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Sunday, 16 November 2008
03:03:53 AM (GMT)
[Spell Your Name In Songs]

Staying with satin.
At hells desire.
Rough patches between the earth.
At the skys i bid farewell.

Kites high in the deep blue sky.
Rough little clouds out up high.
Im down below watching them.
Staring into nothing.
Tense as i get nothign happens.
Inside or out im alwasy alone.
No one to help. No one to save me.
Enough light to fill my desire

Hearts beating 20 beats a minute.
At my life spand exspands.
Rates like this my life is all eternity.
To my likeing love has gone by.
My love has withered and died.
And my life goes by too.
No one there but me and my emptyness


Name: Sara.
Birthdate: May 25.
Nicknames: Twilight, Twilly, Sammy, Sam, & Sara.
Eye Colour: Hazel.
Hair Colour: Brown w/ Blonde hilights. 
Zodiac Sign: Gemini. = o )

[Random Questions]

The Shoes You Wore Today: Skater, Airwalks.
Your Weaknesses: art/bf.
Your Fear: Dad, death, cars, and bf breakin up with me.
Your Perfect Pizza: Meat lovers BITCH.
Goal You'd Like To Achieve: go to an art university or intitute.

[Bit More Random]

Your Best Feature: Eyes, lips, and body.
Your Bed time: IDK, depends on day, time and if im feeling well.
Most Missed Memory: my first puppy. T_T (R.I.P Mr. Wiggles 2005-2006)

[This Or That]

Coke or Pepsi: its pop.
McDonalds or Burger King: Both extremly both.
Adidas or Nike: idk.
Lipton Iced Tea or Nestea: none.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla baby!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Haha nice try, HOTTE CHOCOLATEE.

[Do You]

Smoke: No.
Curse: yerp
Sing: Yerp.
Dance: yerp, sorta.
Shower Every Day: hell yea.
Have a Crush: yerp, chandler. ^_^
Think You've Been In Love: YERP YERP YERP!
Want To Go To University: yerp.
Like School: no.
Want To Get Married: when im 20yrs.
Get Motion Sick: no.
Think You're Attractive: YERP.
Think You're A Health Freak: nope, i love fat foods.
Get Along With Your Parents: Hell no, do u want me to get killed?

STEP Seven
[In The Last Month]

Gone To The Mall: Yes.
Eaten A Whole Box Of Oreos: Yerp.
Eaten Sushi: no  wanna try som tho. 
Been On Stage: yerp.
Gone Skating: yerp.
Made Cookies: yerp.
Gone Skinny Dipping: err......yerp.
Stolen Anything: yerp.

[Have You Ever]

Played A Game Involving Removing Clothing: nope.
Flashed Anyone: nope.
Been Beaten Up: yerp. 3 times to be infact.
Shoplifted: nope.

[More Questions]

Age You Hope To Get Married At: HAHA, ...hmmm.....19...20 yrs.
Number Of Children: Twins.
Dream Wedding: In a tropical area under a tree, in autum, with the colors changing
and leaves falling ^_^ oh thats so cooool.
What Country Do You Travel In Most: IDK.

[In The Opposite Sex]

Best Eye Colour: Baby blue, or brown, OOOH or black.
Best Hair Colour: sandy blonde, or brown.
Short Hair or Long Hair: Longish hair.
Height: Talish about 2 or 3 inches taller thn me.


Number Of People I Trust With My Life: three.
Number Of CDs I Own: like over 20.
Number Of Tattoos: none, dam it.
Number Of Piercings: ears, pair? i want my nose or eybrow peirced.

[Randomer Than Before]

Do You Like Candy Necklaces: Yerp.
Listen To Music Every Day: Yerp.
Do You Still Go Trick Or Treating: first year with out trick or treating.
What Was The Last Thing You Ate: Pop tarts.
Are You A Fast Typer: sorta.
What's Your Favorite Kind Of Pop: all, sorta.
Have You Ever Moved: Nope.
Have You Ever Won An Award: Nope.
Are You Listening To Music: Yes. Yes, the new Twilight sound track
^_^...........Edward Cullen is mine BACK THE FUCK OFF BITCHES!!!!!!!!
Last edited: 16 November 2008

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