 1106- D-Yikes! 1107- Night of the Living Homeless 1108- Le Petit Tourette 1109- More Crap 1110- Imaginationland 1111- Imaginationland Episode II 1112- Imaginationland Episode III 1113- Guitar Queer-o 1114- The List Season 12: [Grin with pride...Again.] 1201- Tonsil Trouble 1202- Britney's New Look 1203- Major Boobage 1204- Canada on Strike 1205- Eek, A Penis! 1206- Over Logging 1207- Super Fun Time 1208- The China Probrem 1209- Breast Cancer Show Ever 1210- Pandemic 1211- Pandemic 2: The Startling 1212- About Last Night 1213- Elementary School Musical 1214- The Ungroundable Season 13: [Seven episodes...None aired. xD Yet. In MARCH!] Other: The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Frosty) The Spirit of Christmas (Jesus vs. Santa) South Park: Bigger Longer, and Uncut

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