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Saturday, 15 November 2008
08:24:20 PM (GMT)
This is bascially why everything sucked at this dumb ass party, expressed in emails
to my friend: (This is basically pasted emails because I don't feel like writing the

WARNING: When you read this I sound like the ULTIMATE BITCH, but you'd have to know
the asshole I'm talking about!!! I mean he's so fucking annoying it's crazy as hell!!
I mean I HATE HIM. Although I will admit some stuff I said was very inappropriate,
don't hate me please. This person and I have been hating each other for YEARS and he
talks just as bad if not worst about me. I also seem like a brat and a total ass hole
but I'd rather you know the whole story than I pretend like I'm the victim and have
everyone be super nice to me. 


I know, we're odd and complicated. The dashes (-) means a different email message has


-It's not so much the fact that he's being a jerk as it is the fact that he's ruining
everyone who knew him's life. He comes to school all depressed and sad yesterday and
then somewhere between lunch and our next class he tries to kill himself. The
ambulance comes along with a couple police, his "friends" are called, I don't know
why I was listed in this line-up but Amy, Lesly, Louis and a couple other people were
too. And they're asking us a shit load of questions. Amy was crying, Lesly was
crying, Louis looked like he was trying not to cry, one kid had a waterworks! And
here I am, feeling bad for just not being able to cry. I mean wtf, we weren't friends
at all. I don't want him to die but since he lived, since it was a dumb as hell thing
to do anyway I can only be sympathetic to the fact they had to pump all the shit he'd
taken out of his system. He tried to OD of all things. It takes you a pretty long
time to die from ODing I think he knew that and wanted to get some attention. The
only person that acknowledges him for more than sex is his brother and his mom is so
drunk she couldn't careless if she herself was raped. I mean I wish everyone would
quit the "All In the Family" bullshit. If they don't this is all going to blow
completely out of the water or Elliatt just might succeed. They're trying to play it
off as "He was a gay teen feeling alot of pressure from school and classmates who'd
just broke up with his boyfriend and that's why." wtf? I don't want to tell, then
everyone will hate me. Even still everyone has asked numerous times if he wants to
spend a couple months at their house, I even volunteered so he really had no excuse
to stay in that situation.

-Okay, Thanks. Tomorrow we're throwing him this really small party at my house in my
basement. Louis is getting his sister to do the music, he's doing the food and lesly
and I are getting games. Amy is sort of pissing me off with it though because he
isn't doing half the stuff he did for my birthday. Me and him went all over this
afternoon and he picked up this HUGE bouquet of flowers and this 2.5 pound bag of
custom chocolates and he got him a fucking padded bra?? and some other girl underwear
from VS. Which I DID NOT understand. He got mad because I said "Geez, maybe I should
try and kill myself, maybe I'll get this much attention."

-Happy Birthday
Have Fun
He got me a fucking stuffed bear for my birthday! He get his EX 50 + flowers, 2.5
pounds of candy and 3-4 sets lingerie for attempting suicide, SEE THE PROBLEM??

-He said I was being selfish and spoiled! But I'm like "Dude, you seem a lot more
obsessed with your EX than ME." he spent the whole night at that dumb asses bedside.

-But still he got him lingerie. What is he going to do with lingerie? Something new
for his dad to rape him in? I mean why the hell? And candy? That anorexic bitch is
just gonna throw it up. And the flowers, dead. I doubt he even has water in his
little trailer.

-Sure. Sorry. It's just so dumb. The stuff they got him he either has no use for or
isn't going to use. Like Lesly got him jewelry and an outfit. It was a mini-skirt!
He's a fucking guy no matter how much he'd like to deny it. I don't think they should
influence his little dream world life as a girl. Louis got him clip in hair
extensions and a g-string and these GORGEOUS blue and gray contacts. And Louis'
sister, who is pregnant btw. But you haven't met her. She got him chocolate dipped
strawberries and 5 journals with REALLY thick paper and A LOT of different inks with
this pretty pink fountain pen. They got me, a teddy bear, a t-shirt and a CD COMBINED
for my b-day. And they WEREN'T broke.

-It's stupid though! They don't have ANY reason to feel bad just because his dad and
brother use him like a cheap sidewalk whore. That's sort of none of their business,
none of mine either. So no one should feel bad but his pervert family or maybe his
big brother for not doing more to protect him

-Maybe, but I've been their friend WAY longer.

-Whatever I still say they A. spent too much on him and B gave him the wrong stuff.
If they want to help give him a toothbrush, normal clothes and a life.

-He was just like "Why are you such an ass ALL the time?" and stuff like that.
The party was horrible! Everyone was all happy and stuff and then they gave him their
presents. We had cake and little appetizers and the next thing I know Ellaitt and Amy
are dancing and Elliatt who proved to be nothing but a slut is grinding him and
they're basically having sex on the dance floor! And he's got his arms all around
Amy's neck and his butt is all up on Amy and I was SO pissed. I went to my room and
when the party was over I go downstairs to find Louis, Lesly, Daniel, and like all
the other people cleaning only to find out Amy took Elliatt home but apparently
Elliatt never went home because when lesly called to check on him his dad said he
hadn't seen him!! So from like five to NOW no one knows were Elliatt is and Amy won't
pick up his phone.
Plus get this, the games we played were like spin the bottle and the ultimate dare
game and strip uno and the whole thing was really wild. Marie kept messing up the
music because he stupid boyfriend kept bugging her. Louis was so annoying, he kept
making the nastiest jokes! He was really talkative and everytime someone said
something that could be made into a joke he'd say "That's what she said."  He hadn't
seen Marie's bf in a while and he was like "Is that a puppy in your pocket or are you
just happy to see me?" and he said it in this retard, old man perving on someone
voice. And he made his sister play that ghetto lolipop song and he was dancing on a
table like a stripper!! Lesly was like pelvic thrusting the table while he did that
and he was being such a grossy! He was like "Omg, it's like a vanilla sundae in my
pants, come see!" and then Amy STAYED around Elliatt. He game him this HUGE hug and
didn't let go for a long time and they basically did everything together for the
whole party. And then this asshole named Misty was like "Aww, they're so cute
together." I was just like stfu bitch. AND Marie's bf, and he'd a fucking idiot, he's
like 20 something acting like he's our age, but he was singing this gay as song and
acting like that guy from outkast. The whole thing was so dumb. Lesly was pissing me
off too. He was acting like Austin Powers and walked up to people, pinching his
mipples saying "Do I make you randy, baby? Do I? Do I?" and then he's scream yeah. I
hated them so much. I might dump amy he's just a little too connected to Elly. I know
he's cheating on me.

Last edited: 15 November 2008

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